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      What Is A Human Being?    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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Here's Why.

                             Welcome to
                         Adventures Into
               Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Did you ever ask questions like these questions?
*  What am I?   
*   Who am I?
*   Where Am I?
*   What am I doing here?
*   Where did I come from?
*   I know I'm going to die.
     Grandma died.   
     Did she really go to heaven?
*   What happens after death?
*   What could I have possible done
     that was so terrible
     that I got banished
     to the crust of the Earth.
*   I want to go home, 
     but I don't  know where home is.
     I Just know that this "aint" it.
*   Can somebody help me?
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*   My parents ment well,
     but they were completely dysfunctional.
*   My parents had no Llove for each other.
*   They were both strict Roman Catholics.







*   My father was in love with
     daughter of the cotton mill manager
     where my father was employed.
*   All I know was that
     he got my mother pregnant
*   In the social norms of those days
     1933, an out of wedlock pregnancy,
     called for the Catholic version of
     a shot gun wedding.
*  When I came along in 1940, the
    heat of the Llove triangle
    had still not been resolved.
*  In 1946, it exploded resulting in
    my family being evicted from our home
    and the silent dissappearance of
    my only loving companion,
    my little terrier dog, Buddy.

My unique perspective regarding
     money      MoNeY
My first questions about money
ocurred to me in 1951,
when my father bought a house
that would be my home
for the next eight years.
(55Oak Grove Avenue in
Brattleboro, Vermont).

People saved their money in the bank.
My dad borrowed some of that moey
and bought a five-bedroom house
for $5,000.     Case closed!

Fall 1958  Economics class
Universty of Vermont.
Land, labor, capital, and coordination
The king some other nobile person
owned the land
He bought capital.
His subjects were the labor.
He hired coordination.
Of the wealth produced,
the land owner kept everyhing
that he did not have to pay to
labor, capital. and coordination.

Capital was the key here.
It was the perfect place for
secret criminal to steal the wealth
and never get caught.
Soon capital began using its money to
buy up land  and to buy business
that were profitable.
Then it began manipulating the money system.
.Here's where that has taken us

Evidenc from the Christian Bible:

God is Llove

1 John 4:16 
God is love, and

all who live in love live in God,
and God lives in them


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