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What Is Sensual Delights Network?

The Sensual Delights Network      (SDNet)
is a major part of a
multi-sensual and  multi-dimensional
Fifth Dimension, Education System.
*   The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove,
*    How your own consciousness can heal your body
*    How to experience the joys of Fifth-Dimensional SEX,
*   How to prepare yourself for
     Life after the Death of Money,
and much more.

The Sensual Delights Network
is here to show you how to
use your five physical senses 
and your internal emotions
to fully experience the joys of human life.

If you like sex as it is presently experienced,
you'll Llove Fifth-Dimension Sex.
Here's Why? 

In 5th-D., Creating relationships begins with
Heart-to Heart-Connections.
Giving and receiving Llove is at the core of
The Sensual Delights Network
Llove is the key to everything!
The way to receive Llove
is to focus your attention on giving Llove.

Researchers tell us that:
*   The greatest human happiness
     comes from our relationships with other humans.
*   Being of service to others 
     is an innate attribute of being human

SDNet focuses on teaching and experiencing
the joys of living in a physical body,
including sex and sensuality at levels never
before experienced by Earth Humans.

We teach our participants how to use
the emotional energy of sexual excitement
to manifest their greatest desires.

Most humans do not yet know
how to play the game called Physical Earth Life.
They don't yet know the rules of the game.

Most people still do not even know that

Physical Earth Life is a game,
a game created, managed, 
and completely controlled by
by your own non-physical consciousness.
Your manifestations occur within the context of
our collective, social structure.

There are NO financial costs.


Because when you learn 5th-D. Consciousness,

scarcity ends and without scarcity,

there is no longer any need for money.

The real cost is that
you must let go of your
Sheyitt Consciousness.
Are you ready to learn
what and who you really are?
If your answer is yes,
Plan on about eight weeks
to learn the basics of
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We offer five major benefits:

*   Are you are looking for Llove?
    We teach our members the art of
creating an ideal image of
    their ideal significant other.
    The Universal Laws respond
     by bringing your ideal significant other
     into your physical experience.

*  We teach how to experience
    multiple orgasms, extended orgasms, and
    orgasmic consciousness as a state of being.

*   We teach safe, healthy, fulfilling,
    sensual-sexual recreation
    through the lost art of mutual masturbation.

*   We teach The Physics of Consciousness
    for those choosing to learn about
     who and what Earth-Humans really are.

*   We teach our members
    how to use human sexual energy
    as the emotional power for manifesting
    anything and everything,
    both individually and collectively.

With a 50% divorce rate and
the vast number of unfulfilling marriages,
the present mate-finding system
shows itself to be  a rather dismal failure
and a function of third dimension 

Sheyitt Consciousness.
To avoid all that,
join us as we joyously journey into

Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

~~~    ~~~   ~~~    ~~~   ~~~  

We, the members of the TLC-Life Center Team, 
offer a college-level course
in the art of
Conscious Living
in a five sensory body
in a
Holographic Reality.

That's right.   We live in a simulated reality.
Everything is Consciousness
expressing itself as multiple rates of vibrations.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves

so, lets save the physics part until later.

We invite you, now, to focus your attention on 
The First Universal Law of Llove.
It's simple and easy.    Anybody can do it.
It's only 13 words:
The way to receive Llove
         is to focus your attention
             on giving Llove.

Take a few minutes to examine why and how
this simple law is the core of
every successful relationship,
romantic or otherwise.   
The First Universal Law of Llove
and then return here.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

How to Experience the Joys of Life
Part 2 of 4      
Add the Missing Pieces

*  Do you feel like going home,
    but you don't know where home is?
    You just know that this is not it.
*   Do you feel that
    no matter what you do
    or where you go
    or how much money you have,
    there's still something missing?

Could that missing piece be
your internal feelings?

Do you daily feel the
feelings of Llove, Pleasure, and Joy?
Is your Llove life, fulfilling?
Llove, pleasure, and joy are in
the non-physical side of reality.
We have been lied to.
We have been mind-manipulated.

We have been programmed to believe that
the non-physical side of life
is unimportant, insignificant,
and can simply be ignored.

The exact opposite is true.
Consciousness is King.!
Consciousness is first cause of
absolutely everything,
including your physical body.

___   ___   ___   ___   ___

According to Pleiadean teachings
life has three purposes:
*   Self-Exploration
*   Self Expression
*   Self-Gratification

Self-gratification is the internal feeling of
Joy, pleasure, fulfillment, and self-satisfaction.
In other words,
The purpose of human life is to have fun,
to experience your wildest imagination,
to fulfill your heart's desires,
and to experience the accompanying
physical sensations.

And at the same time,

be of service to our fellow Earth-Humans.

Earth-Humans  are waking up, to
what and who we really are.
Our newly learned art of intentional creating
will soon create so much wealth that
scarcity will be gone.   Without scarcity
there will no longer be any need for money.

The Death of Money
will open the door to
to the amazing joy and Llove-filled world of

Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.  

Another of the amazing aspect of
5th-D. Consciousness is that
in the context of life on Earth in physical form,
we each get to create
our personal lives any way we choose ourselves to be.

The third dimension,
criminal-dominated social structure 
will soon be history.  

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

How to experience the Joys of Life

.Part 3 of 4 
Sexual Sensuality is One of
the Main Joys of Human Life

I and my team are creating a core team of 
seven to nine lesbian  and bisexual women
to "teach" the arts of sexual sensuality
to those who choose to explore

the pleasure portion of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness, including:
*   Heart-based connections
*   Multiple orgasms in a single session
*   A single orgasm lasting several minutes
*   Experiencing orgasm as a state of being
*   Gender Blending
*   Mind Melding

We offer a college-level course
in the art of conscious living
as a five sensory body
in a holographic reality.

We begin with this  question,

"Why are the cabal criminals
so strongly opposed to masturbation?"

Consider the huge amount of
anti-sexual promotions,
during the past 150 years,
it's obvious (to those who look,)
that the Cabal criminals considered
masturbation to be one of the worst
of human behaviors.
The question is:  WHY?
What are they attempting to hide?
Consider this factor:


The standard Cabal programming is to

teach the exact opposite of what is
in the best interest of humanity.

They want you to suffer

because the evil ones live on the energy

radiated from a human body

when the dweller in that body

is experiencing negative emotions,

such as pain, fear, and anger. 


What are the positive aspects of masturbation?
*   Masturbation produces strong emotion.
*   Masturbation opens one's consciousness
    to unbridled imagination.
*   Masturbation is a single-point-focus activity.
*   Sexual desire is one of the most powerful
     forces of attraction in all of human life.
*   Everybody, without exception,
     has a sexual nature.
*   There is no money involved.
*   Fulfillment is easy to find.
     Close your eyes and imagine what ever . . .
     The internet has  multitude of free  pictures
      depicting people in sexual situations.
*    The only limit to what you can imagine
      is your own Cabal-installed,
      false belief system.

*   By expressing one's internal imagination
     in the form of gratitude,
     the person is in the act of creating
     his or her future experiences.

*   Masturbating with a partner
     is much more fun than doing it solo.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

How to Experience the Joys of Life

Part 4 of 4

This Brings us to
The Sensual Delights Network    SDNet

TLC-Life-Center Team
is creating a core team of 
seven to nine lesbian  and bisexual women
to "teach" the Fifth Dimension
arts of sexual sensuality
to those who choose to explore

the pleasure portion of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

This includes:
*   Heart-based connections,
*   Multiple orgasms in a single session,
*   A single orgasm lasting several minutes,
*   Experiencing orgasm as a state of being
*   Gender Blending
*   Mind Melding


*   Why only women?
The Feminine-Perspective

Mutual masturbation in the context of
Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections
is the ideal format through which
*   To find your ideal Llove partner
*   Create sexual fulfillment
*   To experience great joy

AND  at the same time,
be of service to
your fellow Earth Humans.

At SDNet, we teach pleasure.
Your job is to:  
Learn the rules    and    play the game.


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Do you want to live in a world of Abundance for all?

IIf so, go to Storybook Adventures/Destiny Calls 

and create freedom, Llove, and abundance
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Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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