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Find God By Suffering or By Llove
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                             Welcome to
                         Adventures Into
               Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Two More Lies Exposed
Here are two more major lies
that runs the minds of
almost all of humanity.

* Find God by Suffering,
   called:   No Pain.   No Gain.
* The more you suffer,   
   the closer you are to God.

Christian Theology, particularly
Roman Catholic Theology,
teaches followers that
the more you suffer,

the closer you are to God.
That's a Cabal-installed lie
placed into Christianity
by the 
Vatican Cabal Criminals
 in order to
get you to believe that
you are   s e p a r a t e   from God.
The truth is that
we are  NOT  separate form God/Goddess.
It's impossible to be separate from yourself.
We are eternal, non-physical, God-Beings.

Are you aware that the evil ones
feed on the energy radiated from a human body
when the dweller in that body is experiencing 
pain, grief, anger, misery, suffering, and the like?

It is said that through pain and
from misery-producing experiences,
we receive growth.
That is often true, but

it's not the only way.
For the  evil ones,
this lie is exactly what
they want you
to believe and practice.

What is Growth?
Growth is change, transformation ,
expansion, evolution,
increased knowledge,
and increased abilities.

For example,  if read. learn,
and  understand
the page titled,

What Is a Human Being,
.you will learn the most profound truth
that you will ever learn.
You will receive
transformation ,
expansion, evolution,
increased knowledge, and increased abilities
With zero Suffering.

__   __   __   __   __

Are There any More Ways
to accomplish the Growth Mission?
What about growth through
Llove, Joy, Pleasure, and the like?

What Are the Attributes of God?
Llove, Joy, Compassion, Caring, Sharing,

Orgasm, Bliss, and
the state of being so joyful 
from third dimension consciousness 

you cannot even imagine it.
__   __   __   __   __

What Does Misery Produce?
Feeling really bad, 
feeling guilty,   feeling anger,
feeling helpless,   feeling like a loser, 
Living in chaos, fear, confusion,

living in a world of Sheyitt-Consciousness.

All these feelings bring
more to feel bad about:
more fear, more anger,
more guilt, and the like.
So, why is suffering in
everybody's  consciousness?

Suffering to be close to God is 

a manufactured belief designed
to feed the evil ones.
   It is our human misery

  that produces evil's food.
Humanity is being milked like cows.
Very few people know that
the story about the need to suffer is a  lie.
Are you ready for
The Evidence Based Truth?

__   __   __   __   __

What are the alternatives?   

The Universal Laws tell us:
Where there is a negative, 

there or close by, you'll find its opposite.

What is the opposite of
suffering to be close to God?
Its opposite is
the more Llove you give,
the more Llove, joy, and fun
you receive and experience.
You can't get closer to God.   
You already are God / Goddess.
You simply need to learn

what it is to be God-like  
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

You are a piece, part, aspect, 
expression of God / Goddess.
You are God / Goddess.
You cannot get closer to your self.
Suffering to be closer to your self
is simply another

__   __   __   __   __

There is no External God/Goddess
The lie about suffering is based on
the false belief
that there is
an exterior God.   
There is no external God.
Literally, there is nothing outside of
What and who you are.

You, me, we, all of us are God-beings.
We are each related to God/Goddess
because we are ALL God/Goddess.
It's impossible to be
separate from yourself. 

Here's the easy path
back to your intnal God-Consciousness.
Remember the words of Jesus: 
"When two or more of you are together
in joy and in Llove,
I/God-Consciousness is there with you."

The above quote is from
the Fifth Dimension version of  Christian Bible.
There is NO Separation.  
We are all
One, Huge Version of God.

The Universal Law of Llove
is incredibly simple.
It's only 13 words:
The Way to Receive Llove

          Is to Focus Your Attention
               on Giving Llove

Can you think of anything simpler
or anything more profound
than these 13 Words?   

Express your Llove.
Feel your  joy.
Notice how they go together.
Like honey and sweet,
like water and wet, 
like cookies and milk,
like coffee and cream.

I Relax,  Release,  Let Go.   
I am at ease.   
I allow what is to be as it is.
I know I am safe and I am secure.
I know that I AM  I AM.
I live in peace of mind.
I enjoy.   Enjoy!   ENJOY!
I just am whomever I choose to be!
I know I am a Great Creator.




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