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Consciousness  Is  King

Consciousness Is
the First Cause of Everything

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 If this is your first time reading

  of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

                   Welcome to                   Adventures Into
  Fifth Dimension Consciousness

                                   Travel  with  us  as  we 
Discover,  Uncover,  &  Reveal
       the  Secrets  Hidden  Inside  of Universal  Consciousness.

                     Learn WHAT and  WHO  you really are.
Think  of Adventures into Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.
                         as a Fifth-Dimension version of

                      a Sherlock Holmes Detective Story.
It's also, the world's-First-Living Book.


            Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
                Created, Produced, and Presented to you

Rev. Robert Cote'
                       Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer
                  Fifth Dimension Coaching and Consulting Services

                                          Website Address


We are  about to share with you
14 of the most profound and
the most eye-opening truths

that you will ever encounter.
We answer the question:

What is a Human Being .
.*  Are you ready, willing and able
     to learn how to

    live in harmony with
     The The Laws of the Universe?


     If you actually pay attention to
     the power and the potential
that your new-found truths carry,
     your life will change,
     for the better

     beyond anything
     you can even imagine

     What is a Human being?
e purpose of this book
is to guide you as you enter and explore
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Until you, yourself,
examine the evidence, for yourself,
you will most likely disbelieve 
the evidence-based truths that
we are about to share with you.
We begin by sharing with you,
the most profound truth you ever learn
We answe the question,

What is a Human being?.

This evidence-based truth
is completely ignored
by other self-awareness teachers,
and by the evil ones
who/that don't want you to
know What and Who you really are.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Waking Up Is NOT an Option.
Your only option is
to follow your own answer tp this question

How much more misery and suffering
do you choose to experience
before you decide to wakeup.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

We offer and explain
two  major truths
Each  has its own website:
The Birth of Freedom on Planet Earth

Like God (God/Goddess) is in
the non-physical world,
The 5th-Dimension,
(the world of consciousness)
is also  in the non-physical side of reality. 

Living in the Fifth-Dimension
is vastly different from
the world in which
you are presently living.

Check our Site Map.
We offer valuable information that
you won't find anywhere else.
.Notice the page-links marked with

***  Three Red Stars
Every time you learn something new,
your personal world grows,

So does our collective social structure.
You,   me,   we,   all Earth-Humans,
we are, as a team, not only 

on the leading edge of Cosmic Evolution.
are the leading edge of Cosmic Evolution.
Earth is evolving in a manner similar to

a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.
If you choose not to learn with us,
please go elsewhere.
You will simply stay stuck on the old Earth.
and continue your worm-like evolution
in more misery, more suffering,
and more
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   
Our education information
begin with the basic truths about

the context in which we find ourselves,
the basic truths about
nature of,
behavior of, 
structure of, and
purpose of physical reality.

This Living Book,
is about the relationships among:
*1  God/Goddess,
*2  Earth-Humans,
*3  The AI Control System,  and
*4  the context in which we find ourselves.

If this book is not the world's 
most accurate  and mst complete truth
about these  interrelationships, then
Is a priceless imitation of the one that is.

Next, we will tell you how all this 
relates to you, to your family,
and to your personal life.

You need to understand that 
Life Is Not What We Have Been
Led to Believe It Is
By Those Who Claim to Know.

You, I, and almost everybody else
have  been (and still are)
making critical,  irreversible,
life-altering  decisions
based upon false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information
and in the absence of
vitally important,  
missing information.
Situation update

Where Are we?   
We are inside of an invisible,
mind-control prison,
a prison made of
* lies,
* illusions,

* intentional omissions,
* false beliefs, and

* incredibly sophisticated illusions,
all exquisitely blended into

a prison for your mind.

Your first reaction to
the information offered here

will very likely be negative and you'll
want to run away.

Here's Why.

The Basics:
*   Reality has two parts (two sides),  
     one part physical and the other, non-physical.
*  The non-physical part is called Consciousness.
*   Every problem, every challenge
     every negative situation in your life
     has a consciousness cause
    and a consciousness solution .
 Consciousness creates and controls
     everything that we perceive of as physical.
Creating is done by thoughts with emotions,
     followed up by inspired action.

Remember:  On your
first reading of his page, 

*   Are you aware that
     you have the  power, the capacity
      and the ability to create
     your own experiences?
     You just don't yet remember
What and Who you really are.

When you learn the above,
evidence-based truths, 
you realize that
money is
a fraudulent, unnecessary lie

based upon the lie called scarcity and
lie that you are a powerless,
inherently-evil sinner.

The truth is that all Earth-Humans
are eternal, non-physical, God-Beings.


Let me take a moment to tell you
how all this relates to
you, to your family 
and to your personal life.


There are two things that almost everybody
wants more of,
more money and more Llove.
Our job is to show you
how to have
an abundance of both.

Our job is also to show you
how to become conscious of
what and who you really are
while in human physical form.

It's very straight forward.
You simply must learn
How the Universe functions
and then apply the rules of the cosmos
to your own life.

Our job is to show you how that is done
and guide you through your transition.

On first reading of this page, 


I/we/this author  has 
exposed, examined and studied

Physic of Consciousness,
The Rules of Reality, 
Universal Spirituality,
and The Wisdoms of Creation
for over a half of a century,
25 years learning the basics of my craft
and 34 years as a "teacher," way-shower,
guide, student, and practitioner of

Fifth Dimension Universal Consciousness.

What I/we have discovered is described on our 
family of seven websites under the title,

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
It is / they are   a combination of
*   Education,  
(everything is an education
     for those of us who are willing to learn)

*   Entertainment,
*   Heart-based Llove,
*   Sensual-Sexuality at the level of
     prolonged ecstasy,
*   Orgasm as a State of Being,
     (as an underlying state of Consciousness)
*   The First Universal Law of Llove
     as a way of living,
*    Self-Mastery is our never-ending path,
*   I feel Cosmic Consciousness inside of me.
     It's like having the answer
     before I ask the question.
*   I am, we each are, we all are 
     a piece, a part, an aspect,
     and an expression of Goddess/God,
*   and much, much more.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Special, 5th-D Education for
Children from Birth to Age Seven.

This concept is the most powerful and
most profound method of
awakening human consciousness
in all of human history.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Let us show you  an incredibly powerful
aspect of money that
almost nobody has yet examined.

Are  You  Wise  Enough to  See

The  Huge  Opportunity Waiting  Here  For  You?

Go to our website,

The Death of Money  (in all of its forms)
and/or read an overview below of
what we have discovered:

Humanity is about to experience 
the greatest, personal, social,
spiritual, religious, business,
environmental, and financial  
transformation in all of human history.
Money is the most powerful zero-point
in this transition.

A huge financial opportunity
is available to us, right now.
This opportunity will remain available
for a short time only.
Everybody will benefit, including you.

Most people don't see it because
they have not examined the evidence.
Here's an overview of the evidence:

*  Multiple-millions of very wealthy people
have in their possession
millions or billions of dollars
if not spent or given to others, NOW, 
the inevitable financial transition or crash

will make that money
worthless and useless. 

all that money will be completely wasted.

If we are wise,
a large portion of that excess money
can and will flow to We-The-People
while it is still valuable.

The money will begin to flow to the people

as soon as the first very wealthy person
realizes that he or she has
millions or billions of dollars
soon-to-be-useless money.
He or she spending a portion of
excess money
for the benefit of We-The-People 
will wake up and inspire
thousands of other wealthy people
to do likewise.

That money will trigger an economic boom
beyond anything the world has ever seen.
We-The-People will use the money
to build our new

Service to All Social Structure.

Because more and more people
are learning the truth that

humans are great creators,
scarcity is already rapidly declining
and without scarcity,
there will soon be no need for money.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

What we ask of you
is for you to help us
find the first wealthy donor.
When you find him or her,
you will receive the
$30,000 finders fee.
Finding the first major donor
will also make available to you
all the perks and benefits and additional moneys
equally shared with all the members of
the TLC-Life-Center's branch of

God/Goddess's Earth Recovery Teams.

That means that you will have
enough enough money to set up yourself and
many others into excellent  
conditions and circumstances,
preparing yourself for
Life in the new Fifth-Dimenson  world,
a world without money.

Once this belief-barrier is broken,
once the doors to almost infinite wealth are open,
a flood of still valuable money
will provide for the active leaders and players
in this 
War of Consciousness
with enough money to set up themselves and
many others into
excellent  conditions and circumstances
for life in a world without money.
The complete death of money
in all of its forms will eventually
bring the Fifth-Dimension world
to everyone else, so our question to you is: 
"Do you want yourself, your family,
and the rest of humanity
to take the fast track and

to ride through this transition
with grace and ease
do you want to
be one of the mindless ones,
dragged in with the mob of
sleep walking humans
who will scramble through
the dregs of 3rd D. 
and take years to acclimate themselves to
life in a world without money?

If you are wise, you will 
take action now,
because,  like I've already said,
very soon, the conditions and the circumstances
will change and this opportunity
will be gone forever.

Even if we do nothing,
Life After The Complete Death of Money
will eventually arrive for those of us
who are not destroyed
by the war's collateral damage
or are not killed in the slow
and painful version of this transition.


Are You Wise Enough to See
The  Huge  Opportunity
Waiting  Here  For  You?

Reference 1
How to Prepare Your
self for
     Life After The Death of Money
Reference 2
Money – The final Solution

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Please focus on finding our first donor.
Your education can continue below, later.



The names for Consciousness include:

The Infinite Everything,

God,   God/Goddess,  

Prime Creator,

Source Creator,   

The Great In-Between,

The Great WOW,    
The Universe,
Universal Spirituality,

This webste is NOT about religion.
Religions are systems of beliefs

written about God,  The Infinite Everything,
*   Some of them contain
     pieces of absolute truths.
*   Some, are
secretly controlled
     by the evil ones.

     Their doctrines are riddled with
lies of commission and
lies of omission.
     Their lies are designed
     to keep Earth-Humans
     in secret mind-control slavery.
*   Our challenge is to distinguish between
      what is true and what isn't.
*   Our measuring tool is:
What does the evidence tell us?

The evidence "speaks" to us
at our level of understanding.
It tells us the truth about the nature,
behavior, structure, and purpose of
Life on Earth.

For each of us, our job is to 
examine the evidence
and draw our own conclusions.


Some Facts of Life About God/Goddess:

*   "God" is still the ultimate mystery, however,
     much of how that mystery
     relates to human life is now known.
*   The existence of "God" 
     is not something we prove or disprove,
     It's something we realize we are.
*   We are not on a path to God.
     We are on a path to
      realizing that we are God.
*   Consciousness is first cause of
     absolutely everything.

*   Collective Human Consciousness is
     the greatest power in the entire Universe.

*   Everything we perceive to be physical
     is made of non-physical Consciousness.
*   Your life is about 95 controlled
     by the programming installed in
     your own subconscious mind.
*   A major portion of your Consciousness 
      has been hijacked / stolen / taken prisoner
      by the evil ones for the purpose of keeping
      you ignorant of knowing that
      you are an eternal, non-physical
      God-Being and a Great Creator.
*   God/Goddess's Earth Recovery Teams
     are here to take back control
     of planet Earth and to
     guide every human in taking back control of
     his or her own personal self.
*   The simplist way to begin
     learning 5th Dimension  Consciousness
     is to begin with 
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
*   We are, here on Earth
     to share Llove with each other.

Our Job Is to Show You  
How to  Live in a Physical Human Body
In  a Non-Physical, Holographic Reality. 
Did you know that
     Earth is NOT physically real?
Do you realize that Earth is a non-physical,
    five-senses,  holographic representation of
     a physial reality? 
It's an illusion created in consciousness.
You didn't know all that.  
     Well . . .   Now you do.

Consciousness is The Ultimate Authority
over everything that we call physical.
Human-Consciousness is part of that Authority.

You Are Part of That Authority.

You are presently experiencing  Earth-Life,
as an incarnated God-being    or
as an incarnated Goddess-Being.

You are
A Child of The Universe.
You, me, and every other human being,
we are children of God/Goddess.

Here's what the 
Laws of Physics
the and The Universal Laws  
tell us:
*   Like all children, be they plants, fish,
     human, or other animals,
     be they microscopic in size or
     as huge as the dinosaurs,
*   all "children" carry
     the attributes, characteristics,
     powers and abilities of their parents.

You carry the attributes, the characteristics,
the powers, and the abilities of God/Goddess.
If you don't yet realize this, 
it's because 
your mind has been programmed
to believe otherwise,
and to keep you in 
secret slavery.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Remember, on first reading, 
IGNORE the links.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Our seven websites under the heading,

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
are the equivalent of an extensive,
college-level education in 

How to Live a Physical Human Life
in a Non-Physical, Holographic Reality.

This website is an introduction to
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.
The 5th-D. is a huge new world, 
     a world of  Llove, Compassion,
          Caring, Sharing, Exploring,
               Expressing, and Experiencing.
Like it or not,
believe it or not,
ready or not,
the entirety of everything
is presently in the process of
shifting from The Age of Pisces
into The Age of 

Service to the few,
at the expense of the many,
is being replaced by 
Service to All.

Third Dimension 
secret slavery
is being replaced by
by Freedom, Llove, Joy, Caring, Sharing,
and Abundance for All.

We, the TLC-Life-Center Team,
have/has created an extensive education program.
You are at the front door of

The University of
Human Life in a Holographic Reality

What we offer is
way to much to learn
in a single day.
We suggest you begin
with whatever section excites you the most.
It matters not where you begin because
everything fits perfectly into everything else.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Now that you have been introduced to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
it's time for you to
explore the possibilities.

*   Focus on what excites you the most.
*   Begin doing what do you Llove doing.
*   Answer the question,  What brings you joy?
That's where to focus your attention.

We suggest that you
check the lists of links below.
Find something that is of interest.
Go to:
Consciousness Is King -- Site Map
*   Death of Money  -- Site Map
*   C-Truh-B-Free --  Enc,-Index
*    Links most common
Or go  to
Your Ticket to our collective success

Or go to
*  A  list of links for all seven websites

~~~  ~~~   ~~~

Are you open to suggestions?

If you are new at 

Consciousness Training,
we recommend that you go to
The First Lost Secret of Llove.

Perhaps you may be interested in
learning how to experience

Orgasm as a State of Being.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


If you choose to read further
on this page, 
The Topics Below Include:

*AA  Why do we say Consciousnes Is King
*BB   Your physical self is made of Consciousness
*CC   Consiousness is Llove
*DD   References
*EE    Here's what is about to happen
*FF    A profound opportunity for women
*GG   The Death Of Money in all of its forms
*HH   Do yoy want more abundance in your life?
*II    Do you need money to buy consciousness?
*JJ   Our new, service to all social structure
*KK   Cabal Control tools.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*AA  Why do we say that Consciousness is King?
Because there is nothing
in all of physical creation
more powerful than Consciousness.
Everything physical is made of
non-physical Consciousness.

Life on Earth is a multi-sensory,
of a physical reality

Do you realize that the Universe
has two major aspects,
one physical and the other, non-physical?
The non-physical part is Consciousness.
The non-physical creates, dominates, controls,
and has the power to change the physical part.

There is nothing outside of consciousness.

Everything, absolutely everything
that we think of as physically real
is made of non-physical Consciousness.

According to physicist, Tom Campbell,
everything in the entire Universe,
both physical and non-physical,
is based on the laws of physics,
beginning with only two assumptions:
*1  I exist  (you exist,  all of us exist) 
*2  Evolution  (everything is always changing) 

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*BB   Your physical self is made of consciousness.
Believe it or not,
Your physical self is made of Consciousness.
Did you realize that
YOU, yes, you are an expression of
Did you realize that
you are not your physical body?
Did you know that you are

an Eternal, Non-Physical God-Being
experiencing the illusion of
life in a physical body
in a 
Holographic Universe?

Did you know that?
You didn't.
Well, now, you do.

You can deny it and you can
ignore the evidence, but
that doesn't change

What and Who You Are.

CC   Llove is all here is.

We are each an expression,
a piece, a part, an aspect of 

Consciousness is all there is.

Consciousness expresses itself,
first, as the vibration called Llove.
Everything is Llove.  

Llove is all there is. 

Everything that appears to be NOT Llove
is simply your own personality-self
ignoring Llove and 
focusing on, expressing, and or

You can change that at any time
by changing your point of focus.
If this seems unbelievable or overwhelming,
Let it go, for now.
Go to  
The First Universal Law of Llove.
Focus on giving Llove for thirty days
and notice the changes
in your personal reality.

We are, here on Earth
to share Llove with each other
and to share Llove in ways that require
the use of our physical bodies..

DD   References:
The First Universal Law of Llove

*    Learn how to experience
Orgasm as a State of Being, 
      as a state of Consciousness.

*   Consciousness brings freedom from
     the confines of one's own,
     third dimension, personality self
     (falsely labeled 

*   Remember:
     <>   You are presently living in physical form,
     <>   Your life is about 95 controlled
           by your own subconscious mind, and
     <>   Your personality self controls
           only about 5% by your life.

*   When you reach full Consciousness,
     you will have a huge expanse of knowledge,
     including complete knowledge
     from every life you have ever lived.
     Once you learn and understand 
     How The Universe Functions,
     you can then access that library of
     knowledge, abilities, and wisdom, at will.

We are on a long, delightful, exciting, joy-filled
adventure into 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
into the world where, because
Earth-Humans are consciousness,
you, me, and every other human
are part of the creation process.

You are here to learn how to
create with your own thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes, emotions, and a whole bunch more.
You are here to 
Learn How to Cooperate
with your fellow humans,

but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Are you brave enough to venture with us
into the non-physical side of reality?
Okay, let's begin.

And one other thing:  

Our job is to point the way, but
you have to do the learning yourself.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

EE   Here's What Is About to Happen:
The  Cabal-installed-belief system
inside of your own subconscious mind 
is about to tell you that

what is written here is
Ignore it.
DO NOT deviate from
what you have been taught.
You could lose your faith and become
lost in lies.
You could even end up burning in hell forever.

Go here to learn the truth.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*FF  A Profound Opportunity for Women
If you are female,
here's a profound opportunity
for women to take back control of
our social structure
from the egocentric, service-to-self men
who control just about everything.
For that and much more,
go to these two pages,
first to

Orgasm as a State of Being,
and then to
Message to All Women.

~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Are you ready for an adventure into 
the non-physical side of Reality?

If this is your first exposure to
the concept called Consciousness,
you will probably find it overwhelming.
We suggest that you enter gently and slowly.

How do we do that?
Begin by examining the First Lost Secret
of the Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
It's  easy, simple, and anybody can do it.
It's only 13 words:
The way to receive Llove
           is to focus your attention
                  on giving Llove
When you focus your attention on giving Llove
(in any of its hundreds of thousands of forms)
The First Universal Law of Llove
gives Llove back to you in ways that fulfill
your own needs and desires.

if you want to be of service and
don't know what to do, please go to

The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

For those of you who are ready for the full truth
continue reading on this page, or
visit our other updated website,
*GG The Death Of Money

You can also visit our original web page:
Death of Money -- The Final Solution




Remember, staying stupid is a choice!
If you are too lazy and too stupid to read,
Go away!   Get lost!  Go home!
Go tell your mother she wants you!

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*GG   Our new, Service to All Social Structure.
Here are the eight, major and first priority tools
for the creation of our new Llove-Based, Social Structure:

*1   Education:
      Our first task is to teach people the truth about
What and Who Earth-Humans Really are.

*2  Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove:
      .Our primary education tool is a combination of
      education and entertainment.   It's our
 Monthly Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.
      Each month at the time of the full moon
      we express and we experience the incredible

      creative power of Earth-Humans as we 
ollectively direct our thought power
      onto/into  a Single-Point Focus.

*3  Food Gardens -- Organic-Community-Owned Gardens
      by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People

*4  People-to-People Connection
      and Communication Services   

*5  Financial Opportunity for We-The-People
      from      The Death of Money.

*6  Profound and unique opportunity
     to expand your Consciousness:

     What if there was something you needed to know

     that you didn't already know?
     Is it possible that there is something
     you don't already know?  
     The answers are YES  and YES.
     Examine the Ignorance / Idiot-Quotient.

*7 Returning music to base frequency 432Hz.
      Although what we have here is a simple change,
      it's one of 
the next major steps
      in the transformation of humanity.

*8  There are several more actions
      that we must engage in order to
      win our freedom from
     those who service themselves
     at the expense of everyone else .

      Each requires
      mutual cooperation and
      Collective, single-point focus
      be one or more of the

      Are you aware that
      Collective Human Consciousness is
      the greatest power in the entire Universe?

      See the page titled:
      What is Required to Win Our Freedom?

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~
~   ~~~

*HH   Do you want more Llove in your life?
Consciousness is first cause of Llove.

Do you want an abundance in your life?
Consciousness is the first cause of abundance,
including food, and other goods and services.

Do you want your own personal living space?
Consciousness is the first cause
of your home environment.

Do you want to feel safe, secure, and free?
Consciousness is the first cause of
Safety, Security and Freedom.

Consciousness Is First Cause of

God/Goddess  Is  Consciousness.
Consciousness  Is  God/Goddess.
__   __   __   __   __

Please tell me more.
How does consciousness relate to my life?
Where do I find consciousness?
What will it cost me? 
*II   Do I need money to buy consciousness?

__   __   __   __   __

Consciousness is way beyond money.

The real cost to you is letting go of
your old, obsolete third-dimension lies:


If you are interested in learning
more about Consciousness,
please watch the  1:04:51 minute,
highly informative video explaining
Consciousness in extensive detail.
Watch the video by Eric Dubay.
Consciousness is King - YouTube

We also recommend that you watch the video of
brain surgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander as he
reports his experiences during a seven-day coma.

Brain Surgeon Dies and Meets God! Here’s What He Heard! Dr. Eben Alexander (NDE) - YouTube

There are many more reports
we could read or watch, but
because we have already given you 
overwhelming evidence,
it's time to move on.   

Please Remember
You are not only related to consciousness,
You Are Consciousness.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Do you understand that 

a major portion of your Consciousness 
has been hijacked / stolen / taken prisoner?

The evil ones have
programmed your subconscious mind.
and filled it with 
Just be aware of this, and otherwise, ignore it.

Why ignore it? 
Because the Universe gives us more of
whatever we focus our attention on.  
Instead of learning about evil
and attracting more evil,
focus on creating whatever you choose to become.

Do whatever excites you the most.

The best and the brightest of Earth-Humans,
are exposing the lies with
the evidence-based truths.


Together, we are creating /
growing / building

*  JJ Our new, Service to All Social Structure.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
*   KK   Five, Cabal Control Tools:

Remember, for each of us,
our personal, external,
physical world is created / grown /
managed / changed /and  updated
inside of our own Consciousness.

Our job is to show you how its done,
to demonstrate how that it's done,
and guide you through your own transition.

For each of us,
the cabal-installed programming
in our subconscious minds
controls our beliefs, our attitudes,
our emotions, our thinking processes,
and, thus, controls our behavior.
Believe it or not,

You are a secretly-controlled, mind- slave.

The evil ones have installed
five major stumbling blocks (false beliefs)  
inside of our own subconscious minds.
Our job is to show you how to
find them and replace them with awareness of
What and Who You Really Are.
"Know the truth and the truth will set you free".

*1   Projection:
      The Cabal-installed programming
       in our subconscious minds
       lies to us and tells us that
       the aspects / behavior patterns
       inside of ourselves that we don't like
       really belong to someone else, and not us.

       The common, programmed response is to
        see someone  else  being / doing 
        what is actually a variation of
       our own behavior pattern,
        and thus we make them wrong,
        judge them, hate them and
        say with arrogant disdain
        "I would never do that." 

*2  Our Stories About Reality:
      We make up stories and
      give meanings to our experiences.
      Our story replaces  what the evidence tells us.
      We believe our own story and ignore the evidence.
      Thus, our perception of reality is false and
      we make decisions based on false information.

*3   Short Life Spans  or  Long Life Spans:
        God / Goddess created humans
        perfect and complete.
        Our bodies were programmed
        to self-regenerate
        and to remain fully healthy
        for as long as we choose to live.
        The evil ones installed sickness, diseases and 

        the false fear of death. 
        Believe it or not,
        your own subconscious mind
        is programmed to kill you.

*4    Normalcy Bias:
       We have been falsely programmed to believe
       that the way things are  
       is the way they will continue to be.
       As a result, most people fail

       to prepare themselves for change. 
       When disaster strikes 
       they become the victims of their
       circumstances and revert to
       projecting the cause of their
       self-created problems onto somebody else.
*5     Destroyed Self Image:
         Your subconscious mind has been programmed
         so that you will believe you are
         Not Worthy,  Not Deserving,
        Not Enough, and not Llovable.
         As a result, most people spend their lives
         trying to fix what they falsely believe
         is a defective self. 

         The evidence-based truth is:

         You are an eternal non-physical God-Being.

         Don't believe us. Don't disbelieve us either.
         Examine the evidence for yourself.

         One of the ways to get beyond this 
         is to learn the teachings of
         Chris Duncan,  Master Teacher of Conscious Consciousness.

The sleepwalking unprepared people 

believe themselves to be innocent victims

of anything but themselves.
Victim Consciousness rules their lives.

Our job is to reprogram our subconscious minds.


The Frequency of Orgasm is Consciousness

-----     -----     -----     -----     
We welcome your thoughts
and comments on these topics

Examine our latest and
most exciting discovery ever.
Go to 

Orgasm as a State of Being
and then to
Message to All Women.

Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote' 
5th-Dimension Systems Designer

1 (747)  236-8717

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