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Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

                          Welcome to      
                      Adventures Into
            Fifth Dimension Consciousness

The Big-er Picture

What is the Big Picture and 
How do you fit into that picture?

The Big Picture  is our new
Fifth-Dimension Service to All Social Structure.
and you are  vital and intimate part of that picture

The fact that
Consciousness Is King
is now well known,
however the fact that 

Cooperation Is Queen
is still being ignored.

Without cooperation between

your mother and your father

You would not be here.

It matters not how wonderful

and masterful, or wealthy
or how much ofanything else you are,
without the rest of us,
your creations have the same value
as a piss-hole in the snow.


Consciousness and Cooperation

rule all life on Earth.

*   What would like more of.?

*.  How about Llove.?

*.  Would you like more Llove.?

*.  Can any of you tell us of something

     you would rather have than Llove.?

The way to receive Llove
     is to
focus your attention
                  on Giving Llove

Here again, cooperation is required.

Everything in the physical world

is functioning-duality,
a function of

Cooperation is when two or more pieces
of physical reality
functioning with each other,
they create something that neither could be
without the other.

ur social structure is made of

units of cooperation.
*   Your family is a unit of cooperation,
*   Your work place is a unit of cooperation.
*   Every business and social group
    is a unit of cooperation.

*  Hundreds of millions of individuals
    millions of small groups of people
    are dedicated to and actively working for
    the betterment of humanity.

The dysfunction lies in the fact that
almost all of these units of cooperation 
function in competition with each other.

What's missing is:

*    a way to connect with each oher 
*   a way to communicate
 with each other,
*   a way to support each other.

What's a Solution?
Let us know how your service to others
fits into the bigger picture.  
Create a single page about you.

Include what your have to offer,
what yod like from others,
how to contact you, etc.
We'll add your page to our website
in the category called

The Bigger Picture Players
on our website called 

Cooperation is our ticket to:

*   Great Joy,
*   Great Llove
*   Freedom of choice
*   Fredon of behavior,
*   Great, seven-chakra, sensuality
*   Sexual bliss beyond anything
      you have ever imagined, 
*   Abundance for All,  and
*   On a personal level,
     all our desires can be fulfilled.

~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.


The third dimension was
Cabal-created and controlled,
ego-centric, service-self, social structure.
The Cabal criminals created,

Artificial Scarcity
in order to introduce Money.
in order to enslave humanity.


We encourage you learn
    How The Universe Functions:
The Physics of Consciousness,
*   The rules of Reality,
*   The true nature of what Earth-Human really are,
*   The evolution of the Universe


~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.


Website:  Conscious Is King
Web Pge:   Cooperation






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