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      The Patient is The Healer    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

Please be Aware that
planet Earth is now functioning in
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.

Let us explaine how
you,, the patient
are the Divine Healer
of/for your own body.
.We'll begin by examining where you are
You are in a sick (or injured) physical body.

In this example, Lets you and I share:
Something is growing on your face
that doesn't belong there.
You asked/ prayed for help.
Well, we are the answers.
Your first job is to Llove yourself.
Your house is your home.
So it is, also, with your body.
Your body rigtht now is a reflection of
your beliefs about your self.

Examine your body.
Is it less than ideal?
Everything that you don't like
is a reflection of your thouthts,
beliefs, attitudes, and expectations.
It's also a reflection of

"What you know that   
just aint so."

We're describing,
The Universal Law ot Thought.
It shows us / tells us that
All Earth-Humans have both 
the power and the ability to
re-create  /to transform
their own body
into excellent health,.

Now,  back to your first job.
What is your first job?.
My Job Is to Llove Myself,
and you are  telling me / showing me
how to do that, because that will
heal my body?

OK, now what?

Examine your thoughts, your beliefs.
your attitudes, and your behaviors
as if each was a room in your home.
What do you find?

Lots of nice stuff and rooms ful of yuckies.

We see a rather disheveled, mostly-ignored
boarding house, with filled with
anger, regrets, and negative emotions.
Yes, I see that, to.
Your garba
ge bagage
is presently preventing you
from experiencing a healthy body.

The next job on your
Journey to a health body
requires a significant house cleaning.

We'll begine with our partners,
Mr. Forgiveness
Miss Gratitude.


n Fifth-Dimension Consciousness,
in every medical situation,
the patient does the healingO

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