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Consciousness  Is  King 

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               Fifth Dimension Consciousness

What is a context?
A context is the environment
in which something is or occurs.  
In science, a context
is commonly referred to as a field.

The first Universal Law of Context:
    Context Controls Content.
A context dominates its content.

A Context has the power to 
dominate, control and,
simply by its presents

make huge changes in the meanings
and/ or the behavior of its content.

Consider the contexts of day and night.
They are different,
each requiring a different human behavior.
The same is true of
the annual cycles of the seasons.

Because Human consciousness
has been dominated by
Cabal Criminals,
most of us do not understand
the basic contexts of human life.

It is always wise to be aware of

the context /the environment we are in.
Here are some of
the  basic contexts of human life:
*   We each exist.
*   Everything is constantly changing.
*   We are each an
Eternal, Non-physical, God Being.
*   We live in a
Holographic Universe.
*   Within the context  of life on Earth
     we each create our own personal experiences
     by our thoughts beliefs, attitudes, etc.
*   Successful creating is done by
     clear focus on ones intention
     while feeling strong emotions.

There are two major contexts that most people
are just now becoming aware of.
Reality Has Two Sides,
     two very different contexts,
     one side is physical and
     the other is non-physical.
     We call the non-physical part "Consciousness."
*   Consciousness Is King.   
    Consciousness controls everything
    in the physical world.

As you explore our family of websites,
you will find that there is much more to learn.
We call these pieces of information

The Physics of Consciousness ,
The Rules of Reality,
and an understanding of
The Evolution of The Universe.

If you choose to be successful
in your Earth-life,
you'd be wise to learn
what contexts are
and how to use them.

If you are ready to wake up to reality,
this is one of the places to start.
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The text below belongs on
the new page titled SDNet

Earth-Human Female's Sexual Belief System.
*  The lie about female sexuality is  long-standing 
*  It's highly distorted
*  It's severely dysfunctional, and  destructive, 

*   It produces lives with much
     unnecessary pain and misery.
*   Adults can learn the new system,
     It's much easier to learn
     the truth at the beginning of Earth life
*   Learning and teaching
    the true nature of being female
     is part of our
 Fifth Dimension Education Program
     for pre Age Of Reason
     Children, Age 0 to 7.

In both females and males
sexual compulsion is identical,

however, the social, sexual norms,
(the sexual behavior)
for females are very different from
the social sexual norm for males.
Some Examples, 
Female were told that
*  sex is bad  except for
    married couples  making babies,
*  For females, sex outside marriage is sinful.
    Males are said to simply sowing their wild oats.
*   If an unwanted pregnancy occurs,.
     the women are held responsible,
     while men are not.
*    Women who like sex are judges as bad
      by our service-to-self leaders.
*   All this Sheyitt consciousness produces 
     shame, gilt, anxiety, fear, stress, and
     a drastic reduction of self worth for women.

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