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      Education 5th-D Style    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

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*1  Special, 5th-D Education for
    Children from Birth to Age Seven.

*2   Education and Entertainment Combined
      Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of Life & Llove

*3   5th-Dimension  "Teaching" Style

*4   Sleep Learning
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Spedial 5th-D Education for
Children from Birth to Age  Seven.

The evil ones intentionally 
designed and now use a

Sheyitt Consciousness training program
to fill the subconscious mind of
our pre-age-7-
with a vast system of negative
and highly destructive programing .

In the Roman Catholic Church,
for at least the last 500 years,
the Jesuits have been
saying, teaching, and
using the following

Human Mind-Control System
"When we program the mind
of a pre-age-7 child,
we can control him or her as a adult"

Beginning at a child' birth,
AI (artificial intelligence).
and its
Cabal slaves been secretly
packing his or her  subconscious minds
Sheyitt Consciousness.

Still today, all your
Sheyitt Consciousness

that got plugged into you
when you were a young child,
emains hidden inside of
your own subconscious mind.

Are you aware that about 95%
of every Earth-Human's life
is controlled by the content
of their subconscious mind.

Do you want a sheyitt-filled
subconscious mind for

your children and grandchildren?

In The Fifth Dimension,
there are NO Cabal criminals,
but there are billions of
presently living humans
who are teaching and will continue
to teach their children
Sheyitt Consciousness
simply because that's all they know.

Instead of allowing

to be installed into the minds
of our present-day age 0 to 7 children 
let's teach them
a special version of
Llove Consciousness.
Let's teach them
the positive aspecs of human life.

We are developing a new

Fifth Dimension Education Program
especially designed for children
from conception to age seven.

If you'd like to learn 
how to use our 5h-D, 
0/7 Education Systems,
See our page titled
Coaching Services.

If you'd like to be part of

the development team for
our 5h-D, Age 0/7 Education Systems,
Contact us.

This education concept is
another family of pink elephants
that are here in front of all humans.
Now that you see the pink elephants,
what are you going to do?

You cannot teach what you don't know.
Because your pre-age-7-children need you now,
we suggest that you be
gin your education
as so
on as possible.

That way, you can immediately begin
educating your pre-age-7children
or grandchildren

to the truth about life on Earth.
Please go to our Life Coaching page.

Thank you
Blessings Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'
Consciousness Is King



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Page Title:         Education 5th-D Style

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More  to Learn:

We live in a ocean of consciousness
As a fish is to water,
Humans are to Consciousness.

Everything is inside of itself.

Tiger Woods, one of the most

successful golfers in the world,
began to play golf at age two.

Sooner or later,
we will all have to learn
the new, 5th-D rules.

We suggest that you begin with
The First Universal Law of Llove.

Did you ever wonder why

Roman Catholic theology
ignores The Teachings of Jesus
plainly written in the Christian Bible
and instead, teaches their followers

that they are inherently sinners who
are separate from God.

Did you know that

it is NOT possible to be
separate from God/Goddess?

Secret Control
Earth-Human Consciousness
has been secretly dominated,
manipulated and controlled
for about 30,000 years.

The Power of Belief:
As a result, 99.9% percent of
what you and almost everyone else
believe to be real
is false.
That's why 99.9% of us
live in
Sheyitt Consciusness.

~~~   ~~~

When you understand
What and Who You Really Are,
you will no longer be a mindless slave,
unknowingly, working for the evil ones.

Some  Potential Content:

*   When your child has
     a highly emotional experience,

      you (adult) tell him or her what it means.
*   Build memory triggers so after age eight
     he or she will remember specific events
     and the positive  aspect of what they mean.
*   Install universal truths along with
     a triggers to remember them after age eight.

     Such as:
     The First Universal Law of Llove.
     He / she is an eternal, non-physicsl God-Bing

     The power of Context   
     The universal Law of C

*   Approval is self approval, not
    "What will they think?"
*    Build a positive self image.
      You are worthy, deserving,
      You are good enough.
      You are Lloved.  You are  Llovable.
*    Commitment
*    Trying versus doing
*    Forgiveness

*    Llove, Compassion,  Caring  Sharing

*   Use music, songs and rhymes

When you grow up,
you can do anything you want.
Right now your job is to
learn the rules of physical life.








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5th-Dimension  "Teaching" Style

We don't actually teach,
we set the the context for learning.
For lack of a beter word,
we call our education style, Teach5

Everybody is a teacher.  
Everybody is a sudent.
We will teach5 a core group
and when they feel qualified
on an aspect of
5th-D Consciousness,
they will teach5  to others
what they have learned.

The circles of knowledge will expand
and expand so that
all who choose to leaen

will be able to learn.


Cabel mind manipulation

is still going on today.  
Their main, mind-manipulating tool
for both children and adults is



Those who choose to wake up
to their own, true nature
have no idea why their lives aren't working.
Blindly,they spend the rest of their lives
attempting cleaning up the mess.

The mind of a pre-age-7 child
is mostly in the theta brain wave frequency.
It takes in data 
like a damp sponge takes in water,
without judgment or evaluation.
A very young  child
thinks that he or she is

the center of the world.
Everything revolves
around him or her. 
The child simply takes in
aything and everything
that he or she experiences,
without judgment or analysis,
and then makes up a story about
what that experience means.
such as: 
I am responsible,
I'm not worthy, not good enough, 
I don't deserve.
Then, guilt and punishment
sticks their ugly faces into

whatever has happened.

I/We are simply writing a new story,
inside of a context of
Llove,    Connection,    Inclusian,
including you.

Thank you
Blessongs Be Llove      (love)

Robert Cote'


Website Title:    Consciousness Is King    .com
Page Title:       
 Education 5th-D Style

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