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      Entanglement 5th-D Version    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness


In order to understand entanglement,
we must first understand some ot the
other aspects of reality.
*  Reality has two sides, one side physical,
the other side non-physical. 
*  Entanglement is an aspect of
the non-physical side of reality.
*   Entanglement is / Entanglements are
the non-physical connections
among the aspects, parts, pieces,
and expressions  of Consciousness.
*   Entanglement is / Entanglements are
The non-physical connections
the people, things, situations in our lives
our perceptions of 
the people, things, situations in our lives.
When I change
my perceptions of what I am perceiving,
what I am perceiving
changes to match my new perceptions.

" When you change the ay you look at things, 
the thing you look at change."
    Wane Dyer
Because we are now consciously functioning
inside of non-physical consciousness.
Everything is made of
and controlled by consciousness.
For example, --Relationships:

Ever ono eof us has/is everything 
from the worst to the best.
I perceive only the aspect of my partner
that match my perceptions of her.
When I change my perceptions
I see/ experience a different part of her.
This is an aspect of
The Universal Law of One.
It tells us that Everything is
One, Single, Complete, Unified, Whole.
It's called 
The Infinite Everything
aka  God, God/Goddess, Prime Creator.

Nothing is outside of
The Infinite Everything.
Everything is inside of itself.
There is no "Outside" out there.
Everything is consciousness
Consciousness Is King.
Consciousness Creates and Re-creates
for each of us,
our own, personal perceptions of reality.
You presently know this reality as
Life on planet Earth.
Thus, observation and perception
cause  one particular aspect of
The Infinite E
to be seen as intentionally connected to
another part of The Infinite Everything .

.When you understand the
Universal Principle of Correspondence,
you can see that
* falling in Llove and
* quantum entanglement
each carries a strong, 
non-physical connection to its other.
In the microscopic realm,
once two particles experience a shared state,
they are no longer separate entities,
but exist as one.
This remains true even when
they are separated by a great distance


Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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