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      Breathing Good Vibrations    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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               Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Breathing Good-Vibrations

This breathing technique is an absolute winner.
Why?   Because we approach our challenge
from inside of our positive feelings.

Most poeple think about what they want
and then, struggle to feel good about it.
We approach our intentions
from the opposite direction.

We begin by creating  un-attached
Feel-Good Feelings.
Then, one desire at a time,
we direct our menal point of focus
to something that produces
feel-good feelings,
all the while, completely ignoring
all low vibrations images,
all negative thoughts
and all negative feelings.

We find something we feel good about
and use that topic to get or minds
focused on feeling good.
Then while feeling good,
we shift our point of focus to
imagining /visuallizing, and feeling
whatever we intend to manifest.

Some mind-shifting examples:
*  Your favorite food or drink,
*   A sexual fantasy,
Sing the sounds of joy
Aahhh,   Uuhhh,    Oohhh,   Mmmmm.
*   Think of a joke or a funny story.
*   Share sensuality with another person,

     a foot rub, a back rub,  mutual masturbation.
*    Focus on a favorite memory.
Experience a Marijuana Meditation.
*    Masturbate to a level of sexual excitement
      but no all the way to orgasm.
*    Do or imagin doing
      whatever makes you feel good.
Keep your mind at least
     one level above emotional neutral

Find the full story at:

Website:  Conscious Is King
Web Pge:   Breathing Good Vibrations



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