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Find Llove and Freedom Here
Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

                          Welcome to
                      Adventures Into
            Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Here's what is about to happen:
Here's what is about to happen:
The Cabal-installed-programs
inside of your own subconscious mind 
are about to tell you another big Lie.

Here's the lie
What is written on this page
is an attempt to deceive you.

It's  not possible.
Ignore it.
DO NOT deviate from
from our church teachings.

You could lose your faith
and become lost in lies.

Go here to learn the truth.

If you are
*  Fearful,
*  Angry,

*  Struggling to survive,

It's because your
Consciousness is missing

some major pieces of

knowledge and understanding.

Below, we have listed some of
the major, missing pieces

Here are links to some of the pieces
of missing information:
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

 What and Who Humans Really Are
*   The Universal Law of Thought

*   The Physics of Consciousness.
*   The Rules of Reality
You Live in a Holographic Reality
 Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.


The Universe is shifting
From the Age of Pisces
(living in Sheyitt Consciousness)
to the Age of Aquarius
(Living in and by the truth of
the Seven lost secrets of Llove)

It's time for all of humanity to learn

Fifth Dimension Cosmic Consciousness.

It's actually quite simple.

Commit yourself to learning,
practicing and living by

The First Universal Law of Llove.

You will be Llovingly guided from there.

Remember to

Relax.     Allow.     Enjoy.     Just Be.
Forgive everyone, particularly yourself.
Be grateful for everything


-----   -----   -----   -----   -----


Would you like to stop blindly playing
     by the rules written by the
Cabal Banking Criminals?
Are you aware that everything is  God/Goddess
   it i
s impossible to be
        separate from God/Goddess?

Have you examined the offer below?

Do you want complete freedom?             
Do you want more Llove in your life?           
Do you want to live in a world
of Llove and abundance for all?


If so, go to Storybook Adventures/Destiny Calls 

and together, we will create

Freedom, Joy, Llove, and Abundance.
for yourself and for everybody else, as well.

Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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Page Title:           Find Llove and Freedom here

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*   If you think we are wrong     

    try to prove us wrong.     

    Because in trying to prove us wrong,     

    you will prove us right.


Our so-called leaders tell us

that Consciousness is insignificant

and that Consciousness can simply be ignored.

The criminals lie and say that

*   Consciousness is a function of the human brain.

*   Consciousness is a useless, mundane phenomenon.

*   Consciousness is just childhood daydreaming.

You could even end up burning in hell forever.

Last updated  5 June 22     Proof Read   REC   RAC   5 June  22

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