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Consciousness Expanding Techniques
Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth
Dimension Consciousness

This page will connect you with several
ways to expand your knowledge of reality.

If you don't believe what is written here,
it's because you do not yet understand

The Physics of Consciousness.
You do not yet understand
The Rules of Reality,
and you do not yet understand
The Evolution of the Universe.

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Page Content:

*   Music Returns to Base Frequency 432 hz
*   The Placebo Effect
*   Thinking Person's Universe

The Power of Human Consciousness
Breathing Good Vibrations
Television and Mind Control

*   Spiritual Journey
*   Humans Are Great Creators

*Newtonian Physics Is a Lie
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Returning Music to
Base Frequency 432 hz.

Our job is to return human music
to base frequency 432 hz.   
Hz is a vibrational rate
measured in cycles per second.

This project has a new home.

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The Placebo Effect   
What is it?    Why is it ignored?
The placebo effect is Consciousness in action.
It is ignored because the criminals
who are still in control of our social structure
do not want you to know the truth.

The truth is that no matter what one does physically,
it is Consciousness that does the actual healing.
In the Christian Bible, several times,
we read these words from Jesus:  
"Your Faith Has Made You Whole."

Our job is to replace big-pharma's pills
with Consciousness.
Why?    Because Consciousness Is King!
Consciousness can heal anything and everything.

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We Live in a Thinking
and Feeling Person's Universe

Beliefs ( what we think to be the truth )
are self-fulfilling prophecies.  
Our personal truths are limited to
what we believe to be our reality. 
(i.e. our perception of reality)

Beliefs are the context (the belief box)
in which we live our lives.  
What we believe creates  the box.
What we experience is limited
by the beliefs we have inside of
our belief box.  

Attitudes are amplified beliefs to which
we have added the manifesting power of emotions.
Find the full story at:

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The Power of Consciousness

We live in an Electric Universe.
Electricity and Magnetism are wedded partners.
You cant have one without the other.

The rotation of Earth on its axis
causes these electric currents to form a magnetic field which extends around the planet. 

Collective human Consciousness can affect this grid.
On a global level, collective human emotions
are the magnets, the power of motion  in this partnership.
The death of British Princess Diana
was proof that the non-physical power

of collective human emotions
can affect things in the external, physical world.

Thoughts and internal emotions
(i.e. human mental states of being)
are also wedded partners.

Collective human consciousness
is the greatest power in the Universe.

Consciousness Is King

There's more to this story.   
Additional information is desired?
Can you help?   If so, please
Contact Us

The Secret of Consciousness with Lee Carroll & Kryon | The You-est YOU™️ Podcast - YouTube
Listen at minute 32:33 for info on Earth's magnetic grid.

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Breathing Good Vibrations

Most people think about what they want
and then, try to feel good about it.

We do this in reverse order.
Begin by creating un-attached Feel-Good Feelings.
Then, slip our desires into the Feel-Good Feelings,
all the while, completely ignoring all low vibration
negative thoughts and feelings.
Creating Emotions First
How To Create The Future You Want with Dr. Joe Dispenza -
YouTube    1:28:18
Beginning at minute 30:25 to 32:50,
Dr. Joe Dispenza describes the process
of creating the emotions, the feel-good feelings first,
and then adding the topic you choose to experience.
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Television and Mind Control 

Are you aware that the most effective prisons 
are made of beliefs and not stone or steel?    

The most effective mind-control tool
on the planet today is television.  
The programs that come into millions of homes
through that medium significantly influence
the viewers' minds and, in all too many cases,
change the viewers' belief system
to make the viewers' belief system

match the beliefs desired by the program's producers.  

The vast majority of the programs
that are beamed into your home are garbage
that pollute viewers' minds.  
For the full text, please go to:

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Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey is the act of
altering one's consciousness
with the intention of experiencing 
the non-physical aspect of life.

Newtonian Physics-
Is-a-False-Description of Earth

Earth is NOT a physical ball of rocks and water.
It's and
electric construction
inside of a torus energy field'
inside of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Holograph.

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Creation By Prayer

Jesus, again tells us of
the power of human consciousness.

    "For this reason I am telling you,

     whatever things you ask for in prayer
     [in accordance with God’s will],
     believe [with confident trust]
     that you have received them,
     and they will be given to you."
                         Mark 11:24  AMP

Humans are Great Creators
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Compare Third Dimension Books
to Fifth Dimension Books:

The moment a 3rd D. book
leaves the author's hands
on way to the publisher,
it's fixed, immobile, and dead.   
It can no longer be adjusted,
updated, and corrected.
No errors in content can be corrected.
No new information can ever be added.
It Is Dead.   Dead.   DEAD!   

In sharp contrast,

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
is a living book created in 5d style and format.  
It's as alive as its 
It's changeable, renewable, dynamic.  
It's being adjusted, adapted,
updated, and corrected
as new information becomes available.    

The book

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
includes the entire
TLC-Life-Center's Family of Websites. 
All seven websites are alive, dynamic, 
ever-changing, ever-growing.  
There is no end to creativity, growth, expansion.
and to the content of this book.

Find any topic on all six websites by KEY WORDS.

More to be added soon.

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We welcome your thoughts
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Music Returns
The Placebo Effect
Thinking Persons' Universe
The Power of Human
Breathing Good Vibratons
Television and Mind Control
Spiritual Journey
Humans Are Great Creators
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