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      Marijuana and Consciousness    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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*1  The Evidence-Based Truths
     Regarding  Cannabis / Marijuana


*2   Is Fifth Dimension Consciousness
       God's Truth     or   
Is It a Disease?

3)   Early Marijuana  Propaganda

      from the Cabal Criminals.

4)  AI / Cabal-Criminal Update.

5)   On the Truth Side,
What Does the Evidence Tell us?.

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1)  The Evidence-Based Truths
     Regarding  Cannabis / Marijuana

We'll begin by giving you
a basic understanding of marijuana:
*   Marijuana cures cancer
         and any condition involving mutating cells.
         (Details below).
  Marijuana Interferes with
     the Cabal/CIA-created

     MK Ultra Mind Control System
     (Details below)
Worldwide, the most used compounds are
      1 Caffeine
      2 Alcohol
      3 Nicotine
      4 Cannabis


*    Lady MJ, The Goddess of Marijuana,
      tell us that marijuana was designed
      by Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
      to be a door-opener, 
      an access portal to

      Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

*    Marijuana is like training wheels

      on a child's bicycle..
      Once you understand
What and Who you are
      and when you understand
      the nature of
Fifth-Dimension reality,
      you no longer need marijuana  as training wheels.
I'm speaking here from personal experience.>

On yourfirst r
eading of this page

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Life Is Not What We Have Been
Led to Believe It Is
By Those Who Claim to Know.
You, I, and almost everybody else
have  been (and still are)
making critical,  irreversible,
life-altering  decisions
based upon false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information
and in the absence of
vitally important,  missing information.
In every aspect of our lives,
we are making decisions and taking actions
with i
mportant pieces of information are missing
from our day-to-day, waking consciousness.
Why do we say that?
Because your mind has been hijacked / kidnaped.
Almost all Earth-Humans are living in a
mind control prison.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Everything in our physical world
is made of non-physical consciousness.
Marijuana opens the door to
non-physical consciousness.
Marijuana Meditation
is a an extremely powerful tool
for teaching people to access

Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
and to learn
What and Who Humans Really are.
The stories about
marijuana and your mind
carry more lies and more ignorance,
and more ignored truths
than any other substance known to humanity.

Here Are  Two Ignored Truths:
1)  Marijuana cures cancer.
2)  Marijuana interferes with 
     the Cabal's mind-control system 

1)   Marijuana Cures Cancer.
      Rick simpson has proven this. 
      Watch his story.

    Run From the Cure

Run From the Cure  Rick Simpson   52:51
Here's a quote from Rick simpson:
"What does marijuana cure?
Skin conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, 
Infections, Glaucoma, Arthritis,
Chronic pain, Burns, Ulcers, Warts, and Moles,

any condition involving mutating cells.
Migraine headaches, Asthma,  Insomnia,
Anxiety and Depression.
It works to regulate your weight.
It heals scare tissue.     "
It rejuvinates vital organs
In fact, I would someone to
show me what it cant heal."
Rick Simpson's film,
Run From the Cure
ends with these three sentences:
A)   The Active ingredient in hemp oil is T.H.C.
B)   It attacks mutilated cells especially,
       While rejuvenating healthy ones.
C)   The Side affect of hemp
       are health and happiness.
To contact Rick, go to:
Harvard University researchers have found that,
in both laboratory and mouse studies, 
delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
cuts tumor growth in half in common lung cancer
while impeding the cancer's ability to spread.
The compound "seems to have a suppressive effect
on certain lines of cancer cells."

2)  Marijuans Interferes with
the Cabal/CIA-created

MK Ultra Mind Control System
The criminals have taken off the internet
an interview in whicch MK Ultra  Survivor,
Kathy O'Brian  in which
she tell of her experiences.
Here are notes from a second interview:
Marijuana has been deminized
     because of its mind-opening properties.

     Marijuana opens neuropathways in the brain.
     This makes it impossible for the evil ones .
     to maintain their mind-control.
*   Marijana helps people to overcome PTSD
     (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
     It can help military people re-adjust to society.
*   Marijuana helps people to
     access repressed memories and
     reclaim control over their mind and life.
*   When Cathy O'Brian was a mind-controlled slave,
     she had acess to all kinds of drugs ,
     but she she was forbides to use marijuana.
     Cocaine was available everywhere
     beause it's a close as one can get to
     the opposite of Marijuana.
Her book:
Cathy O'brian,  Mk Ulra Survivor

Links Relating to Marijuana:
Geore Harrison (Beatles)  on Consiousness
Marijuana Meditation
To Continue the Prohibition of Marijuana
Is Absolute, Complete, and Total  INSANITY.
Education Links

The First Lost Secret
ofThe Seven Lost Secrets of Llove. 

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

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2)   Is Fifth Dimension Consciousness
God's Truth
    or  Is It a Disease?
One of marijuana's inherent charistics is to

teach people how to reach  
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
without marijuana.
In the days following a marijuana high
people commonly experience glimpses of
their recent experience  --  a reconnection to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

The flashbacks of a marijuana experience

such as:  

To  perceive or interpret reality 
in ]a very different way
from people around you

are peddled to the public as a disease. 

*      When you meditate with marijuana,

 you are opening the door to
 the non-physical world of Consciousness.
You are going to
interpret reality in 
a very different wayfrom people around you.

*     This is where those stuck in
third-dimension consciousness
completely miss the real value of
a marijuana experience
and its after affects.
*   A marijuana meditation
introduces the user to

Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.
*    You perceive and interpret reality
in a very different way from people around you.
You gain access to a very different reality


Those who presently dominate our social structure
are still stuck in thir
d dimension consciousness.
They interpret MJ flashbacks
as a mental sickness.
Here's their definition of Psychosis:

“Psychosis (also called a 'psychotic experience'
or 'psychotic episode') I
is when you perceive or interpret reality
in a very different way from people around you.
You might be said to 'lose touch' with reality.”

"Tt's a severe mental condition in which
thought and emotions are so affected
that contact is lost with external reality."

“Symptoms of Psychosis

  • Hear, see, or taste things others don't.

  • Hang on to unusual beliefs or thoughts,
    no matter what others say.”


~~~   ~~~   ~~~


*     This third-dimension definition of Psychosis
was intentionally created by Cabal criminals.
Its intention is to induce fear, dread, panic,
and trauma into the minds of marijuana users.
This, and a host of other aspects of negativity
are used to to prevent people from
learning the truth regarding
What and Who Earth-Humans really are.
Because once you know the evidence based truth,
that you are an etrernal God-Being
and  Great Creator,
you can no longer be mind controlled. 
*     You can dismiss the fear filled fairy tale
that you being a powerless, 
inherently evil sinner,
groveling in the mud of sheyitt consciousness
and begging favors from
an external super-human God who live in the sky.
The Definition of Schizophrenia
contains more fear filled bullsheyitt.
Peple wth fifth-Dimension consciousness
have what those still stuck in thi
rd dimension  call
"the belief that you have unusual powers,"

You are an eternal God-Being and a Great Creator
You do, indeed, have what
third dimension consciousness
people see as
unusual powers.
The Cable Criminals lie to us and
call our Godhood a mental sickness. 

Belief that your thoughts or actions
are being controlled by outside, alien forces.
("Someone is planting thoughts in my head”),
and thought withdrawal.
The overwhelming evidence tells us that
the above words describe
is what is actually going on.
Read the evidence and follow the links
on the page titled:

Deception, the Ultimate Third Dimension Weapon of War.
Are you a mind controlled slave?
99% of humanity has no idea that
they are in an invisible prison of lies,
false beliefs, and highly sophisticated illusions.

Third Dimension Perspective
Hallucinations are sounds or
other sensations experienced
as real when they exist only in your mind.

Fifth-Dimension Perspective
 We live in a non-physical world on Consciousness.
ything is consciousness expressing
itself in infinite combinations of
Llove, vibrations, and frequencies.
The sounds and messages
that people like myself receive
Are our fellow God-Beings communicating with us.

Earth is NOT physically real.
Did you know that ?   You didn't.
Well, now you do.
Earth is a five sensory,
holographic representation
of a physical reality.

Check the evidence:.
Deception -- The Ultimate 3rd D.Weapon  
                     The Invisible Prison

The tirsd-dimension  
Cabal-criminal quote continues:

"While hallucinations can involve
any of the five senses,
auditory hallucinations
are most common in schizophrenia. 
(e.g. hearing voices or some other sound)
These often occur when you
nterpret your own inner self-talk
as coming from an outside source.

Here, they are telling us that all psychics,
mediums and everybody else
who experiences the non physical world 
(myself included) are s
experiencing self hallucinations.
They declare us to be sick.

Symptoms of Psychosis    (From 3rd-D studies)
done by people who have no idea
how the universe functions

*     "Hear, see, or taste things others don't.

*     Hang on to unusual beliefs or thoughts,
no matter what others say."
.The above third-dimension definion of

Schyzophrenia  actually describes
a person who undersatands
How the Universe functions:

*     Hear, see, or taste things others don't.

*     Hang on to  beliefs or thoughts,
​      no matter what others say.


Bypolor Disorder Bypoler Depression

 Bipolar disorder causes extreme mood swings
that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania)
and lows (depression)
It's unlikely that the negative experiences

associated with marijuana use,
are caused by the marijuana, itself.

The evidence points to the conclusion that
the real cause is all the false, nasty,
highly destructive beliefs
plugged into the user's subconscious mind
by the Cabal Criminals
to ptrvent people from realizing the truths

about Marijuana.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

There is a negative consequence of
frequent and prolonged use of marijuana 
that MJ users would be wise to be aware of
and that is the shrinking of the thickness
of the frontal lobe of the human brain.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~>>


3)   Early Marijuana  Propaganda
      from the Cabal Criminals

Original preview to the 1936 film     02:11
Reefer Madness

Reeer Mdness 1936   1:08:19

Reefer Madness 2 The True Story!
This outrageous comedy
is not a sequel to the cult hit of the late 60's and 70's.
Instead it is a parody of the original.

Devil's Harvest is another anti marijuans horror film.
>Marijuana   Weed with Roots in Hell is still another.
Here'e What the Cabal criminals are doing today:
Money --  
Banking    Six-Major-Banking-Frauds

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~>>.

4)  AI / Cabal-Criminal Update

After WWI    AI and their mind slaves,
the cabal criminals
Tricked the Do-Gooder Christians to
Create a war against alcohol.
Alcohol Prohibition lasted about 13 years,
January 17, 1920 to December 5, 1933.

With an easy-to- produe,
valuable, illegal substance,
the the evil ones created
a large organized network of criminals
with themselves secretly in control.

After prohibition ended,
the evil ones turned theor attention to
marijuana and drugs.

With the murder of President Kennidy
on 22 November 1963,
The criminals gained complete 
control of the U.S. government.

In 1972, then President
Richard  "Im ot-a-crook" Nixon,
and the rest of the Cabal criminals
outlawed anything and everything
that affected human consciousness.


See Situation Update:

It got so bad that God/Goddess
had to step in and help humanity
drain the criminal swamp.

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5)  On the Truth Side
What D
oes the Evidence Tell us?

This page titled 
Marijuana and Consciousness

Geore Harrison (Beatles)  on Consiousness
Marijuana Meditation
To Continue the Prohibition of Marijuana
Is Absolute, Complete, and Total  INSANITY.

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove


Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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