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The Emotional Freedom Technique    

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The Emotional Freedom Technique
     aka: Tapping      aka   EFT
The EMF Technique is
a simple, easy-
to-use technique for
removing negative emotions
from your own  subconscious mind.
It's done by tapping on nine specific
energy meridian points
on the human body.
It works    It's easy to use.
The changes are permanent.
it's described below.

At our free,  Saturday Truth Forum gatherings
we te
ach participants how to use it.

It s by far, the best
 way to
change the content of your own

subconscious mind
The Emotional Freedom Technique 
is a form of energy psychology that combines
the mind, the body, and the body's  energy field
It's two main uses are:
To intensify,   increase,
    and further improve the quality,
    value, or extent of ​
your positive emotions
*  To treat emotional

    and physical illnesses.
To add more power to this technique,
we recommend that you combine it with the 

The FahZoom Breath & Release Technique

~~~   ~~~   ~~~
For negative emotions:
*   Identify the symptoms.
*   Identify the related emotion or emotions.
*   Feel the internal feeling
     (such as sadness, grief, anger, fear, etc.).
This opens te door to lessoning
the intensity of the emotion and then,
to completely eliminating your negative emotion.

If you ignore your negative emotions,
or try to run from them,

they will continue interfere with 
your well being   

they will show up again and again and again
until you deal with them.
Otherwise, they will
destroy your body and you will die.

Each time around
they will be stronger and harder
than before.
You can't keep running away from your self.
If you hold onto your negativity,
your emotional state will show up physically.
by damaging your physical body.
We must first acknowledge them and  
feel them.
This opens te door to getting rid of them.+
To get rid of our negative emotions,
or to enhance a positive emotion:

*   Identify what we choose to change.
*   Identify the related
     emotion or emotions. 
*   Go through the nine step process
     described below.

This technique involves:
**  Tapping your fingers

       on nine points of your body's energy  meridians.
       to release stuck negative motions,
**  Do this while talking through traumatic memories
       that you find inside of yourself.
Tapping restores the body’s energy balance.
Negative emotions are conquered.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
In this process, allow yourself,
to you tell yourself
the truth about yourself.
You CANNOT release negative attitudes,
trauma memories, or any other stress-producing
thoughts by denying them
or by running from them.
You must face then and go through them.

Now that we have a way to
deal with negative feelings,
it's safe to feel them.
The way to get beyond them is to
**  go through them by feeling them 
** and applying the emotional release
technique to them.

This process is also used to
intensify, increase, or further improve
the quality, value, or extent of
you positive emotions
~~~   ~~~   ~~~.
How does Tapping Work?
The basic technique requires you to focus on
the positive aspect of life
that you choose to add or intensify.
or on  a negative aspec
t of life
that you choose to release.
Positive Examples:
     I want to be wealthy
     I want more Llove in my life.
Negative examples:
    a fear or anxiety, a bad memory,
    an unresolved problem,
    or anything else that’s bothering you.

While maintaining your mental focus on this issue,
use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each
on 9 points of the body’s meridian points.

**  Tap on the 9 meridian points.
**  Focus on  the joy aspects of Life
**   Focus your mind on accepting and
       resolving the negative emotions..
**  This will access your body’s energy,  
      restoring it to its prope balanced state.
We have found no external ,
physical-world-evidence of
the results coming from
the positive use of this technique.
Because The evil ones
do not want people to be aware of its positive uses, 
What I know of it  comes from
my personal experiences and from
my fellow participants in the
TLC-life center Chapter of
of God/Goddess's Earth Recovery Teams.

According to Dr. Dawson Church,
Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to
the stress centers of the mid-brain.
The amygdala activates
the fight-or-flight response.
When a person feels stressed or afraid,
the amygdala releases stress hormones
that prepare the body to
fight the threat or flee from the danger.

Common negative emotions that
trigger this response include
fear, anger, danger, anxiety, aggression, threats,
violence and memories of traumatic events.

Two ways to enhance  this process:
*   Speak out loud
     as though you were declaring something
i*  Look in a mirror while doing it.
    Focus on the reflection of your eyes.
Here a four minute demonstration of tapping:
Another video:
What Is Tapping? with Nick and Jessica Ortner,

Here's Their Example:
Tap edg of hand and say:"
1) Even though I have all this stress in my life
about  ________,
I deeply and completely
Llove and accept myself exactly as I am.

2)  Even though I am really stressed about this
and having a hard time letting it go,
I chose to relax now,
3)  Even though I'm having
a hard time letting it go
and I am feeling stressed,
I deeply and completely 
Llove and accept myself exactly as I am....
*  Tap on the dge of your hand
    at the point used for a karate chop and say,
    Even though I have all this stress
    in my life 
about  ________,
I deeply and completely
Llove and accept myself exactly as I am.
*   Eye brought:   All this stress,
*   Edge of eye:           I can't let tis go.
*   Under the eye:       All this stress in my body.
*   Under the nose:     All this stress in my life,
*   Under mouth:         There is so much going on,
*   On collar bone:       I can't let it go
*    Under the arm:      All this stress,
*   Top of head:           All this stress in my body.

If necessary repeat the cycle.

*  Tap edge of hand
*  Tap eye brought:   All this stress in my life,
*  Edge of eye:        I wonder if I can let it go.
*  Under the eye:    I wonder if I could let part of it go.
*   Under the nose:  I wonder if it's safe to let it go.
*   Under mouth:      I chose to let this go.
*   On colla
r bone:     I chose to figure out exactly whats going on   
*    Under the arm:    and let it go.  
*   Top of head:         Letting this all go now. 
If necessary, repeat with a variation of
the next above cycle
Relax take a few deep breaths.
Feel the physical relaxation.
Notice the mental relaxation.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
1-ha   State the issue to be resolved
          *   Even though I still feel . . .
          *   State the issue
 a second time.
          . . . it's time o let  it go​
          *   State the issue
 a third time.
           . . . there's resistance to letting it go,
                I choosto let it go. ​
2-eb  Time has past   
3se  I am safe now  
4-ue  I choose to let this go
5-un  It's safe to let it go
6-ch  It' time to let it go
7-cb  letting it all go
8-ap   Letting it go , now
9-th   Letting it all go now

Focus on the issue.
On the 1 to 10 scale notice if
and how much it has shifted.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I have The I Am Angels watching over me.
Goddess's angels are here right now.
Together we will resolve any and all issues.
It's time for me to  be free
It's time to be whomever I have chosen to be.
I am safe and secure now.
It's safe to feel safe.
I am safe, secure, and at peace with myself.
It's safe to let go. to allow, to enjoy, to just be.
I Am Infinite LLove and gratitude.
So be it and so it is.  I AM has spoken.
I Am.  I exist, I am Goddess/God 
My name is I AM.   Your name is I am.
Every one of us is I am.

I Am is the personal name of Goddess/God
We all  are, every one of us is,  the chosen one.

“And God said unto Moses,
I Am That I Am: and he said,
Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel,
I Am hath sent me unto you” (Exodus 3:7–8, 13–14)..

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Notice the calmness, the safety, the relaxation
Aahhh!   Uuuuu!   OohhhMmmmmm
At this time, again rate how important is
the issue you worked on?
God, grant me patience, NOW!

Find our original page on this technique at:
Here's more from:
The Tapping Solution Foundation
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.




Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (747)  236-8717
The Bith of Freedom

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