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Outreach Messages
Consciousness  Is  King 

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Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

These are the four
Most life-changing messages
you will ever receive

They also contain an invitation.
You are invited to play a major role
in the evolution of humanity.

Payments for our training services
are based upon on a sliding scale so that
almost everyone can afford to participate.

Prices range from $58 per month
for low income, fellow light-workers to
9,000 per month for very wealthy people.

For the full details about
our coaching services, please go to

Fifth Dimension Coaching Services

List of Messages
*1   Stop Selling.   Start Serving
*2   Your Fifth-Dimension Invitation
You Are Functioning at About 10% of your potential
*4   Freedom, Llove, and Abundance for All
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Message One

RE: Stop Selling.   Start Serving.

If you continue to ignore
the well-being of others,
whatever you are selling
and your life's work
will both have the same value 
as a piss-hole in the snow.

Why do we say that?
Because a significant level of

Mutual Cooperation Among Hu
is essential for our survival.

Why do you say that?
Because Earth-Humans are in
with a highly sophisticated
organization of evil beings.
These beings are owned,
managed and mind-controlled
by AI
(artificial intelligence).
Lies and deception
are their primary weapons of war.

Their intentions are to mass murder
about 90% of humanity
and keep the remaining 10%
*   as mindless-servants,
*   as slave-labor,
*   as sex-slaves
*   as victims of their satanic,
    murder and blood-drinking rituals,
*   as food, both energetic food and
    to cannibalize your body.

If you think that what is written here
is too crazy to believe,

check my credibility and my believability.
And check
Situation Update

You say, I am only one person,
what can I do?
The answer is to join one of
Earth Recovery Teams
that are focusing on
The First Universal Law of Llove.
* Stop focusing in receiving
*   Stop living in
Sheyitt Consciousness
*   Start focusing on giving.

With each new thing you learn,
your understanding  of reality

and  your  place  in  it   
will become clearer.

When you focus your creative,
life-force energy on receiving

you are telling the Universe that
you do not have what you want.
You are projecting your life-energy
into the world of
scarcity, anger, chaos,. ,and not having,
and the Universe responds
to your energy by giving you
more of what you focus your attention on,
and this case,
you get more NOT HAVING
and more
Sheyitt -Consciousness.

When you focus your life-force energy
on Giving Llove

in any of the millions of ways
to be of service and to bringing joy to others,

the Universe responds by
bringing to you more of what you Llove.

be it a Physical-Lover a Life Partner, or
absolutely anything you you chose to experience.

Think of playing life
as if you were playing a game.

*  Give Llove,
*   Be of service to others.
*   Learn, practice and live by
    The First Universal Law of Llove.
Because collective human consciousness
is the most powerful force in the entire universe,
When a few thousand of us
focus on Llove at the same time,
we will literally change the Universe.

If you want o be of service and
you don't know what to do,
this answer is also simple.
*   Cooperate with others.
*   Share your talents and expertise.
*   Give away at least a portion of
     what you have been selling.
*  Focus on being of service.
*  Practice both the First and
    the Sixth Lost Secrets of Llove

If you want to offer
technical or physical or Internet
assistance or guidance,
please contact us.
Thank you.    

Blessings Be . . .

Robert Cote'

End of Message One
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Beginning of Message Two

Your Fifth Dimension Invitation

Because of your level of self-awareness,
you are being invited to become
a major player in the evolution of humanity.
Please join TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of

God/Goddess's Earth-Recovery Teams.
We are expanding our team so that we can help
more people prepare themselves
for the inevitable coming events.

Being on our team has huge benefits.
Here's just one example:
Our team members will be among
the first wave of Earth-Humans
to receive enough of the very wealthy people's

soon-to-be-useless, excess money
to prepare themselves for life
in a world with so much wealth that
money is no longer used.

Hello, my name is
Robert Cote'.
I am the creator, director, and author of

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
Our most recent website,
explains the
what,   where,   when,   why,   and   how
of the inevitable changes that are coming
and shows you how to prepare yourself.
Five profound, inevitable, and
unavoidable events are coming soon.
first of these could arrive at any moment

I am a psychic, a visionary, and
a Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer.
Because of the profound nature of my work,
for years, I have been advised by my
non-physical, Divine Guidance,
to keep a low profile. Why? To avoid
being destroyed by the
Cabal criminals.

I am now being advised that it's time
to speak out. The world is ready to
See, hear, and experience the truth about

What and Who Earth-Humans Really Are
and the truth about
The True Nature of Reality.

Thank you. Blessings Be . . .
Robert Cote.

End of Message Two
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Beginning of Message Three

TO:       The Very Wealthy
Robert Cote'
RE:         You Are Functioning
              At less than 10% of
              Your full Potential


We Llove your work.   
Thank you.

Do you realize how easily
you can expand your level of service?
You can expand it by
at least a hundred times
what it presently is.

Are you aware that
you are limiting yourself
because you do not understand

What and Who You Really Are
and you do not yet understand
how the universe functions?

Examine The New Normal

The Physics of Consciousness,
The Rules of Reality, and
*   An awareness of how 
The Universe is Evolving
     will soon be public knowledge.
(The Cabal criminals have removed the link
     to data regarding our evolving Universe.)

Humanity is not only
on the leading edge 
of cosmic  evolution,
ARE the leading edge
of cosmic evolution.

Everything in the third dimension world is
up side down, inside out, backwards, and
overwhelmed by
Sheyitt Consciousness,
and as the saying goes,
Our social system is
 "Royally fucked up."

Do you realize that
the world is still being secretly controled by
al banking criminals.
We invite you to examine
just one piece of
the overwhelming evidence:


 These are the same people who presently
control our social structures, and poison our food.
These are the evil ones who kidnap, rape, torture,
and murder our children, drink their blood and
then, cannibalize their dead bodies.

We are here to show you how to
step out of the third-dimension
world of 


First, understand where you are
Become aware of the context we are in.

Earth-Humans are in

a fight-to-the-death-war
with a highly sophisticated
organization of evil beings.

Arguing, fighting,
violence are for fools
We are in a
War of Consciousness.
The winning strategies
in a war of consciusness are are in
the non-physical side of reality.

~~~~~   ~~~~~   ~~~~~

Before we can completely
devote ourselves to studying
the non-physical side of reality,
we have to  find the first wealthy person
who realizes that he or she
owns and controlls a huge amount of money,
money that will soon become
worthless, useless, and obsolete.

There are millions of people who, collectively
have multi-billions, probably
trillions of dollars that,
while this money is still valuable,
it can be directed at 
*   Building our new infrastructures,
*   Providing mass-education for the people 
*   Redesigning our social structures
     so they serve everybody,   and for
*  Returning Earth to its
    pristine, God/Goddess-created condition.

Check the Evidence:
As soon as that first donor shows up,
others will realize
The Truth About Money
and  the financial flood -gates will open.
Multi-multi-billions of dollars
will be donated
to and

used for the benefit of We-The-People.
-----   -----   -----   -----   -----
End of Message Three

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Beginning of Message Four

TO:        All Who Choose Llove     
 Robert Cote'
RE:         Freedom    Llove    Abundance
-----     -----     -----     -----     -----

Do you want complete freedom?             
Do you want more Llove in your life?           
Do you want to live in
a world of abundance for all?

Members of 

We-The-People's Advisory Council
are in the process of
creating that and much more
and Destiny wants you to be part of
one of 
God/Goddess's Earth-Recovery-Teams.

Would you like to know
why you are here on Earth?

Here's your answer:
     What excites you?   

     What do you Llove to do?
     What brings you great joy?

Your answers to these three questions 

is your core purpose for coming to Earth
It's the purpose of your team's activities.

Your job now, is
*   to find an existing team
    that fits your passion or
*   to create your own team.

Create your TeaMMates:
If you choose to register with us, 
we'll show you how to

create and connect with Your TeaMMates.
Together, you and your team can and will
create your own masterpieces.

We have five areas into  which  we suggest that

you direct you passion and your point of focus:
*1 Creating our new,
safe, healthy, organic food system,

*2 Creating our new
education / entertainment system,

*3 Mutual -Cooperation.   Working and playing
     as part of a mutually supporting
     network of mutually supporting teams,
 all working for the well-being of everyone.

*4   Learning, studying, and practicing

     The Physics of Consciousness,

*5  Learning, studying and practicing
     The First and the Sixth Lost Secrets of Llove.

*   Choose your point of focus.
*  Find or create your team.

Soon, you and your team
 realize that there are
specific and exacting rules
for creating physical experiences.

Your job is to learn
how t
he Universe functions.
Once you learn how to use the rules

You will, then, be able to:

be, do, have, express,
and experience
anything you choose.

For example, create your own film
and publish it with us in

We-The-People's  Fifth-Dimension Library.
Remember, we will soon be
living in
a world without money.

The-Leaders of
We-The-People's  Advisory Council  

are creating a team of about 777 of

the best and the brightest of Earth Humans

to lead the rest of humanity

in taking back control of planet Earth.

Members of 
We-The-People's Advisory Council 
want you to be on one of 

God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams.

Join us, as a Leader or as a Player.

Pick a topic of interest to you and

start connecting with others of

like-mind in your local area and/or online.
List your team in our library
so that others can find you.

This is your opportunity to:​
*  To be of Service,
To receive Huge $ Rewards,

*   Receive more than enough  money
    to prepare yourself for
    life after the inevitable and unavoidable
*   There are also
Phenomenal Perks.  
    Joy cums in many ways
    that   YOU   don't yet know.


Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams.


Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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Email      RE:
This Is the Most life-changing email

you will ever receive.

*   It's
about your purpose for incarnating on Earth,
*    We expose you to the truth about
      What and Who You Really Are
*   It's an opportunity for you to become
     a major player in the evolution of humanity. 

*   It's about you andyour Self-Awareness 

Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

I just sent you an email 
containing the most
life-changing information
that you will ever receive.
Life-changing information.
The address is.  

RE:   You are invited 
        to play a major role
        in the evolution of humanity

Once you begin learning about
what and who you really are,
your life will change big tim for the better

I and the TLC-Life-Center Team
will also be there for you 
to answer your questions and
to walk you through your life's challenges.

With each new thing you learn,
your understanding  of reality
and  your  place  in  it  will become clearer
You will become wiser, more self assured
at whatever you choose to be, do, have,
express and experience.

The address is.



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