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Placebo Effect
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

What Is the placebo effect?

The placebo effect produces results
that have no third-dimension
scientific reason for occurring.
Why doed it work?
Because a placebo is a function of Consciousness..

A placebo works without any

physical stimulation to cause it.

It is  a mind over matter.
The body responds the way it does
based on a belief of the dwellr in that body.

A placebo produces the same brain activity
as someone who ingested a specific substance.

The placebo effect occurs
due to his or her  faith / belief
According to Dr Bruce Lipton,
Author of Biology of Belief

"One third of all medical healing,
including surgery, are the result of
the placebo affect."

The work of Dr. Joe Dispenza
has proven the affect of
Consciousness in phyaical healing 

beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Also note that we read in the Christian Bible
that every time Jesus was involved in healing,
He always said

"Your faith [your belief]
has made you whole [healthy]"

The healing was, and always is,
a function of consciousness.
Even when a well proven mediation is ingested,
it's not the physial matter that does te healing.
It is still the consciousness
that produces the healing / the change.

We know this because
the Earth is not physically real
a holographic representation
of something that appears to be
physically real.

I/we realized that the placebo effect
*   is a function of belief,
*   It's an aspect of
 It can be used to
     consciously and intentionally
     heal one's own body.

*   In oder to be succesful,
       in physical healing or in anything else:
            Each piece must be considered to be
            and treated as
            part of the context
            in which it is content.
       In a medical situation,
        the patient must be an active prticipant 
       in the healing process.
There are no victims,
only unconscious creators.

Do you realize that
Conscious is everything.
There is nothing else.
If what you are reading
is not yet familiar to you,
please read our home page,

Consciousness Is King .com.

Considering the huge amount of irrefutable evidence,
do you want ot know why all of it
is simply being ignored?
...and ..

On January 20, 2023,
I/we set up a test to demonstrate this
The physical topic is a sore on my left leg
that is incredibly slow at healing
The treatment is a medication designed to
heal a physical body that is suffering from
type 2 diabetes.
I/we investigated this online
and found a medication called  Glucofort.
The sellers of glucofort say it works
because ir kills/removes
a harmful microorganism known as cereides.

I chose a small piece of
chocolate biscotti  cookie
as my placebo.
Next, I
  We  My Soul-Self   
directed the energy of consciousness
to fill my placebo
with the same vibrational, non-physical energy
that is in a capsule of glucofort
As I held the cookie in my hand,
I could feel the energy flowing into the cokie.

When I ingested the cookie
I immediately felt an energy shift
I created a healthy version of myself.
My next job was to hold the new energy
until my body shifted
to match my consciousness.

To assist me in holding my new consciousness,
I followed the same protocol
as did those who ingested
the physical capsule of a glucofort.
Daily I filled a piece of cookie 
with the non-physical energy
of glucofort and ate it.

It's been only two weeks since
I started this adventure.
The results look and feel positive.

I'll let you know as soon as
More evidence shows up.


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