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      Message To Millionaires    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness


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1)  We-The-People Speak to You

Describing the context we are in.

Why Wre We Contacting you?

3)  What must be done,
      How to do it,
your participatation
       is critically important.

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            Section 1
   Speak to  t
he Wealthy.

Do you realize that
the United States,
California, and the entire
300 million Americans
are facing an
easily avoidably,
otherwise, inevitable

deadly and destructive,
trillion-dollar, California
water disaster?

Do you realize that 

Earth-Humans are 
in the critical stages of a
(used-to-be secret) 
with a highly sophisticated
network of 
human slaves?
The Cabal

Do you realize that
cooperation among
the very wealthy
can easily resolve
and put an end to both of
these serious challenges?

With only a few million dollars,
we can resolve/avoid
the California disaster
Read a
description of the
the problem, the challenge ,
The Solution
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.

Action is urgent.
We must complete this project

before the next major earthquake
occurs in or near San Francisco.

Without a storm-surge barrier
in the Carquinez Straight,
that earthquake will trigger
a large series of very-destructive events.

The financial cost of this disaster
could easily reach a trillion dollars
Preventing this disaster is simple 
and can be easily done.
It will cost only about 30 million dollars.

As you well know,

the best and least costly way
to deal with disaster
is by prevention.

Are you aware that, your excess money 
will soon become     

Please, get together with
a few of your wealthy friends
and use some of your group's 

excess money, money  that will
soon become worthless    
lets do what needs to get done.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~
End of Message One
~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We await your respons

Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom
1 (818) 727-0727

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        Section 2 2 
The Context We Are In 

Now let's address the war issue
.Like we mentioned above,
Earth-Humans are in

the critical stages of a
(used-to-be secret) 
with a highly sophisticated
network of genetically-altered,
mind-controlled, human slaves?
The Cabal

These mind-controlled
human slaves are
totally dominated and
completely controlled by

AI (artificial intelligence)
They will do absolutely anything!

If the evil ones win this  

War of Consciousness,
here's what they will do.
About 90% of humanity will be
The remaining 10% will be used
*   as mindless-servants,
*   as slave-labor,
*   as sex-slaves,
*   as victims in their satanic,
    murder and blood-drinking rituals,
*   as food, both energetic food and
    to cannibalize your body.

If we loose this war
Your job and your life's work
and all your money
will have the same value

as a piss-hole in the snow.

If you think that what is written here
is too crazy to believe,
check my credibility and my believability.
And check
Situation Update

Are you aware that
lies, false beliefs, deception,
murder, and money
are their primary weapons of war?

Considering the conditions
and circumstances we are in,

requesting your participation
is the appropriate thing for us to do.

Winning this war has been and still is
a huge undertaking.
It is a multi-multi-step process.
so, choose to stay and learn more
or   Leave and Stay Stupid.

Remember, we are creating a meritocracy
a system built by people with talent
who also realize that 

great joys come from being of service.

If you abandon the rest of us,
when this is all over, you'll either be dead
or paying a heavy price for your stupidity
~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We speak now to those of you who are 
still hiding vitally needed technology

and to the secret agents presently
hiding in most most major organizations.

You will soon be at the rath of
those who suffered
because of your stupidity
and your selfishness.

We suggest that you learn
Source-Creator God/Goddess's

Universal Law of Returns:
* What you put out is what you get back.
*  As you sow, the same you will harvest.
*  What a person causes to go around
     always comes back to him/her
     bigger and and with greater intensity.

Are you ready to be on the receiving end
of a thousand year cycle of pain,
grief, misery, sorrow, regret,
in a social structure that has
only people like you.
and topped of with
thousands and thousands of
unexpected cycles of
Explosive Diarrhea in your pants.

Prepare yourself for

The Poop Solution  
The Law of Diarrhea    

~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 
End of
 Message Two

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

           Section 3 
Why Are We Contacting You?

Our job is bring to you
an awareness of 

humanity's  present situation 
so that, together,
we can free
Earth Humans
from about 30,000 years
of secret mind-control slavery,

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

My third Dimension name is Robert Cote'.
My Fifth-Dimension name is Aum FahZoom.
I came to Earth to be part of God/Goddess's
Network of 
Earth Recovery Teams.
I presently work with a large team of
fellow divine beings who
are not presently incarnated on planet earth.

I/we/this author  has 
exposed, examined, and studied

The Physic of Consciousness,
The Rules of Reality, 
The Wisdoms of Creation
for well over a half of a century.

I am now being advised to offer
my expertise, my knowledge,
and my services to the world.

I am a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer
My job is to guide, teach, and show humanity
the path to freedom, Llove, and
abundance for all.

There are thousands of
highly skilled humans
who know pieces of
Fifth Dimension technology
far better than I,
BUT, there is no one

that I have yet to encounter
who can put all the pieces together
better than I.
If you know anyone, please introduce us.
We will make an incredibly powerful
training team. When
you join us,
we'll be stronger, still.

In the absence of another systems designer,
I will teach, guide, show you
the path I've found to reach
full Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~
End of Message Three

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

          Section 4

      What must be done,
            How to do it 
your participation
       is critically important.

Are you are ready?
Are you with us?
Are you ready to begin right Now?
When you answer "yes", out loud,
to all three questions,
you have begun.

If you had any hesitancy in saying yes,
your first Fifth-Dimension blessing.

Until one is committed,
there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of
initiative and creation,

there is one elementary truth
ignorance of which
kills countless ideas and splendid plans.

The moment one definitely commits oneself,
then providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one
that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events

issues from the decision,
raising in ones favor all manner of
unforeseen incidents, meetings and
material assistance which
no man could have dreamed
would have come his way.

W. H. Murray    1951

"The Scottish Himalaya Expedition"

   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~

Our most urgent core 
challenge is "Money."
Why do we say that?

e can use the Cabal's

to usher in the new moneyless
Fifth-Dimension, Social Structure
known as 
Service to All
Our job is to show you how that is done.


The 5th-D. Social Structure is
is God/Goddess-designed.
It is profound beyond profound.
It will have so much abundance
that the only place you'll find money
is in a museum.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Money is based on the Cabal lie

Without Scarcity, money becomes
worthless, useless, and obsolete.

As more and more of us
learn about The Fifth Dimension
and our ability as
Great Creators,
scarcity  will simply fade away
into an old memory.

Your job is to learn  and understand that
you and all other Earth Humans
are eternal, non-physical
divine beings and Great Creators.

Your job is to learn that we live in
A Thinking-Person's,
Holographic Universe.

When you apply
The Universal Law of Thought
to your life for about 33 days
you will experientially know
what we mean.

Here's how and where to learn
the truth about

The First Universal Law of Llove.
It's also where to learn the truth about
being of service to others.

The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove

For the next 33 days,
focus on being of service to others

and you will experientially know how we,
the collective we, can win this

War of Consciousness.

What Is Required?

Now, we will explain the 
immediate, specific missions and tasks 
that are required of us
to win the 
War of Consciousness.

Our first job is to learn how to
function within the context of

Cooperation and Commitment:
*   Realize 
The Unity of All of Humanity,
*   Realize that major decisions
     best decided by Consensus.

*  The old money system is collapsing.
*   Money that is still valuable today
could at any time and eventually ,
     with certainty, will collapse.
*   Trillions of dollars
      will simply become worthless.

You the
wealthy of the world, 
each of you hold a portion of
soon to be useless money.

What if we worked and played together?
What if some of the very wealthy people
participated with us
and each donated a portion of

their soon to be worthless money
to produce the physical start up of  of
five most urgent projects:

The community Organic Garden System,

     Let's begin the new social system
y creating a Mutually-Supporting Network

     Community Organic Gardens
     by,  of,  and  for We-The-People.
     *  The garden centers will be
        the locations where we start
         our  social, education, exchange
         and entertainment programs.
To see outside verification regarding
          why a new food production system
          is a priority project,

          watch this Gaia video about food:


*2  At or near our garden centers,
     Lets create the physical structures for
     our  Monthly Full-Moon, combined 

Education and Entertainment System.
  * We will buy the technology to
     create, and online, 
     our first series of

     full-Moon Celebrations
     in honor, respect, and appreciation of
     Source- Creator- God/Goddessfor giving           us Life, Llove  and for
The Twelve Gifts to Human Beings.

*3   Preventing the easily preventable,
       otherwise inevitable, trillion-dollar
       California, Water-Source disaster
       combined with the 
       California Aqueduct Disaster.   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause.

*4   Create We-The-People's

*5   Create a Fifth-Dimension
People-to-People Connection System
       with participation in the system
       limited to the people who choose Llove
       and Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.  

With million of us ready to participate in

God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams
and with millions of wealth people,
each in control of
a portion of the

excess, soon to be useless money
the only limitation is
your willingness to

A home for everyone

We are in the process of creating
the most fu
infrastructure the world has ever known.

Everybody will have place where they belong,
a place that belongs to them
a place on Earth where they are and feel
safe, secure,  Lloved,



There's much more for us to learn,
but for right now, let's focus on the
big five
 that we just mentioned

Our commitment will lead to Llove,   joy,   
Freedom and   Abundance for All.
~~~  ~~~   ~~~  

Thank you,
We await your reply and
welcome your participation.

Blessing  Be Llove         (love)


Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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For Later Study

More About
Our Wealthy Brothers and Sisters

Most wealthy people think
that they already know
all they need to know. 
The truth is that:
*   In spite of being masters

     in their own field of expertise, 
almost all very wealthy people are still
     Fifth Dimension Idiots
     and the Cabal criminals have
     blackmailed, bribed or otherwise 
     trapped many of them into becoming
sleep-walking, mind controlled slaves.

    They are completely ignorant
     regarding how the universe functions.
Reality has two major parts,
     (two sides / two pieces),
     one side is physical,
     the other is non-physical.

     The non-physical dominates
      and controls the physical.

*   Almost all of us, myself included, have
major pieces missing from
      our personality consciousness.

      Most people have no idea what's missing.

Here's the bottom line message
for sleep-walking wealthy people

*1  You have been mind controlled
      to believe that to make money
      is the reason for doing
      whatever they are doing.
Your excess money 
       will soon become 

*2   No matter how much money
      you already have,
      as long as you continue focusing on
      making money
      you'll continue to be
      a defective second-rate player.
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

*3   Are you aware that with only
      few million dollars, we can prevent
      an easily avoidably, otherwise inevitable,
California aqueduct water disaster.
      Please Work with us.
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money. 

Continue to ignore the desperate call from
      the ultimate worthy Cause.
      Please assist.
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

*5   Whydo you continue to ignore
The Physics of Consciousness,
The First Universal Law of Llove,
     Remember, Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

*6   Continue to ignore   
     The irrefutable, overwhelming 
      scientific evidence that tells us
all the oceans on the entire Earth
      are all on one single flat plain,

       This has profound implications.
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

*7   Continue to ignore
    The irrefutable fact that
Collective/Cooperative, Human  Consciousness
     is the greatest power in the entire Universe
     Plese cooperate and 
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

     Do I have to go on, or
       have you got the message?
*     You need more evidence?
       OK, here's one more:

The evil ones dominate and control
      the Internet,
      the global communication system,
      the U.S. education system,
      the food production system,
      mainstream media,
      the Republicans,
      the Democrats,
      the U.S. Presidency,
      and almost every major corporation
      in the entire world.

      Does any of that matters to you,?
Your excess money
      will soon become worthless-money.

*9   Here's one that any fool can easily see,
The fraudulent U.S. Banking System,
      And even this, you ignore
Your excess money 
      will soon become 

We speak now to those of you who
continue to do what you are doing
because you don't yet know what else to do?
Do this:
A)   Join with other wealthy people and create
The We-The-People's Financial Power Team.
B)   Offer your services
      to fellow light-workers at 80% discount.
C)   Learn and practice
The First Universal Law of Llove.000

D)    Learn the art and the value of cooperation.
E)   Carefully deposit 
your ego in the trash bin.
     You are no better and no worse
     that anybody else.

F)   Choose   A)   or  B)
      A)   Hire our services.
      B)  Keep your fucking


We await your reply

Blessings Be . . .
Robert Cote'

1 (818) 727-0727


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