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What is the purpose of


The first of Seven Storybook Adventures
Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Would you like to know
why you are here on Earth?

Here's your answer:
     What excites you?   

     What do you Llove to do?
     What brings you great joy?

Your answers to these three questions 

is your personal, core purpose
for coming to Earth.
Your Socal / collective Purpose is
to be part of one  of 

 God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams 

If you choose to support
the rest of humanity,

our job is
*   to find an existing team 
     that m
atches your passion  or
*   to create your own team.

We are available to assist you
in findind
 Your TeaMMates:
If you choose to register with us, 
we'll show you how to

connect with Your TeaMMates.
Together, you and your team can and
​create your own masterpieces.

Our n
ew, Service to All Social Structure
has four areas into  which  we suggest that
you direct you passion and your point of focus

Pick one of the four purposes listed below
or find another that is m
ore sitable for you.
Then, put our passion into action.

There's power in 
When you commit to action,
God/Goddess sets the powerful
forces of the universe into action
for the purpose of assisting you.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

*1 Creating our new,
safe, healthy, organic food system,
*2 Creating our new education / entertainment system,
*3 Learning, studying, practicing and teaching
Physics of Consciousness.
    (i.e. Who and What Yo Are and
        How the Universe functions)
*4  Learning, studying, practicing, and teaching
First and the Sixth Lost Secrets of Llove.

to be part ofone of
God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams
In whichever area you choose to focus,
create your team and as soon as
you and your team realize that there are

specific and exacting rules
for creating your experiences
and you learn how to use them,

you can be, do, have, express,
and experience
anything you choose.

For example, create your own film
and publish it with us in

We-The-People's  Fifth-Dimension Library.
Remember, we will soon be
living in 
a world without money.

The leaders of We-The-People's  Advisory Council  

are creating a team of about 777 of

the best and the brightest of Earth Humans

to lead the rest of humanity

in taking back control of planet Earth.

Members of 
We-The-People's Advisory Council 
want you to be on one of 

God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams.

Join us, as a Leader or as a Player.

Pick a topic of interest to you and

start connecting with others of

like-mind in your local area and/or online.
List your team in our library
so that others can find you.


This is your opportunity to:​
Be of Service.

Receive Huge $ Rewards,

more than enough to prepare yourself
for life after the inevitable and unavoidable
and experience
Phenomenal Perks.  
Joy cums in many ways
that you don't  yet know.


Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams.

Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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Destiny Calls
Do you want complete freedom?
Do you want more Llove in your life?
Do you want to live in a world of abundance
for all?

Members of We-The-People's Advisory Council
are in the process ofcreating that and much more
and Destiny wants you to be part ofone of
God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team


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