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      Power Of Belief    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

The Power of Belief is in
The Power of Consciosness.
Everything is consciousness

Consciousness Is King.

You and you alone
hold your own power of belief.
Every one of us
holds our own powers of belief.
Collectively, we have created
the entirety of everything
we call physical.

In the world of
The Placebo,
Belief can produce the same affect
as does its related, physical
object or  medication.
This is in perfect harmony with

The Physics of Consciousness.
and with
The Rules of Reality.

In his public events, Dr, Joe Dispenza 
has witnessed and recorded
thousands of people
changing their belief and
their bodies healing
based on the power of the new belief.

Beliefs functions in a context,

*  in  a vortex, 
*  in a field. 
*  in a setting,
*  in an environment
*  in a container.

It's   The Infinite Everything.
It's    The-Great-In-Between
It's     God/Goddess
It's     Humanity's greatest mystery


Its an energy field.
It's electricity and magnetism
playing the vibratory  dance of
physical life
Its energy
 and matter
playing the vibratory  dance of
physical life.
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