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      Christian Bible Ignored Passages    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

The Roman Catholic Church 
has ignored the profound,
freedom-giving mastery
in the teachings of Jesus. 


Instead of a Lloving brother, 
they peddle Jesus as
an unreachable object of worship.
and created  a fear-peddling, 

mind-control, hidden slavery system

Please become aware of the
previously ignored teachings of Jesus
and to also become aware of several other
previously ignored Christian Bible Passages.

These Biblical Truths
if actually practiced
by Christians will result in
The most profound changes
in  Consciousness  and in  Christianity
since Martin Luther sparked
The Reformation in 1517.

It will also result in the final downfall of

the Cabal Criminal network 
that has been secretly controlling 
all major social  activities on Earth
for the last 30,000 years

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."
Are you aware that

The Physics of Consciousness,
The Teaching of Jesus,
the principles of Universal Spirituality,
all three give us the same basic messages.

Here's an example:

Jesus said that you are a god.  
He tells us directly three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23
      Also see   
John 14:20    and  Luke 17:21  <>
Did you ever wonder why the Christian religions
(and Judaism) teach their followers
that they (the followers)
are separate from God?
Roman Catholics are even taught the lie that
the more the followers suffer
the closer they are to God?

Did you ever wonder why and how
The church elders (the ones we know about)
are fellow Earth humans who rose through ranks
of the church hierarchy and became leaders.
Where, along the way, did they gain
exclusive access to God?


Jesus also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   
John 14:12.

Is Jesus lying to us? or are

those who are secretly in control of
the church teachings

attempting to hide the truth in these passages:
Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23
Find Some Truths Here:

(Roman)  Catholic Church - Vatican Demonic Lies
Deception -- The Ultimate, 3rd D. Weapon of War
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For additional significant passages,
Please go to:
For even more significant Biblical references,
please go to:     

and then examine the page titled
Who and What Hmans Really Are

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