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Consciousness  Is  King 

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Kiva headquarters
986 Mission Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103 USA
Phone  (Voicemail only)

(828) 479-5482

RE:       Please help us
            deliver multi-millions of dollars
            to those in need
TO:      Don Carter and the other
            Foundation Directors
Rev. Robert Cote'

We  are inviting the best and the brightest,
and the most service-oriented
Earth-Humans (including you and your team)
to be part of God/Goddess's

Earth Recovery Teams.
Together, we are each doing our part
in building the new Fifth-Dimension,

Service to All Social Structure.

Rev. Robert Cote' and
the TLC-Life-Center Team
have conducted 33-Years of
careful and thorough research,
including thousand of investigations,
and countless days of detailed analysis.

Our findings are published online
on our family of websites (five websites) as
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
See our two updated websites:

Consciousness Is King
Death of Money – Coming Soon

We are now activating humanity's
three most important projects:

*1) The first and the most
powerful thing we can do
is to take advantage of the
huge financial opportunity that is
presently available to all of humanity.

During the process of shifting into
a world without money,

And for a short time only,
huge sums of money are available
to build the new
Service to All Social Structure.

*2) To prevent an easy to solve,
otherwise, inevitable, huge
financial, social, and environmental disaster:

The Ultimate Worthy Cause

*3) Our major, education program
This is a regular education program combining
education and entertainment.

Please help us deliver / distribute
multi-millions of dollars
to those in need.

Thank you,
Rev. Robert Cote'
Author, Creator and Director of
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

1  (747) 236-8717

Consciousness Is King
Death of Money – Coming Soon

Letter to North Coast Title Co.
*2   Message to All Women


We are looking to hire a female, project manager.
Her job will be to activate and coordinate
our primary projects.

If you have any recommendations,
please let us know.
Thank you.


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