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*20   The Spoken Words
 Quantum Mechanics - A new View of reality
*18   Ontology defined

*17  About Human Behavior
*16  Journey with us into 5th-D Consciousness
5  The Like-Minded Association <
*14  Maple Syrup and the Human Brain
*13   Giant SDNet Pussy
2   Gender Welfare.

*11   Prepare for Emergency   
*10   Infinite Llove and Grattidude.
9   Outreach message RE:  Pre Age 7 Children

*8   Notes,  Misc.
*7   Definitions of Words and Terms.

*  What Do These Words Mean to You?
*5   The Consciousness Factor

*4   The Meaning of Anything

*3   Sensual delights
*2   Pre-Age
 Success or Failure


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*  20   The Spoken word
The Power of the Spoken Word (
When you voice your thoughts,
intentions, and desires,
especially if you do so passionately,
you add substantial energy to them
and thereby dramatically increase
the chances that they will manifest.
The more focus,
the more attention,
the more clarity
you give a particular subject
the more powerfully you will attract
the essence of it into y
our reality.

Don't try to voice your desires
if you are feeling down. 
Only do this when you are in
a very upbeat happy mood ,
When you are in a high vise the higher
your vibration, the more powerful the effect of
focused intention and desire will be.  

And pay attention to how you feel
as you repeatedly voice your desires.  

Deliberately imaginin and visualize your thoughts.
Also shout them out into the Universe.  
Be very expressive.
Say them  strongly.
Say them passionately.
Say them loudly.
Say them together in groups!
Repeat the same words frequently
and consistently and don't contradict them
with conflicting thoughts, words, and deeds.
When you no longer split your flow of energy
with contradictory thoughts,
you will know your power.
When I passionately voiced my desires
out loud they manifested incredibly fast!
the more focus, attention, and clarity
you give a particular subject
the more powerfully you will attract
the essence of it into your reality and
the more likely it is to appear in your life.

*19  Quantum Mechanics – A new view of reality

When you look around you ,
everything appears to be real and
it appears to o follow an exacting set of laws,
as gravity.
But when we look at
what this seemingly real stuff is made of,
we enter th world of the very small
known as Qantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics tells us that
“Everything that we call real is made of

things that they, themselves,
cannot be egarded as real.”
Quantum Mechanics tells us
*  That the observor affects the observed.
*  That everything is un-manifested potential and
    appears to be real only when it is observed
   and o
nly while it is being observed.
*  That the only thing real is the observer.
*  That humans are observers.
*  With out observers, nothing exists.
*  We are each a unit , a part, a  piece
    of Goddess/God..


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*Ontology & Metaphysics Defined
*   Ontoogy is he branch of metaphics
    dealing with the nature of being.

*   Ontology is a  set of concepts and categories
that shows us and describes for us
their properties and the relations between them.

Metaphysics is defined as
the branch of philosophy
that deals with
the first principles of things,
Including abstract concepts such as
being, knowing, substance,
cause, identity, time, and space.
In third dimension consciousness.,

metaphysis is falsly labled as
"an abstract theory with no baseis in reality." 

The overwhelming evidence tells us that
metaphysics is the study of
the non-physical side of eality known as 

The Physics of Consciousness 

e Rules of Reality.
Reality has two sides,
one side isphysical,
the other side is non-physical.
Everything is Consciousness

*   Consciousness is King .com.
*   We are each an eternal, non-pnysical, God-Being.
*   We live in a Holographic Universe.
*   We are great creators,
*   We create with our consciousness
*   You have been mind-manipulated
 (secretly hypnoitzed).
     not to believe any of this.

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*17   About Human behavior..
et me share with you

the fundamental nature of
the motivations, values, desires, and beliefs
that we each use in our daily lives.

Next, we'll show how your motivations, values,
desires, and beliefs have been secretly
compromised, polluted and distorted..
Then well show you and guide
on how to reclaim control of your life.
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If cleaning up your life is not
a high value to you at this time,

we suggest you go
The First Universal law of Llove

     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove
and come back here at a later time.

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Values are the natural attributes, characteristics
of yourself that you consider important,
such as integrity, honesty, cooperation,
and being of service.
What has high value to us gets our attention.
What has low value gets ignored.
We are attracted to what feels good

and we are repulsed by what makes us feel bad.

Our attention is naturally focused on
whatever is most important to us.
Our minds mostly ignore things
that are not important to us.
Whatever is highest on 
your scale of values
gets our attention.
Whatever we strongly desire
gets our attention

They  will always
be included in your thoughts,
decisions, and actions.

Most people's intrinsic values include
honesty, integrity, being of service to others.
and their relationship to God/Goddess.
Your belief system is also
an important factor
because your beliefs can be 
clouded, manipulated and
intentionally changed.

Earth-Humanity has a disease
called the Cabal criminals.
The Cabal are AI's
(artificial intelligence)
mind-controlled slaves.
They are programmed to alter your behavior
and  get you to serve
the self interest of AI and their Cabal agents
at the cost of not serving
your own or society's  best interests.
Fortunately for us,

God/Goddess has stepped in and
is assisting humanity to
eliminate the evil ones
and to clean up the mess.
The dark side
Here's where this gets polluted:
Your values, your desires, and
what is of important to you
have been secretly altered, corupted and/or
secretly hidden from your conscious mind..

This causes you to believe and
to do things that serve the criminals,
instead of doing what is
in your own best interest
Your mind has ben filled
with thousands of pieces of
sheyitt consciousness.
For example, you have been
mind-programmed to obey orders
and never diviate from
the cultural norm.
Failure to comply generates
fear, anger, guilt, punishment, etc.
Our job is to work together
with each other
to clean up this mess.

If ceaning up your life is not
a high value to you at this time,

we suggest you go
The First Universal law of Llove

     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove
and come back here at a later time.

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*16   Journey with Us into
Fifth Dimension Consciousnessr


First, we'll tell you the context we are in.
Here is a brief description of the
Fifth-Dimension world
into which, we are now headed:

Imagine, visualize, see, feel, sense,
know, and believe, that 
you and everyone else are
happy and fulfilled:

Why?   Because in 5th-D,
all of our basic needs,
food, clothing,  shelter, sex,, etc.
are fulfilled to the level of comfort,

We live in a Service to All Social Structure.

In our collectively, self-created ,
self-imagined world
you , me, and the rest of
We-The-People are creating
so much wealth and abundance
that money is no longer needed and
has just faded out of our social structure
and into history.

In this new context,
in this new social structure,
we are remembering
what and who we are
We remember that we each
have the power and the ability
to create our personal reality.

In this coming reality,
What will you choose
to be, do, have, express, and experience?
Stop reading and answer this question.
Write down your answers.
We each have the power and the ability
to re-create our lives
any way we choose it to be.
Your job is simply to remember.
Our job is to help you to remember.

.~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

What is the present context / situation
in which  we find ourselves:

*   We are eternal, non-physical God-Beings
Presently living in a multi sensory,
multi-dimensional  holographic reality
called planet Earth.

*  We have been tricked into believing
a vast number of lies, false beliefs
that are being presented to us
by a highly sophisticatd network
of AI's mind- controlled slaves 
(the Cabal criminals)
whose job is to keep us as 
ignorant, secretly-mind-controlled slaves.

For example, we have been lied to
and told that we are
seperate from God/Goddess
and that we are inherently evil.

The exact opposite is true.
Your are part, piece , aspect,
expressionn of God/Goddess,
Earth-Humans are powerful creators,
We create by thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes, expectations, and by
what we will or will not  allow into our lives.

Next, let me share with you

the fundamental nature of
the motivations, values, desires, and beliefs
that we each use in our self-creation process: 


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*15  The Like-Minded Association  >
This a part ot TLC-Life-Center's
People-People Connection Services.
There are hundreds of thousands of people
who have brilliant ideas and now way to
develop their ideas and nobody to share it with.
.If this describes you,
create a web page with
the appropriate information
and we will publish it on
our connection services web site.   >


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*14  Maple Syrup and the Human Brain

"Yes, pure maple syrup is
not only high in antioxidants,
but every spoonful offers nutrients like
riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium.
According to Helen Thomas of
the New York State Maple Association,
maple syrup has a higher concentration of
minerals and antioxidants,
yet fewer calories than honey."

"Maple syrup is loaded with phenols,
produced when the sap from
a maple tree is boiled down.
Researchers from the University of Toronto
discovered that those phenols 
help prevent brain chemicals called peptides
from clumping, a process that leads to
brain diseases, especially Alzheimer's."
  Oct 17, 2019

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*13  Giant SDNet Perfect Pussy

The founder of SDNet
asked his team to join him at
building / manifesting / constructing
a giant pussy,  a pussy so big that
a normal-size man
could insert himself into it 
with only his head sticking out

We decided to run a contest and asked our viewers
to tell us which real, live, physical women
they would like to be the model for their ideal pussy.

We invited women to participate in
becoming the model for our
perfect Pussy.
The winner would not only be fantasy fucked
by who-know-how-many  men,
we also offered the same experiences to 
lesbian and by-sexual women.

The Perfect Pussy Game
The caution required was this:
We were about taking action in
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness,
an aspect of life about which
we a almost completely ignorant.
*     Imagine the power of the
Electro-Magnetict energy involved.

The game was inredibly popular.
Remember,  we have  the biggest number of
potantial Users of any product
in the entire world.
We now have 36 models.

Would you like
a  giant duplicate of
your pussy.?


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*12  Gender Welfair

 Ignoring the fact that all
third-dimension labor is slave labor,

what a woman is paid for doing a particular job
sets the value of that job. 
If a man gets a higher wage or salary
for doing the same job,
it's not that the woman gets paid less.  
It's that the man gets paid money in excess of
what doing the job is worth.


That extra, unearned money
is gender welfare. 
It's a gift to the man
simply because he's a man.  
He doesn't earn more. 
He earns exactly what the woman is paid
for doing that job.  
Anything over and above that is welfare. 
It's a gift of unearned money.  
He does not work to earn that extra money.  
He's a freeloader living of the life-blood of others.  

This is straight out of the communist philosophy.  
"Are you aware of the Karl Marx Communist philosophy?  

"From each according to his ability, 
to each according to his needs."
Both genders are giving the same service
(doing the same job) and
the man is being given more because,
according to the employer,
he, the male worker, needs more.  
Communism is alive and w
ell in corporate America.  
So Is Hypocrisy.


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*11   Prepare for Emergency

Store water, if possible in glass containers.  
Add 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of household bleach
per gallon to eliminate bacteria

Store: rice, beans, whole grains,  dried meat,
dehydrated fruits and Vegetables.
Store in food-grade plastic buckets.  
Add dried bay leaves to eliminate pests.

    Bottled organic apple cider vinegar  
    Bottled Lemon Juice 
    Cream of tarter 
    Baking soda  
     Epsom Salts


If outside toilets are not a possibility,
use a five gallon bucket. 
Put oil in it to stay on the surface.  

Store a bag of lime to sprinkle in toilet bucket.

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*10   Infinite Llove and Etenal Gratitude
Thank you God/Goddess, as together,
we expand Robert's consciousness
to include and be a perfect banance of
and a perfect expression of
Infinite Llove and Eternal Gratitude.
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
thank you for installing
the following belief
in my subconscius mind.

I am a perfect banance of
and a perfect expression of
Infinite Llove and Eternal Gratitude.

I witness my creation
So be it and itis.
Thank you.
I am a perfect balance of 
Infinite Llove and Infinite Gratitude

I know how to and
I am now living my life
by my, own, self-chosen, conscious intentions.

My job, my intion, and my commitmtnnt
is to be one of the leaders in
breaking humanity out of
its third-dimension, Cabal prison.
I am doing so by bringin out for all to see,
the laws and reules of Fifth-Dimension consciusness.


*9   Outreach Message 21 March 2023 .

   Your Cooperation Is Requested

If and when we work togther,
the present-day,
long, hard struggle toward human freedom
can and will be  be quickly and easily be replaced by
A Detailed Fifth Dimension P
lan for Success.

To activate the plan,
we  require the cooperation of
about 777, talented and successful people
like you.
Join us in

Step One of 
God/Goddess's Earth Recovery Program
Thank you.
Special, 5th-D Education for
Children from Birth to Age Seven.

Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'    

1 (818) 727-0727

Contact Us



*8   Notes, Misc.

I Am that I Am.
I Exist.

I Am my emotions
Emotions transform energy into movement. 
Movement is change.
Change is the essence of life.
I Am a master at the art of
Free & Willful Change.
Visit me today.   Find me at:


 Are You Listening
Regarding your health:
*   Your emotions,
*   The condition of your body,
*   The condition of your mind, 
*   Your home environment,
*   Your lifestyle,   
*   Your body's sensations,
they are all speaking to you.
They are designed to get your attention.

If you fail to get the message
your body will speak to you 
in injury, illness or disease.
If you still fail to get the message,
your body will kill you..



~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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*7   Definitions of Words and Terms.
Allopathic Medicine   === 
     Western third-dimension medicine.
Incongruence   ===   imbalance.

Kinesiology   ===   
     Humanbody muscles become weak
     when exposed to negative
     thoughts, words, or actions
     strong when exposed to
     positive thoughts, words, or actions.
     In other words, 
     Life reflects the consciousness
     of its context, its environment.

Mudra  ===  Hands held in positions
have been given meanings.

*   The Whole   vs   a bunch of pieces
 The whole is the context.
 in which every piece of content must fit
  *   In oder to be succesful,
       in physical healing or in anything else:
Each piece must be considered to be
            and treated as
            part of the context
            in which it is content.

We lie in a holographic reality.

The Universal Law of Context tells us
that a context dominates and controls its content.

In physical healing:
     A person's sickness or injury is
     inside of his/her body, which is the context
     called  (_Whater his/her name is._) 

<>  You are in charge
You just don't remember that you are in charge.
   <>  You can change the content
       by changing the context.
   <>  Change you beliefs and change your thinking 
       (the holographic context)
        your body (holographic content)
        will change to match your changes

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*6  What Do These Words Mean to You?
Focusig on thse words.   
Feel the feeling, feel the emotions
     associated with each word
Direct our atention 
     to the positive aspects of lyour ife.
Make these words and feelings  be
    an expression of What and Who ou are.

For example: 
     *  I am kind, caring and compassionate
         and that feels really, really good.
     *   I like myself.   I Llove myself.   I am emough
          and that feels really, really good.

     Excited       Desireous    Passionate     Eager     
     Exhilarated    Anticipating     
Creative      Inspired
     Supported     Grounded    Here and Now  Nurtured
     Worthy     Deserving.     I Am Enough     I Llove myself
ured      Powerful     Talented    Experienced
     Discerning    Compassionate

     Joyous     Heart-C
entered     Balanced     
     Mysterious   I Llove  Adventure   
    Attractive     Likable     Llovable     Wonderful

     Growing     Evolving     Constantly becoming . . .
     Calm      Peaceful     Harmoneous    Serene     Tranquil     
Different    Unique     I belong here
    I feel at home here 

     Free      Lloving      Appreciative     Humble     
     Happy     Grateful      Devotional              
     My life is filled with Fahzoom-Feel-Good-Feelings
     Self-Aware     Self-Realized
     Faihful     Loyal     Trustworthy   Forgiving
     Accepting      Llovable    Beautiful    Wonderful   
     Allowing     Accepting     Receiving     Accepting  
     Fogiving      Empathetic     Fantastic    Special     Noble
     Compassionate    Funny     Kind     Carring     Satisfied
     Relaxed      Contented      Confident    Safe    Secure
     Warm      Comfortable     At ease     With Peace of Mind     
     Centered    Focused    Balanced     In the Moment
     In the Money     In the Zone    I Choose Llove 

     I know how to reframe my experiences.
     I know when to enter a game
        and when to remain as an observer
     I live in grace and ease    I go with the flow.
     My perception of the truth
         is the same as that of Source/ Creator
     I am Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Handsome,
         Wholesome, and Wise.
     I am intimately connected with
          the source of all knowledge.
     I know what feels right for me.
     I am a bridge between
         the non-physical world of
         spite / Consciousness and
         the psical world of form and matter.
    "I have the power [the ability] to choose
       how I respond to my life's experiences." 
     "Thank you for showing me this
         so I can heal it and move on."
Problem --> Challenge -->
Buddha-Gift / Opportunity -->
Commitment --> Possibility --> Discovery --> 
New Knowledge --> Resolutions --> Solutions -->
Growth / Expansion, / Wisdom / Self-Confidence.

     For the full text of
The Power and the Truth
     About Creating with Emotions:

Also see the page titled
   Staying at least One Step Above
   Emotional Neutral:

~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*5  The Consciousness Factor
*   Earth-Humans are eternal,
     non-physical l God-Beings.
*   We live in a holographic universe.
*   Every problem, every challenge

     in the external,physical  world
     has a non-physical, consciousness factor.
*   In order to resolve the problem/challenge,
     the consciousness factor must be resolved.
*   When we take  action in the phyaical world, 
     it is not the physical action
     that creates the resolution.
     it's the consciousness

*   In the world of conscousness,
an observer becomes part of the observed.

This changes the context.
When a context changes,
the content changes
to fit into the new  contex.
Thus we commonly say
"The observer changes the outcome of the event."
~~~   ~~~
*    Consciousness Is King.
      For example, at your job,
      you earn money
while working
      and not
by working.
*   We know that because we live in
      a holigraphic universe.
*   Everything begins in consciousness.
     Everything also ends in consciousness.
     We take phyaical actions
     and we acquire physical things 
     so that we will feel better.
     Your internal feelings
     are aspects of Consciousness.
      Everything is Consciousness.
      Consciousness Is King.
.    You are a God-being
     living in your self-created,
     personal reality.

*   The  next time you experience
     a negative situation,
     look inside yourself.
     You'll find that
     what you are thinking
     is causing the problem/chalenge.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*4  The Meaning of Anything
In and of itself, 
nothing in the external world
has any meaning.
The only meaning that anything
comes from the person
observing or experiencing
the thing or the event.
The meaning commonly has two sources,
1)   It has the same meaning as that which
      his or her cultural has given to it.
2)   The meaning comes from
       the person's own belief system.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*3   Sensual Delights Network    SDNet
*   Feel the joy.
*   Feel our connection.
*   Feel the bond. the entanglement, the oneness.
*   Notice how we interact.
*   Feel, know, and experience the Unity of everything.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*2  Pre-Age-of-Reason
The LC-Life-Center team
is inviting  competent women
to work with us on
this project.
The pay, the rewards, and the perks
are beyond anything you can yet imagine.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*1   success or Failure:
Failure comes from actions taken
mindlessly, or out of anger, fear, desperaton
or while holding any other negative emotion.
I have to , but I can't,  What will they think?

Success comes from choice .
Success comes from inspired action.
Success comes from unserstanding
What and Who Humans Really Are.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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