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Fifth Dimension Defined
Consciousness  Is  King 

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What Is The Fifth-Dimension?
It's a state of mind, a state of Infinite Consciousness.  
The Fifth-Dimension is NOT a physical place.  

This is where Earth-Humans are headed.
Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

Entering the Fifth-Dimension
is NOT a physical or situational journey.  
It's an energetic, emotional, vibrational journey. 
It's an internal journey, a shift in
*   one's level of consciousness, 
*   in one's understanding of the nature of
    the reality we find ourselves in.

Like it or not,
Believe it or not,
ready or not,
much of the physical world 
is now being produced
by humans who hold
or are a student of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
The visible, rate of change
will soon be exponential.

You'll recognize almost nothing 
from the old service-to-self-system.

Service to All Is Taking Its Place.


Here's What You Will Learn: 

*   The two basic Assumption
     upon which we explain
Physice of Consciusness and
Rules of Reality
              1)   We each exist.
              2)   Everything is always changing
*   We Are Eternal, non-physical  God-Beings.
*    We are Great Creators.
*   We each create our personal experiences
       with our own consciousness.
*    We are presently creating 
       within God/Godessess's  Cosmic Holograph.

      Panet Earth is a multi-dimensional,
           multi sensual, holographic
               representation of
                   a physical reality.

Pause.   Take a deap breath
Read the above message again,

      Panet Earth is a multi-dimensional,
           multi sensual, holographic
               representation of
                   a physical reality.
You are in control

The reason you don't yet remember
what and wh you are
is beuse yur mind your mind
is in
a prison of lies, illusions
and incredibly sophisiated illusions .

Planet Earth is function of Consciousness.
Physical reality is a multi-sensual,
multi-dimensional illusion.
It's a holographic projection of Consciousness.

*    Everything begins as a thought
*    There is no end to creativity. 
*    There is no end to growth.
*     In every waking moment,
       we are constantly creating 
*     We are growing
*      I Am Pure Light.     and   
        So Are You.

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