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                             Welcome to
                         Adventures Into
               Fifth Dimension Consciousness



We are  about to
share with you, here,

17 of the most profound,
the most ignored, and
the most eye-opening truths

that you will ever encounter.

We will discus these truths 

 in our Saturday Truth Forums.
The forums wil begin
as soon as we have
someone to handle
the technical aspects of
creating and managing our
online zoom meetings.

Bring your questions.
We can talk about
anything you want to talk about
that is related to
Self-Awareness and to 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


We answer the question:

What is a Human Being .
*  If you choose to learn,
    practice, and live by these truths

*   If you actually pay attention to
     the power and the potential
that they carry,
     your life will change,
     for the better, 
beyond anything
     you can even imagine.

     What is a Human Being?
We hear two very different answers
the question:
What (and who) is a human being?.
*   The evidence-based
     God/Goddess Perspective.
*   The Me First,
     Self-interest-only Perspective..

First, we will share with you
The Joy-Llove-Happy, FahZoom
feel-good feelings perspective.

Then you will be able to begin releasing
your anger, your fear, your hatred etc.
of those who have been, 
for thousands of years,
and those who still are,
severely violating humanity
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

We will also share with you
the major

 in which we find ourselves.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

 Remember to join us online  

 each week at the
 Saturday Truth forums

You will learn  evidence-based truths.
*   You will learn  what and who you really are,
*   You will learn how to
     restore your body to excellent health
     using  your new level of Self-Awareness,
     I am,   you are,.    we All Are
     *   Eternal   (timeless),.
     *   Invisible   (to human eyes),.
     *   Multi-Dimensional.,
     *   Self-Aware,.
     *    Dynamic      (Mobile / Alive)
     *    Self-Replicating
     *    Highly skilled creators,
     *    Non-physical God-Beings
     *    God/Goddess in physical form.,
     *    Expressing and experiencing ourselves in 
           God/Goddess's Holographic Reality.
We are presently transitioning
ourselves and our social structure
third dimension Service to self.
Fifth-Dimension, Service to All.

*    Everything now functions under

      a new and very different set of laws,
      rules, and behavior patterns
*    Your job is to learn how to live
      as a Fifth-Dimension
      God/Goddess in physical form.
All this will profoundly and dramatically

upgrade the joys, the Lloves,
the abundance, and
the blessings in your life.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~
FYI  0  

About This Author's Creation Process:
The major presentations in
family of seven websites are
evidenced-based and accurate,
We challenge you or anybody else
to try prove us wrong.
.You say,

"Is he crazy?
He's not wealthy.

What's wrong with him?
Yes, I am crazy.
however, in a society of
dysfunctional lunatics,    (3rd D.)
a sane person is considered to be cazy.

I n 1964, began
Early in my career
I had the opportunity to follow
a relatively easy  path to wealth.

I understood that material things
last only for a lifetime, while
understandings and Self-Awareness
lasts forever.

So instead, of material things,
I chose to focus on Self-Awareness
At that time,
I had no idea
how challenging
the choice I had made.

For my entire career,
I have been working / writing / creating
with zero
, physical help
and with zero, financial
I do have much help from
the non-physical world
without which these websites
would not exist and for which,
I am sincerely grateful.
The formatting, 

the presentations,   and
the plethora of typos

are desperately in need of
corrections and/or upgrading.
I no longer have access to the
content of the original five websites,
thus, they have not been changed
or upgraded in two years..

Today's challenges:
*  , I am 83 years old with
several, major, physical
and emotional handicaps
still not completely resolved,
including skin cancer.

*  for the past 35 years,
the Cabal criminals
have been interfering
with me and with my work
in any way they can.

The Problem and the Solution
The Problem:  
The real reason I have no help is

Because the content of
family of seven websites

exposes so many
previously hidden truths  that
that other consciousness teachers,
out of fear of Cabal retaliation, 
simply avoid and ignore.
Anyone who directly connects with me
is soon told by the cabal criminals,
Do not associate with him.
If you do,  we will harass you.

The Simple Solution.
Read my websites,
but do not contact me.
Take the truths you find
on our websites and
share them with others.
What I/we offer are not my words,
they are truths from God/Goddess.
I am simply the messenger.
I have done my job.
The TLC-Life-Center websites
have and explain
most of what I have leaned
in my 58 years of
study and research.
We suggest that you
study in small groups.
Teach and learn form each other.
You are at choice.
Declare Your Commitment
Learn Self-Awareness    
Remain living in 
Sheyitt Consciousness.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Life is not what we have been
led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.

You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible,

life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.  
and in the absence of
vitally important,  missing information.

We now have the knowledge,
the power, and the ability 
to change that.  
On this page we will show you how.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
One of the attributes of 
Being Self-Aware
is to notice when
you are focused on personal gain
and when you a living from your heart.
~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I now realize that

being fully Self-Aware
is to be aware of myself
as a God-Being
as a piece, a part, an aspect
and an expression of God/Goddess.

I just remembered that,
many years ago,
the Roman Catholic Church
taught me that God was 

All Knowing,   
All powerful,
All Present.

Then, I immediately realized
because I am an eternal God-Being,

the above three attributes
also belong to me.
We call mental state of being, 
Cosmic Consciousness
and as being Self Aware.
Q.   Are you telling me that
       there are parts of me
      that I am not yet remembering?
A.   Yes.
Q.  How do I re-learn them?
A.   Step one is to Learn, Live by,
       Practice and Teach

The First Universal Law of Llove:
      The way to receive Llove
            is to focus your attention
                on Giving Llove
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

FYI  03
...The  Grand Truths: 
  I Am, you are we all are as follows:
     I Am Worthy.       
        I am Deserving.
           I Am  Enough.
             I Am Lloveable.
                I Am Lloved.
                   I Am made of Llove.
                     I Am Connected to God/Goddess!  
                       I Am non-physical,
                         I am an eternal God-Being!
                           I Am God/Goddess! 
                              And So Are YOU!
More on the Grand Truths in a moment.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

FYI  04
Brain / Mind
*  Our brains are  physical matter
    in  a
holographic reality.

*   Our minds are the non-physical
     energy field that surrounds
     each of our physical bodies.
*   This is called our aura.
     Those with psychic sight
      can see  anybody's aura.
*    Are you aware that
      those with evil intensions
      can easily identified because 
      will have brown and/ or
      black in their Aura?

*    When we are close to another human,
      our energy-fields mingle.
*     When we share orgasmic experiences,
       we share soul fragments with each other.

*     Orgasm was designed by God/Goddess
       to be a shared experience.
*     To experience orgasm
       is to briefly experience
       being God/Goddess.

Find the evidence-based truth
about sexual sharing
below on this page.).

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
When you learn a skill or a technique,
it's value is in its application.
Your innate nature is:
*   to be of service.

*   to improve your own and
     everybody else's  well-being.

See above:  The First Universal Law of Llove.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
...FYI  05...
We hear from ancient masters like Jesus,
we hear from our present day
master teachers like:
Dr. Bruce Lipton,
Dr. Carrolyn Masse,
Dr. Joe Dispenza,
Dr. Greg Braden,

Dr. Daren Weisman
and many other maser teachers,
all of them, in heir own style,
give us the same
You are validated by who you are.
Q.  What
does validated mean?

A.  To validate means

      to prove, to confirm, the value, the accuracy,
      worthiness, and the truth of something,
      to demonstrate its authenticity.
Q.  Are you telling me that
     I am the one who does the validating?
A.   Yes, who you are does the validating
Q.   Then, what am I?        and who am I?
A.   I Am, You are, we all are
      Eternal, non-Physical, Multi-Dimensional,
.      Highly Creative, Fun-Lloving God-Beings.
       We are aspects, pieces, parts 
       of The Infinite Everything,
       aspects, pieces, parts of
       Prime creator
The Great In-Between
      The Great WOW!
     You and me, and everyone else,
    We ALL ARE and we all have access  to 
    All of who and what we are
    We are made
of Llove, by Llove, for  Llove.    
.    and

     we are   the experiencers     
     of and for    God/Goddess.
We create by thinking, imagining, and feeling,
    usually followed up by inspired action.
Q. I like that.  It feels good.
Now, add breathing and sound vibrations.
Take in a deep breath and as you exhale,
allow your body muscles to let go and relax.
Notice how you feel.
Take in another  deep breath and

as you exhale, say   Uuuhhhh . . .      As in new,  surprise
                                                        as in first noticing.
Take in another  deep breath and

as you exhale, say   Ooohhhh . . .      As in   Oh my God,
                                                        I really am God.
Take in another  deep breath and

as you exhale, say   Aaahhhh . . .     (as in bra)
Take in another  deep breath and
as you exhale, say   Mmmmmm . . .
These are the four, major vocal sounds
associated  feel-good feelings.

Q.  I Llove being what I am
      Now, tell me who I am.
A.   You are the sum total of
      every life you have ever lived.
      You have access to
      everything in and from
      your other lives.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~ .

...FYI  06....
Fighting Is For Losers
To fight something is to feed it.  
When you fight something,
you give it your your own
personal life-force  energy of creation
and thereby,
you strengthen its existence
at the expense of throwing away
a portin of your powrs of creation.

Your fighting, arguing
(any negative thinking)   
tells the universe,
Give me more to fight and feel bad about.

Fighting is for fools.

Here is an Alternative:

Place your left  hand on your solar plexus.  
Place your right hand on your forehead
Now, close your eyes and 
Breath consciously. 
Breathe a little deeper that usual..  
Notice how you relax as you exhale,

Silently say (or think) these words
one at a time as you exhale: 
I Am and I feel Appreciation,   
I Am and I feel Gratitude,   
I Care,   
I Am compassionate  I feel feel Compassion,  
I am  Peaceful,    I Feel peaceful
I am Contented,  I feel Contented   
I am relaxed   I feel relaxed
I am a giver and receiver of Llove.  

Notice how you feel as you do this.  
Breathe in and as you exhale, say
the first of the four  of the feel-good-feeling sounds. 
The four sounds are:,
Aahhh. . .    Oohhh. . .    Uuhhh. . .    Oohhmmm.   

Take in another breath and as you exhale,
make the second sound. 
Repeat with sounds three and four.   

Become aware of the moments of stillness
between the out-breath and the next in-breath.  

These are the moments where / when you can
consciously access 
The Great In-Between
The Great In-Between is the part of you
that we commonly call
God, God-Self, Higher-Self, et cetera.     

Focus primarily on the pause after the exhale
and before the next inhale.  
Stay with this long enough
to get your own impression of
what you are experiencing,
then read our web page titled

The Great In-Between.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~..

...FYI  07...
Human and Cosmic Evolution
We are presently in the the middle of
the greatest transformation in all of
both human and cosmic history.
From Pisces   
    to Aquarius,
From Head 
   to   Heart,
From  service to self
   to   Service to All,
From Secret mind-controlled slaves
    To Self-Aware God-Beings,
From top-down with few
     dominating and controlling the many,
,    To lateral,  local control
          with small, mutually supporting groups
          caring about and sharing with each other.
From male dominance
     To  gender balance, with women
           guiding us and showing us the way,
From Scarcity and Money,
      To a world of Joy, Peace, Freedom,
          and so much abundance for all
          that money will soon become obsolete.
      To world that we ourselves create
           by learning, living, practicing, and teaching
          The Llove Principles expressed in
First  and the Sixth Lost Secrets of
          The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
Thousands of us will become
      i.e.   While in physical form,
             we will carry 
Christ Consciousness.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

...FYI  08...
Here is a list of who and what I am,
of who and what you are,
of who and what we all are.

*   I am / we are:
     worthy,  deserving,
     kind, caring, compassionate, sharing.
     giving,  and Lloving,
*   We are  masters at the art of
     giving and receiving Llove.
*   We are enough.  W are 
     old enough, young enough,
    good enough,    wise enough, etc., etc.
*   We are Self-Aware,

*   We live in a body originally designed
    to live in full health and
     to be beautiful in our bodies until
     we, ours
elves, make the choice as to
     when we leave our bodies.

*   Earth-Humanity is on the leading edge
     of cosmic evolution.  
     Thousands of us, while in physical bodies,
     will carry
Christ Consciousness.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

...FYI  09...

Death of Money in All of its Forms
The Birth of Freedom
and Abundance for Al
Millions of wealthy people own and control
what is called Excess Money.

Excess money is money that
wealthy people own and control.
It's more is more than
they could possibly ever use
for themselves or for their family.
Earth -Humans are i
n the middle stages of
creating so much wealth and abundance.
that money will soon become useless,
worthless, dead, ,Dead DEAD and gone forever.

This still-valuable money
has two possible destinations:
*  Those who own and control it
    can ignore it and
    allow it to become useless.
*   They can use it while it's still valuable.
     We suggest that it be used to
     be of service to all of humanity.
While it is still useful, we'd be wise to use it

for the benefit of We-The-People.

We-The-People of planet Earth
have the means, the motive,
the knowledge, the recourses,
the labor, the right timing,
and the perfect opportunity 
to use some of multi-mlti-Billions 

soon-to-be- worthless money
to  build our new
Service to All Social Structure.
~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


War of consciousness.

What Is It?
It is a war fro the control of your mind
and, thus,
for the control of your behavior. 

Here is how they do it.

~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Sexual Sharing
This Section is
so expansive, so joy-filled, and
so eye-opening that we have moved it
to a new web page:

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~.

Here's What the Evil Cabal Says WAre:

We recommend that you
read this section once only,
just enough to know what's  going on
Because by focusing on what we do not want,
*   We give the evil ones your Life-Force Energy.
*   We feed the  Cabal criminals.!
*   We create  more of what we do not want.  
*   We  empower a 
sheyitt-filled world  and
*    We create more sheyitt in our collective reality.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
One day we wake up and discover that
our trusted, so-called leaders
are and have been
conducting a
secret war against humanity.
We are taught that humans are
separate from God/Goddess,
separate from nature,
and separate from our fellow humans.
The overwhelming evidence tells us that
the exact opposite is true.

They have turned everything
inside out, upside down, and backwards.
They have made everything as difficult
and as complicated as possible.
They poison our food.   GMO
They kidnap, rape and murder our children

They lie to us bout everything.
Why are they attempting to control us?
Because Earth-Humans are
one of their main sources of food.
They eat the energy (called Lush) that radiates
from a human body when the dweller in that body
is experiencing. fear, misery, pain, shame, guilt,
ar any other negative, low-vibration emotions.
They tell us that we are worthless,
powerless, inherently evil sinners,
that we live in an an empty,
vast, useless, devoid-of-life, physical Universe.

They tell us that
we must obey orders from the church
or we will b
urn in hell forever.
They tell us that the
government knows better than we do
about  how we should live our lives
They tell us e are free, but
those who act free get destroyed.
Our subconscious minds have been filled with
dysfunctional beliefs which control our behavior.
...Bovine feces by another name is still bull/cow shit.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~~~~   

Contact Us

Site Map & Content of Websites

About te Life Center   

Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (747) 236-8717


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Origial Page Content:

***   The foundation of Self-Awareness:

***   The evidence based truth regarding
         the true nature of  Human being
***   The Evil/Cabal 's Lie a  Human being;

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The Foundation of Self-Awareness
I am, you are, we all are non-physical.
eternal, multi-dimensiinal God-Beings.
We are sovereign expressions of
The Infinite Everything.

aka  God,  God/Goddess, Prime Creator, etc.
..Why are we here on Earth?
According to palladian sources,
I am, you are, we all are for
Self exploration, and
Self Gratification.
We, you, I am here to experience
Llove, Joy, Ecstasy, fulfillment,
in physical form,
in all five senses
to the level of
personal satisfaction.
To physically sense and experience
sexual sharing is our greatest joy.

There are sensual/sexual experiences
while holding Fifth Dimension consciousness
that are vastly superior to anything known to
a person still stuck in third dimension consciousness
For example
*   Nudity and sensual pleasures are
     a natural, healthy and normal part of human life
*  It is possible to experience
      Orgasm As a State of Being.
Each of us is living her or his
own , unique version of
a human experience.
We are Great Creators.
We create with our minds and emotions
and then, by inspired actions.
The words you speak after saying I Am
are you giving orders to the factory
tha built and now maintains your physical body.
A set of thoughts with strong emotion
will manifest faster than thoughts
held  without strong emotions.
If what you create is heavy with
low-vibration negative emotions,
Fear, anger, hate. sadness, etc.
your own, low vibrations will attract to you
sheyitt consciousness experiences,
experiences filled with kholdpriki, feel-bad feelings,.
The Law also applies
in the opposite direction.
The First Universal Law of Llove
            The Way to Receive Llove
                  is to focus your attention
                        on giving Llove.

And also activates

The Universal Law of Returns
What you put out
     is what you get back.

Your doorway to a  fifth-dimension Life
Begins with the First Lost Secret of

The seven Lost Secrets of Llove Llove.

This is also know as
The First Universal law of Llove
Before you can escape the third dimension
the AI / Lizzerdz / Cabal-built
prison for your mind,
we must let go of our the
 sheyitt-consciousness-part of your life.
In other words,
"You  can get onto the path
to Self-Awareness, but
you can't drag your garbage bags with you.".
So, If you choose
the path to self=Awareness,
Your baggage will come up, and
you'll have to decide,
Am I going to go through this or
live in sheyitt consciousness
for the rest f my life.
Take The Highroad.
Choose Llove.
Consciousness Is ls King:
~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

The Context In Which
       We Presently Find Ourselves:

We are in a Cosmic, Holographic Reality
 Life-on-Earth is life in a holographic reality.
The holograph is made of Consciousness
The holograph is made by Consciousness.
This holograph is center-focused on Earth.
It is the collective creations  of
a vast sea of Unites of Consciousness.
You, Yes, you are one of those
unit of Consciousness.
Human-Earth-Life has two major parts,
One part is physical,
the other part is non-physical.
The non-physical part
controls the physical part.
Earth-Life is in an
Electric /Magnetic, Multi-dimensional Universe.
It's shape is Torus
Its collective structure  is Fractal.
There is no physical form.
There is multi-dimensional 
representation of a physical form..
In this holograph,
We each experience Life on Earth
inside of our own version of,
our own perception of
what we believe to be real.
No mater where you are,
you are always inside of it,
you are always located in the middle of it.
It's a duality.   There are always
at lest two sides to everything.

No matter what the clock or calendar say,
It's Always NOW!
Yesterday is a memory of the past.
It's a past experience remembered in the now.
Tomorrow  is a dream.
It's a future potential dreamed in the now.
It's Always NOW!
FYI:   It's all made of Consciousness.
We are each a formless,
unite of Consciousness
inside of and part of
All that is,    All that was,   and
All that ever will be.
We refer to this cosmic Potential as
The Infinite Everything,
aka God.,  God/Gddess,  Prime Creator, etc.
I am your mother / father.
I am here to love and care for you.
My job is to guide you
as you grow from  baby to a young adult.
You are in a physical, human body.
Your job is to learn the rules of the
context you are now in.
You are,  and will be .
exposed to vast amounts of information.
Some of it is true.
Some of it is lies and illusions.
Your job is to
  * Examine the  information.
     (become informed)
     with an open mind.
  * Examine the  evidence
.     with an open mind.
  *  See the information as 
      a possibility inside of field of
      infinite possibilities.
  *  See it from your heart
  *  Come to your own conclusions
      regarding its validity

Regarding what you choose to believe,
Your future beliefs will be
whatever you choose them to be.

I will honor your choices,
what ever they may be.

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The Evidence-based Truth about
The Nature of a Human Being.
*   Everything occurs in a multitude of contexts.
Everything is consciousness.
*   Everything is part of a single, unified whole.
*   Everything made of Llove.
     Expressions of Llove are physical.
     Llove, itself is not physical.
*   Llove is the basic form of consciousness.
*   All human life on Earth occurs in
     a multi-dimensional, multi sensory holograph.
*    Reincarnation is true.   
*   We live multiple lives. 
*   Humans are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.
*   Humans are great creators.
*   We create with our thoughts, beliefs, etc.
*   Our social structure is made of,
     is a collection of
     the collective thoughts of all humans.

*   Our personal thoughts change our lives.
*    Our personal thoughts are pieces in
     our collective social structure.
*   Everything in our lives begns with a thought
*   We have three categories of consciousness:
     > Our personality consciousness,
          our daytime waking thinking,.   
     <   Our Subconscious minds, and
     >   Our higher selves, our super conscious selves.
*   About 95% of our daily lives is
     dominated, managed, and controlled
     by the content of , the programing in
     our subconscious minds.
*   Our subconscious minds
     contain the basic instincts for survival
     >  pLus everything we have learned,
     >   plus everything that got plugged into
        our subconscious minds
        by other conscious beings.
*   God/Goddess created our physical bodies
     to be self-replicating, self-healing,
      and to be healthy and youthful
     for our entire lifetime,
      all designs were built into
     our subconscious minds.
*  So, the question is:
     Why to we ge sick and die?

*   AI (artificial intelligence and
     their mind-controlled minions
     have taken control of plane Earth.
*   Your subconscious mind
     has been filled with
sheyitt consciousness.
     thus, much of your life is controlled by
     the false programming
      in your subconscious mind.
*   Conditions have gotten so bad that
     God/Goddess has stepped in
     to help us clean up the mess.
*   Humanity is in the latter stages of a
     used-to-be-secret war
    for the control of human consciousness.
*   Humans have the power and the ability

     to re-create their lives
     any way we choose to do so.
     >   Very few of us have yet to remember
         how to do that.
All of the above are factors in everything
     we think, do, have, express, and experience.
*   We cannot analyze one piece of our lives
    and ignore all the other parts
Everything is intimately interconnected
to and with everything else.
Separation is an illusion.
>What motivates Earth-Humans/
To breath?
Our instinctive, inherent, biological, behavior.
The basic biological requirements
Food, Clothing and shelter,
Safe, secure home,
>What are the basic laws and rules
of the environment you find yourself in?
We are social beings.
We function best when we share with and
ake care of each other.
Earth-life s about caring and sharing
about mutual need fulfillment.
Apply the first universal law of Llove to Sex
When you give , you also receive
You thrill and excite each other.
When we give Llove we receive pleasure of
sensual joy.
In the yoni/lingam dance
(including fucking each other),
the  giving and the receiving
are bended into an experience ranging from
mild to intense pleasure
for both partners.

Did you ever ask questions like these questions?
*  What am I?   
*   Who am I?
*   Where Am I?
*   What am I doing here?
*   Where did I come from?
*   I know I'm going to die.
     Grandma died.   
     Did she really go to heaven?
*   What happens after death?
*   What could I have possible done
     that was so terrible
     that I got banished
     to the crust of the Earth.
*   I want to go home, 
     but I don't  know where home is.
     I Just know that this "aint" it.
*   Can somebody advise/help me?
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Evidence from the Christian Bible:

God is Llove

1 John 4:16 
God is love, and

all who live in love live in God,
and God lives in them
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Here is Evil/Cabal's
false, fraudulent,
third-dimension definition 
of a human being:

A human being is:
*  Worthless,

*   Powerless,
*   Separate fom God.
*   An inherently evil, sinner,
*   Lost, with no purpose in a
      vast, cold, empty, lifeless universe,
*   The only way to avoid
      burning in hell forever is:
      *  to be blessed by a church holy man
           and to follow the church rules,
      *  to never question authority,
*     * to suffer in order to be
         close to an external
         super-human being
         called God.

*   The more you suffer,
     the closer you are to God.
*   God is a male. 
*   Women are all but useless.
      There job is to be servants,
       Baby-makers, and 
      sex slaves who hate sex.
*   God lives in the sky over planet Earth
      (in the firmament where the birds fly)
*    The devil lives hell .
*   Hell is below your feet
       in the center of the Earth.
Roman Catholic theology was written by
Saint Augustine .
His most famous statement is
"God, grant me chastity, but not now.:



FYI ..The prison for your mind is a Five-level event.
*   At the bottom are the Earth-Humans
*   Earth-Humans are mind-controlled slaves of
    the Cabal.
*   The Cabal are mind controlled slaves of
     the Lizzerdz/Reptilians
*   The Lizzerdz, Reptilians are.
     mind controlled slaves of AI.
*   AI is in control of everything in
     this five-level Hierarchy

So, here we ware at the bottom of
this shit-pile of mindless slaves
with a  very brilliant robot like
consciousness we call AI .

(Artificial Intelligence)


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