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Marijuana Meditation

Consciousness  Is  King 

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Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Marijuana  --  The Game Changer

One of the most powerful techniques
for connecting to
Who and What You Are
is to occasionally add a marijuana high

to your daily meditation.
You can find a detailed description of this at:


When engaging in Marijuana Meditation,
we recommend that you choose edibles.
take both Sativa and Indica at the same time.
Indica will make you feel calm and peaceful.
Sativa will keep you awake.


Hear are a few of the many ignored,
evidence-based truths you will find
either on our original website (link above)
or below on this page 

*   Marijuana cures cancer.

     is a powerful tool for expanding
     their awareness of their own Higher-Self.

*   Marijuana, particularly when
     combined with meditation, 
     interferes with the
bal mind control system
~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Here's more basic information
Cannabis / Marijuana

*   Endogenous Chemicals are those which are
d inside the human body
with no outside influence

*   Do as you choose (without causing harm)
and know what you are doing

*   Cannabis use can be detected
at least as long as 80 days after use


*   Sativa tends to elate mood,
it promotes alertness, t's a stimulant,
gives sort of a head high, feel Good, feel happy
relaxed, taltalkativeness, creativity,
narrows the user's context (area of focus)
Reduces thinking of anything else
and increases focus.
A sense of importance
regarding what we are doing


*   Indica is a sedative, Ipromotes relaxation
and tends to suppress physical activity.
Indica tends to suppress activation of
the amygdula and threat dete
Reducs short term memory
It shuts down the hippocampus,
the area of the b
rain associated with memory.


*   My first Consciousness teacher, Magda Best,
described a marijuana high as
"Every thing is the Same and more so."

“Eerything is he same only mor

*     Cannabis /marijuana is
the most commoly used illegal drug in the world

with 4% of adultsage 16 to 64 years
reporting recent use.

Citeation: the United Nations Office
on drugs and crime 1919.


*    A the vast number of
highly skilled people are
still stuck in third-dimension consciousness. 
They are masters in their field of expertise,
and yet they have no idea
how the universe functions.

*     Einstein is the classic example.
He spent the last 20 years of his life
looking for the a unifiedd field, theory,
one theory that wouldexplain everything.
HE FAILED!     Why
Because he refused to consider
the non-physical side of reality.

*     For centuries, master spiritual teachers
such as jesus, Buddha, and
literally thousand of others
have been telling us about the
non-physical side of reality.

Bilions of people believe that God Exists
God is in the non-physical side of reality
These same believer / think that
the non-physical side of reality does not exist.

Today we have numerous
highly skilled professionals such as
Rev. Robert Cote'
Dr.Bruce Lipton,
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Tom Campbelland
Dr. greg Braden
and many, many more
explaining how the Universe functions.


At the same time (today) we have thousands of
highly skilled professionals such as

Dr. Andrew Huberman,
Professor of Neurobiology & Opthomoligy

at Stanford School of Medicine.
He's still stuck in sheyitt consciousness
and teaching obsolete, third-dimsnsion
Cabal criminal lies.
Because he and thousands of others like him
falsely believe that
they already know all they need to know
about how the universe functions

They also refuse to believe that they are
slaves to the Cabal-installed lies
in their own subconscious minds.


"negative effects of cannabis that have been
well documented in peer-review studies."
Were any fo these studies done
by people who know about
the non-physical side of eality?
*  Dr. Huberman tells us that
much of the negativity about cannabis
omes from criminalizing it.

*  There is clear data pointing to
negative health affect
from using Cannabis, particularly THC
He mentions psychosis as being one of them

Use 2 or more times a week increases anxiety
Depression increases over time

I'm picking on Professor Huberman
because in his podcast titled

“The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body”
in which he cleary shows his lack of understanding
regarding of how the universe functions.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The majorproblem/challenge relating to cannabis
comes from Former president
Richard (I'm not a crook) Nixon
and the other Cabal Criminals
who made the posession and
use of cannabis a crime
and all he horror stories that
that have been peddled to the public.

Here's an example From Dr. Brian Green,
host of the World Science Festival program,
Psychedelics: Chemicals, Consciousness, and Creativity


“My mother told me,
You do any of these
psychodelic drugs and
your mind will fry.
You will have flashback
for the rest of your life
that will destroy any possibility
of you being normal.”

Oher lies

*     If you take LSD a few times,
you'l become certifyable insane.
*     The story about the man on drugs
who murderd his family and the next day
he didn't rememer what he had done.

*     Then there' the picture of a frying egg
with the caption, 
“Tthis is your brain on drugs.  Any questions.”

*     Millions have been imprisoned
for possession of marijuana
or for possessing forbidden chemicals.
*     Just the thoughts of prison, alone
is enough to produce a multitude of negative
fear based thoughts and fantasies.

What Is Meditation?
How and why does meditation produce,
enhance, and/or improve multiple aspects
of human life?
The answer is multi-fold:
* Meditation has a powerful affect
*  Meditation changes body chemistry.
*  Meditation is one of the tools
    for healing his/ her body

About Consciousness
Reality has two sides, one physical,
the other non-physical.
The non-physical is called Consciousness.
Consciousness is king.
Consciousness is all there is.   
It controls absolutely everything.

We live in a thought-and-emotion-created
and controlled, ​holographic Universe.

Consciousness creates and controls
everything physical because
what we call physical is a holographic illusion.

When you meditate, you are actually
connecting to your inner God/Goddess-Self 
from the perspective of
I Am That which I Am.
This is vastly different from your
3rd-D.perspective of
scarcity (asking & not having).

Thoughts are the bridge between
the non-physical world of Consciousness and
the physical world of personal experiences. 

To meditate is to relax, allow, enjoy, just be.
Whatever you think about
and are grateful for
is you saying to the Universe:
"I'll have more of this, please."
As you change your point of focus, 
you change your physical experiences.

Body Chemistry
Your brain is a biological
chemical factory.
The chemicals produced in your brain either
move your body toward health, vitality
and well-being, or toward
sickness, pain, and suffering.

Meditation produces the chemicals
that bring us health, vitality and well-being.
Your positive 
point of focus, tells the universe
to bring you more health, mire vitality
and greater well-being.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*   Instead of smoking MJ,
     eating it provides the user with
     a very different experience.
*   Some people like 
     filling a gelatin capsule with MJ buds
     and then eating the capsule.
*   Another technique is to
     crush the buds into tiny pieces
     and mix the creshed buds with food,
     suuh as small pieces of cake or cookie.

*   Getting high this way initially consumes more MJ,
     however, one gets a very different experience
     and (for me) the high lasts for many hours.  
*   Because smoking MJ lasts s relatively short time
      and must be smoked again and agein, thus,
     over a full day's experience,

     MJ consumption is about the same.

    Marijuana aka cannabis, contains

 about seventy phychoactive chemicals,
THC,  CBD,  CBN  and many more,
over seventy in all.

 The marijuana plant has over 400
biologically-active compounds.

*     My experience tells me that 
in the process of producing MJ edibles,
some valuable portions of MJ are removed.
*     Grinding the buds into a powder ,
inserting them into gelatin capsules,
and then eating the capsules
produces a very different experience from
ingesting purchased MJ edibles.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Marijuana breaks
the Cabal, mind-control system.

That's the previously ignored
power of marijuana.

*     Former MK ultra mind-control slave
and survivor, Cathy O'Brian,
said that while under her controller's control,
she was allowed to use any drug except marijuana.
When asked why? she replied,

The reason is because,
marijuana breaks and interferes with

the Cabal mind control system.

*     Here's a personal example:
My wife was was having trouble falling asleep
and asked me if MJ would help.

We went to al local marijuana medication dispensoy
and purchased an edible, combination
of Indica and CBD cannabis.
Not only did she become peaceful and relaxed,
a very negative aspect of her persnaity
simply disappeared. 
Today she is clear of
her former very negative experiences.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~

FYI:  There are three major forms of MJ.

*  Sativa  produces an active, exciting high.
Indica  produces a relaxed, mellow, at-ease high.
*  CBD  reduces anxiety, reduces depression,
     and reduces post-traumatic stress.
     It promotes sleep.    CBD inot psychoactive

*   People who ingest their edible at night
     may prefer Indica strains
     due to its sedative properties.
*   People using MJduring the day, commonly prefer
     the uplifting affects of Sativa strains.
__   __   __   __   __

A Few Words About Meditation:

*     The main purpose of daily meditation
is to learn how to stop
your uncon
scious mind-rambling
in the cabal's world of 


*    Ninety-five percent of our daily lives
is run by our subconscious minds.
Most people, in their daiy lives,
are sleep walking in the remaining five percent.
Their  thoughts have no specific purpose or goal.
*     Whatever comes their way, (Like
that's where their mind goes
and that rambling tells the Universe:

Bring more Sheyitt  into theirlives.

Meditation is a tool to help you
learn to be conscious
of what is going on in
your mind.
Meditation is a tool for learning.
It's Self-Mind-Control Technology.

Your mind has been secretly manipulated
and taken over by the
Cabal Criminals.
These are the same people who control our
fraudulent banking system.

Your job is to take back control of your mind.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~​
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Meditation is not something you do.
It's something you allow.

Meditation is effortless.
It's like the Power of Peace.
It's like watching the sun rise

in an orange, red,  and silver sky.

It’s like that Beatles' song:
“Let it be, let it be, let it be, just let it be,
whispering words of wisdom; let it be -ee.”

The first thing I tell my new students is
if your life is chaotic and
you do not already meditate,
Don't meditate. 

Why?  Because for many people, "meditation"
is an emotionally loaded word.
If that's true for you,    avoid meditating.

Instead, each day,
*   Sit or lie comfortably and quietly
     for ten to twenty minutes,
*   In silence, NO music,
*   Be where you will not be disturbed,
*   Close your eyes and
     focus on breathing consciously,
     or imagine a very pleasant experience
     from your past,
     or a very pleasant / a very desirable
     future intention,
     or your favorite fantasy.
     In essence, think of 
something that inspires you 
     to feel really, really good.

Think about that memory / intention /
fantasy / experience and only about that.
Imagine yourself as being inside the experience.
(not as an outside oserver)
Feel the associated feelings
Feel the feelings as though
your experience is physcally real.

When something else
comes into your mind,
think / say, " not now. "
Let it go and return to
your mental point of focus.


Another powerful practice is to
Add Conscious Breathing to your meditation.
As you inhale,
    reach into 
    your internal heart / Llove energy field
    and imagine a very joyful and Lloving experience.
As you exhale,
    see, feel, hear, imagine yourself
    inside of an external situation
    that matched your internal
     energy of Llove and Joy.


The goal is to calm your mind and 
to stop chaotic, random thinking.

*   If you play a musical instrument,
    notice that while playing your instrument,
    your mind is completely focused on your music.
    The same thing applies to
    many other activities, such as

    sports, math, and chess.

*   Take a walk.   Focus on your walking feet.

     Watch the role they play in your life. 
     That is a form of moving meditation.


     When you learn
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,

     your life will be a moving meditation.

     Relax...    Allow...    Enjoy...    Just Be...
     and Be Grateful for Everything.

*   Another form of meditation is
     to become the observer of your thoughts. 
     Let the thoughts come and go.
    Just watch / listen without emotion,
     without judgment.

If you are a marijuana user,
our website we'll guide you through
Please remember we are NOT suggesting
that you do anything illegal, however
if you are already a marijuana user,
that's your business, not ours.

Two things you will become aware of:
*   99% of what we are led to believe is true,
     is actually false. 

*   Evil mind-control programming has been
     hoisted / fostered upon
     gullile and unsuspecting humanity
     by a
global network of evil beings.

Plant medicines, including marijuana
were declared illegal by the Cabal criminals
who controlled anything and everything
of any significance on Earth.

Because these plant medicines contain

mind-expanding properties.

Marijuana breaks the control of the evil ones.
When we learn 
the truth about what and who we are,
we can no longer be mind-controlled slaves.

You ask: Why would anybody want to keep us
as mind-controlled slaves?
For the answer, we refer you to the page titled:

Mind-Altering Medicines:    Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Marijuana, etc.

and to


We welcome your thoughts
and comments on this topic.
~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Have you examined the offer below?

Do you want complete freedom?             
Do you want more Llove in your life?
Do you want to live in a world of abundance for all?


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Together, we will create freedom, Llove,
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Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
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Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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An  Additional Reference:   Marijuana-Sanity
To Continue the Prohibition of Marijuana
Is Absolute, Complete, and Total  INSANITY.


I have been experiencing a marijuana meditation 
about twice a month for several years.
Several, major revelations and conntless

lesser revelations have come to me
while enjoying a marijuana meditation.

For example, TLC-Life-Center's
combined education / entertainment progam
came to me while conversing with
Lady MJ, the Goddess of Marijuana.

Another MJ-induced revelation is
the huge financial opportunity from 
the dying process of

the complete Death of Money in all of its forms


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