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Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

                           Welcome to
Adventures Into
              Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Here's what is about to happen:
The  Cabal-installed beliefs inside of
your own subconscious mind 
are about to tell you that

what is written here is
 Impossible.! !
Ignore it.
DO NOT deviate from
what you have been taught.

Go here to learn the truth.

Success or Disaster, Your Choice

If we continue to do nothing,
we, as a human society,
will experience an easily avoidable,
otherwise, inevitable physical disaster
that will produce an overwhelming
social and economic disaster.
(see link below --The Ultimate Worthy Cause)

If we take action and help our fellow humans,
we will make a phenomenal joyous transformation
into our new Service to All Social Structure
and into collective
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  (links below)

Disaster or success, which one will occur?
That depends upon what you do.

If you choose to take action,
Your action will result in
a great personal benefit for yourself.
Your actions will also
be a great service to
the rest of humanity.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
My name is Robert Cote'
I have made several monumental discoveries.
One of them is the huge financial opportunity
for you and for all humanity
to make an easy transition
into the new service to all social structure.
(See Death of Money link, below on this page.)

Because the process I discovered
is so far beyond what people are used to,
people say that's impossible and go away.
Id like to find someone willing to 
examine the evidence.
The evidence will prove me right or wrong.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 

TO: All Employees

RE: Find Us Wealthy Clients and
      Receive a $30,000 finder's fees
      for each new, coaching client.

I am a coach, way-shower, role model,
guide, and teacher ofthe previously unknown aspects of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
Even though most of my clients think that
they already know all that they need to know,
I expand their abilities, their talents,
and their consciousness to levels
beyond anything that can be described in words.

For Lifetime service, we charge
a one-time fee of $499,000

Examine my website,
then, contact me.

The most ideal option is to find 
the first wealthy person
to realize that among the wealthy
and the very wealthy there are
huge fortunes of money
that are still valuable today 
but will soon become useless.

We need to find the first wealthy person
to realize he or she has money
that will soon become worthless.
(See link below.)

My wife and I require a home/office 
to continue my work online,
My 33 year of work, study and research
will be taken offline and the people will
miss several powerful discoveries and
a huge financial opportunity.

We invite you to work with us
to find us the first wealthy donor.
When that happens,
other wealthy people will wake up
and the financial floodgates will open.
Multi-multi-billions of dollars
will become available to We-The-People.

If you choose to work with us,
we will guide you on how to prepare for
Life After The Death of Money.
This includes, providing you with enough money
for you to take care of yourself and
enough money to purchase and own,
new home for yourself and your family.
You will own the home free and clear.

I'm 82 years old and visually handicapped.

Thank you.

Robert Cote'
1 (747) 236-8717
The Birth of Freedom

The Ultimate Worthy Cause

Excess Money

Service to All Replace Service to Self

Fifth Dimension Consciousnes


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