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Sixth Lost Secret of Llove
Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Here's what is about to happen:
The  Cabal installed beliefs inside of
your own subconscious mind 
are about to tell you
that what is written here is

Impossible.! !
Ignore it.
DO NOT deviate from
what you have been taught.

Go here to learn the truth.

When even only a small percentage of us
are feeling good, individually,
we take all of humanity
into a Godly state of being
(a rate of vibration)
that the evil ones cannot reach. 

First, we'll describe the process and
then explain how and why it works.

Being of service to others is giving Llove.
Giving Llove can take any of
multiple thousands of forms.
Giving Llove is the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
It is:
the most powerful,
the most joy-filled,
the most helpful,
the most productive, 
the most effective, 
the easiest way
to please yourself,
to celebrate Llove
at the same time 
be of service to others.

Service To Others Is Also Service To ALL:
We are each a piece / a part / an aspect of

the whole of everything,
including our collective social structure.
Change ourselves and we change our social structure.
If you want to be of service,
begin by healing / cleaning up yourself.

Although it's hard to believe,
it's actually quite simple:  

Do what excites you.
Do what brings you your greatest joy.
Do what makes you feel really, really good.  

Do what makes you feel
Healthy,   Whole,   Complete,    Vibrant,    
Excited,   and   Alive.

Llove yourself.   Why?
Because Lloving yourself is a prerequisite
for receiving Llove from others.
Also, remember:
You are much more than a physical body. 
You are a 
experiencing life in physical form. 

Do what makes you feel
connected to Life and Llove, 
connected to Source/Creator/God-Goddess,
connected to Lady Gaia       (Sacred Mother Earth),
connected to all the other life forms on Earth,
connected to your incarnated, fellow humans,  
connected to the inner God-Self   ( your subconscious mind).
Your subconscious mind runs your physical body. 

Do you remember that
Llove,   Desire,  Connecting,   Contrast,  
Caring,   and   Sharing
are all aspects of your natural state of being?
Do you remember 
Who and what you are?

Take responsibility for yourself. 
Stay in 
Full Integrity.
Llove and Appreciate everything
even that which feels bad.  

As much as you can,
focus your attention on and
feel the feelings related to
that which inspires you
to feel really, really good.  

I know this concept sounds
way too good to be true,

but the overwhelming evidence

tells us that it is.

So, if you want to learn more about
this previously Lost Secret of Llove,

I / We direct you to our full-page
detailed explanation of this Universal Law.

This secret is also
in perfect harmony with

The Physics of Consciousness.

For the full text of
The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove,
please go to:


We welcome your thoughts
and comments on this topic.
~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~

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Do you want more Llove in your life?
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Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.


Thank you,
Blessing Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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