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Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections
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                          Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Here's what is about to happen:
The Cabal installed beliefs inside of
your own subconscious mind 
are about to tell you
that what is written here is
Impossible.! !
Ignore it.
DO NOT deviate from
what you have been taught.

Go here to learn the truth.

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Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections

Section Titles:     
-Clarifying Intentions
     2-About CLICs   Caring-and-Lloving Intimacy-Connections
    3-Basic CLIC Connection-Ground-Rules
     4-Sex Safely 
     5-Multiple and Long-Lasting Orgasms
     6-Additional Benefits

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1   Clarifying Intentions

Obviously, expressions of Llove
have physical components.

During our Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove,
some people will choose to be sexually expressive.

By endorsing Full-Moon Celebrations of Llove,
we are not giving license to
or in any way supporting
or endorsing 3d sex orgies.

Fifth Dimension sex has a very different
set of energetic and magnetic components.  
5th D.  sensual and sexual sharing
are heart-based experiences.   

In 5th-D. sex, there is no struggling for orgasm. 
If orgasm shows up, that's fine.  
If it doesn't, that's fine, too.

Our celebrations are mostly about sharing Llove's 
non-physical component,
the heart-based, feel-good-feelings we call
This component is almost totally omitted from 3d sex.

Because internal states of being are non-physical,
this aspect of Llove can be experienced
without any sexual contact.
This is one of the first lessons we share with 
our committed students.

If you are intending to make any
sensual connections with anybody,
we suggest that you follow
the guidelines included below on this page.

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2    About-CLICs

are commonly known as
CLIC Connections,   CLIC Circles  or  CLICs.  

The Sensual Delights Network  ~
is here to show you how to
experience the joys of human life.

Our specialty is teaching the art of
creating / finding your ideal significant other.

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Here's How CLICs Function:

Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections
are created by two or more people
who get together,
for the purpose of sharing 
intimate, Heart-to-Heart Connections
with each other.

And, to share the joys of   Emotional,   Sensual,  
and   Physical   intimacy,
in a safe, open-minded, and   Lloving   environment
without the sharing of bodily fluids.      

The first step is for
each participant to agree to and   abide by 
a set of rules and conditions that
are designed to assure everyone's 
Health,   Safety,   and   Security.

The intentions are:
To inspire and generate Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom, 
To share Joy-Fun-Llove-FahZoom,  and
To share in the afterglow state of being 
that follow experiences of ecstasy.
We refer to this state of being as

Thereby, we create
internal feelings of fulfillment and well-being
for everyone involved.  
This page describes the details.

By conscious intent, CLIC Connections
are completely private,
often profoundly intimate, and
always totally safe for everyone involved.  

Because personal privacy is a key ingredient,
knowledge of the existence of a CLIC Connection
is usually limited to only the people directly involved.  

As Fifth Dimension Consciousness becomes the norm,
CLIC sharing will become much more open. 

A wide variety of social interactions
can be and commonly are shared
within a CLIC Connection setting.  
Our main goal is to
teach the art of creating / finding
your ideal significant other.

If the participants so choose,
sharing can include sensual pleasures
and sexual touching of self and others.  

However, because of the potential
disease and pregnancy risks
involved in normal 3rd-D. sexual intimacy,
both the intermixing of bodily fluids and
sexual intercourse are
excluded from CLIC Connections.    

These safety precaution will change
once we reach full 5th-D. consciousness.

One of the main purposes of
CLIC Connection sharing
is to eliminate and/or transcend
the third  dimension sources of fear:
*   Sexually transmitted diseases
*   Unwanted Pregnancy
*   Social condemnation

Thus, CLIC Connections, offer participants
new, safe, and private ways of human interrelating.  
A whole series of techniques, practices, and guidelines
have evolved to guide people in creating
safe ways to share intimacy with each other.

You can create your own CLIC Connection
because both this website and  
The Sensual Delights Books shows you how.  
All it takes is an intention to do so and
the agreement of one other person.  
The basic and most common
CLIC Connection intentions and ground rules
are summarized in the next section, below. 


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3   Basic CLIC Connection-Ground-Rules

*   All interactions are engaged in
     by free-will choice and
    with the mutual consent of all concerned.  

*   Each person is responsible
    for keeping his or her body fluids
    completely to himself or herself.       

*   Everything said or done
    in the context of CLIC Connection sharing
    remains strictly confidential
    among the participants.     

*   Behavior parameters and restrictions
    within a CLIC Connection session
    are freely discussed and agreed upon
    prior to opening the session for sharing.   
    They are strictly adhered to and
    cannot be changed once the CLIC session has begun.


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4   Sex Safely

Are you aware of
the safety benefits of CLIC sex?

NO unwanted pregnancies,
NO sexually transmitted diseases,
NO freedom-squelching, long-term commitments,
NO future expectations,
NO self-generated stories about what this means,
NO hidden agendas,
That's enjoying sex/safely.

"Sex/Safely"  is the name we use for
a safe variation of the recreational sex game called
"Friends with Benefits."  
We call our sensual/sexual game
"Sex/Safely" because we've eliminated
most of the potential problems. 
What's still included is:

Ease of Sexual Fulfillment and
Great Peace of Mind. 

Peace of Mind:  
Two huge benefits of CLIC Connections are
*  The ease of finding
    sexual and sensual fulfillment,  and
*  Being able to do so
    with the peace of mind
    knowing that both participants
    are completely safe.  

This is of particular importance to women
because CLICs provide a context that
prevents them from being
forced or coerced into
traditional unsafe sex.


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5   Multiple and Long-Lasting Orgasms

As part of our
celebrations of Life and Llove, 
we'll describe for you,  
the technique for achieving
multiple and extended experiences
of orgasmic bliss.

In this technique, one gently shifts into and then 
floats in      the world  where      
excitement and anticipation
meet fulfillment.
The goal is to let-go.  
It is neither anticipation or fulfillment, 
and it is both. 
We call it The Great In-Between.

One reaches this state of Consciousness
by shifting from struggling to allowing.  

Source / Creator's point of transformation
is where nothingness meets everything,
where desire meets satisfaction,
where emptiness meets fulfillment,
where  intention meets completion,
where physical meets Spirit.

You can first notice it
in the pause between
the out breath and the in breath.

This point is the bliss point. 
The Great In-Between.
This point occurs in every aspect of life.

Whatever you are experiencing,
notice what this timeless moment feels like.  
In the world of sex it's called orgasm. 

In 5d sex, one does NOT reach for orgasm
by struggling for orgasm .  
Instead treat yourself to joyous sensuality.
Slowly expand your  joy and sensuality
until you get near  the point
in between     excited anticipation    and    total fulfillment.  

Stop.    Relax.    Allow what you feel to just be. 
Enjoy the moment.  
The pause may be a few seconds or about ten minutes.
Each time you'll get  a little closer,
until orgasm arrives almost on its own.

With practice, one can go completely into
and through orgasms
without muscle spasms. 
For males, this is orgasm without ejaculation.

Once one learns the process, 
multiple orgasms and extended orgasms
become repeatable. 

Orgasmic sensations can be directed
into any part of the physical form
including full body orgasmic experiences.

We share more of this in our
5d, Sensual-Delight Training Sessions.

You can learn to do this on your own, however, 
if you want to experience  our training program
you must be committed to
learning Fifth Dimension Consciousness.


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6   Additional Benefits

The Novelty Issue:
Humans are novelty seekers.  
Sameness, no matter how delightful it is
when first experienced,
eventually become old and boring. 

This is obviously true with sexual partners. 
If partners agree to do so,
CLIC sharing can alleviate sexual boredom
in safe and open ways.
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Sex Education:
CLIC Connections are an excellent way
for those just becoming sexual active
to learn about sex
and share sexual activities in a safe context.

For women who have never experienced an orgasm
CLIC Connections is an excellent place to learn.


Four Pages of Sensual Delights Network

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