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     May the  RecNac  Be with You    

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Here's Why.

                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

We are about to defeat evil 
(i.e. fear, chaos, confusion, cancer,
 the  lack of a healthy body)

using this simple Universal law
The universe ignores
            the opposite of an idea.

As you beging to learn
how the Universe functions,
you will find yourself becoming
stronger in character,
more Lloving,. more caring,  more sharing
much more joy, more fun.
You'll learn to work smart instead of struggle.

There are no victims,
only unconscious creators.
Every physical body is a response to
the thinking of the dweller in that body.

To heal your body,
to change your body:
*  Change your thinking,
*  Change your beliefs
     until they match the evidence,
*  Let go of fixed  expectations,
    and above all
*  Change your attitude.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~
To reach any destination, goal, achievement, etc.
we must begin by knowing where we are
and what resources are available to us.
We'll begin, today, by defining the context
in which  we find ourselves.
Earth-Humans are presently living in

an invisible, (used-to-be secret)
prison is made of lies, illusions,
omissions, and false beliefs,
incredibly sophisticated illusions,
and much more,
all exquisitely blended into
a prison for your mind.
Because Earth-Humans are valuable as
laborers, servants, sex-slaves.
victims for evil's satanic,
torture and murder rituals,
and as food, both energetic
and physical food.
The slave masters
eat human physical bodies.
Our goal, our mission. our target outcome
is to create physical, mental, and emotional health,
to create
RecNac,   (cancer spelled backwards)
RecNac is the opposite of 
fear, chaos, confusion, cancer,
and lack of a healthy body.
The Universe functions on an exacting 

set of laws that are always the same
and alway give the same result.

.Focus you mind on RecNac and
the universe has  Zero capacity
to focus on the fear, chaos, confusion,
ill-healtth, and cancer.

Although the game is simple,

it's NOT a magic potion.
We'll coach you.   
Your job is to do the doing.
.Here are the related
Universal Laws and Principles
that we'd be wise to keep in mind:
*   Time is an illusion.   It's always now.
.*   We are each, always at the center of our world.
*   The universe has two sides,
     one side physical, the other non-physical.

*   The non-physical side creates and
     controls the physical side.

*   there are NO victims,
     only unconscious creators.

*   Humans are God-Beings
     and Great Creators.
    We create with our thoughts
     and our emotions.
*   Consciousness is King.
*   The Universe gives each of us
      more of whatever we
     focus our attention on.

Here's how to 

Play Your RecNac Life ,
plain and simple:

RecNac is the opposite of cancer.
RecNac includes:
*1   Llove,
*2   Forgiveness,
*3   Gratitude,
*4   Cooperation, Sharing
*5   Caring,
*6   Integrity
*7   The first Universal Law of Llove.

The Result:   
       Excellent health.

The Side Affects: 
        Joy, Happiness,  Peace of mind
        Wealth and Abundance for All.
Reember to always keep your emotions
at least
one step above emotional neutral.

Although the game is simple,
it's NOT a magic potion.
We'll coach you.   
Your job is to do the doing.
Start here:..
1)   Begin with Llove.   Do you Llove Yourself?

*)  Are You in a  Relationship or on  Fantasy Trip?

2)  Let Go of Your Past:
Forgiveness is an essential element
especially forgiving yourself
3) Gratitude tells the Universe  that
you already are or you already have
whter you are grateful for and in response,
gives you more of the same.

4)   Cooperation, sharing,  being of service.
The power of collective human consciousness
is the greatet power in the entire universe.
5)  Caring Compassion  Coming from your heart.
What you put out is what comes back.
What goes around comes around.
As you sew, so shall you reap.

The way to receive Llove
    is to focus your attention
           on giving Llove


6) What are your values? 
What behaviors are important to you
    *   Integrity. 
     *   Every decision I make includes
         the well-being of everyn and eveything else.
     *   Who and what am I serving, all


..7)   The first universal Law of Llove
        The way to receive Llove
            is to focus your attention
                   on giving Llove


8)   Consciousness Is King.
      The Universal Law of Thought
      explains how consciousness functiona..


.Think RecNac and you consciousnes
has no room for its opposite

...The Universe ignores
            the opposite of an idea.

Remember, to succ
eed, you must do the doing.


Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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