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People To People Connection
Consciousness  Is  King 

If this is your first time reading

of this page, ignore the links.
Here's Why.

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

An essential ingredient in our new
Service to All Social Structure 
is a simple, easy, private way to
connect and communicate with
our awakened sisters and brothers.

There are vast numbers of people,
organizations, products, and services
related to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
that are presently lost (unknown to us)
in the vastness of the Internet.   

Also, the search engines are rigged, fixed,

fraudulent, heavily edited, and highly deceptive.
They severely limit exposure of
Fifth Dimension people, products,
technologies, and 5th D. websites.

This website and these pages are being created
to ignore the clutter,  
to get past the deception,
to get beyond the reach of the 
Cabal criminals.   

Our purpose is to
connect to anything and everything
related to Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
The listings herein are limited to that which serves
our new, Fifth Dimension, 
Service to All Social Structure.

In addition to being able to
easily communicate with each other,
one of our priorities is to create a
Fifth Dimension Dating Service.

5th Dimension, People-to-People Connection Services   


We welcome your thoughts
and comments on this topic.
~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Have you examined the offer below?

Do you want complete freedom?             
Do you want more Llove in your life?           
Do you want to live in a world of abundance for all?

If so, go to Storybook Adventures/Destiny Calls 

and together, we will create freedom, Llove, and abundance
for yourself and everybody else, as well.

.Join the 
TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God / Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Teams.​​


Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (747) 236-8717
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