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Relationships or Fantasy Trips
Consciousness  Is  King 

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*1   Factors That Make or Break Relationships

*2   The Amazing Secret
       of Fifth Dimension relationships

*3   Ho'oponopono   A Very Effective Tool
        for Resolving Conflicts in Relationships

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*1  Factors That Make or Break Relationships:

Look for  Fifth Dimension Relationships 

Here's the key to
understanding another person:


**   If he is not a student of
      or willing to become a student of
       don't waste your time and energy on him.
       Your lack of compatibility here
       will make your chances of
       a successful relationship all but impossible.

*   Is he primarily visual, auditory or k
*   Does he easily make eye contact?     
ber, one's eyes are a mirror of their soul.

*   What are the human attributes
     that are important to you?
     That's what to look for
     in you potential relationships.

*   Before you get into a relationship,

     examine the other person
     regarding his or her character traits.
*   In any situatin, if his first response
    is about what's wrong,
     look elsewhere for your new partner.

*   Does he measure success
     by the approval of others?
     If so, he's not in charge of his behavior,
     Someone else is.   His behavior
     can be manipulated

*   Does he measure success by how well
      he pleases himsel while maintaining
      a high level of integrity and being
      positive or neural in his effect on others

*   In any new situation
     does he look first for
     similarities, compatibilities 
     and the positive attributes

     and later looks at
     the differences, incompatabities,
     and negative attributes.
     If he first looks for problems,
     go elsewhere to find you new relationship.

*   Is he kind, compassionate, generous, forgiving,
     passionate, humble, confident, peaceful, Lloving,
     and a master of his craft?

*   Is approval of his behavior
     based on  his own internal self- satisfaction,
     or is his measures of self-worth
     based upon what others will like or not like?
     If it's based on the approval of others,
     he's a people pleaser.   
     This is particularly problematic
      if he's just guessing about
      what ohers will or will no like.
      Look elsewhere for your new partner

*   Is he a charmer, a sweet-talker,
     a con-artist in disguise?
Does he want to get into your life
     or just into your pants?

*   Check his emotional maturity.     
     What does he Llove?  What does he hate?
*   Is he stuck in a particular religion?
     Does he know what Universal Spirituality is?
*   What's his level of education?
      Is he into politics?
*    When he get's angry, how does he deal with it?
      How long does he stay angry?
      Does he make irreversible decisions while angry?

*   Find out where he spent
     his first seven years of Earth-life.
*   Find out about his parents.
     He will be carrying similar behavior patterns.
     Is he like either of them?
     Is he rebelling against either of them?
*    Does he have sisters and brothers?
      Does he have strong or weak family ties?

*   Has he been married before?
     What are his present feelings about her?
*   Does he have any children?
     How old are they?
     Is he paying child support?
*   Is he much older than you?

*   Does he own his business or is he an employee?
*   What is his attitude about his work?
*   What does he do when not working?
*   What does he regret?
*   Where did you meet?
     How often does he come to that same place?

     If you want a sexual fling,
     go to a bar or night club.
     If you want a husband,
     look fo him at other locations.

*   When you have an emotional down time,
     is he there for you?
     Is he a good listener?

*    When he speaks about a mistake you made,

      does he complain or does he make a request?
      "When you do/say  _____, I feel  ____
      I would prefer that you ____ ."

*   Whatever he does, his work,
     his hobby, his passion,

     is his intention to master his craft?
*   Is he a leader or a follower?
*   How many languages does he speak?

*   Does he play a musical instrument?
*   Does he sing or dance?
*   Does he play any sports? 
     If so, what are they?
     Contact sports such as football are symbolic war.
     Baseball is symbolic life.
*   Does he watch sports on television?
     If so, what does he watch?
     Is he passionate about
     any sports team or players?

*   Can he make minor home repairs,
     such as tightening a loose door handle?
*   Is he a conscious thinker or
     does his mind go where ever 
     his environment takes him?
*   Was he in the military?
     If so, what did he do?
*   Does he watch television,
     if so what does he watch?
*   What kind of clothes does he wear
     on a daily basis?
*   Is his hair style important to you in any way?

*   What kind of car does he drive?
     What is his attitude about his car?
     Does he own it or
     is he making monthly payments
     to a financial lender?
     Is he a hot rod driver?
*   Is he excited or repelled by danger?

*   Is he clean and neat or dirty and messy?

*   When you look inside of his refrigerator,
     you'll find a mirror of his life.

*   What's his favorite food?

*   How does he treat waiters in a restaurant?
*   How does he treat dogs, cats, etc.?
*   Does he keep secrets from others.
*   Does he lie and tell others
     what he thinks they want to hear?
     Remember lies beget more lies.
*   Liars soon come to believe their own lies

Whatever you find him doing to someone else,
     given the means, the motive, and the opportunity,
     sooner or later, he will be doing the same thing to you.

In your potential partner,
here are the question for which
you'd be wise to find the answers.

**  Is he sexually promiscuous?
**   Is he a womanizer?
**   Does he already has a wife or girlfriend?

**   Does he lack flexibility?
**   Is he in touch with his emotions?
**   What makes him angry, sad, happy, joyful?

**   Was he bought up in a different culture?
**   With regard to positive responses

       or negative responses in any situation,
        if negative response comes first,
        look elsewhere for your life partner.
**  If a man's penial sheath (foreskin) 
     has been cut off,
     his level of emotional sensitivity
     will very likely be significantly reduced.
*   Is he patient or demanding?
*   Is he prone to violence?

*   Fits of anger and violence
     are both absolutely unacceptable.

A Few Factors About You:
*   Do you make up stories about what's happening?
     Are your story is about yourself and
      not about the topic of focus?
     Do your stories become
     what the incident means to you?   
*   Examine your own self-image.
     Do you feel worthy and deserving?
     Are you enough?
     (old enough, young enough, smart enough, etc.)
     Do you Love yourself?
*   Are you looking for Llove
     from the position of lack?      
(See: Thinking Person's Universe 
*   What triggers a strong emotional responses in you?
*   What makes you angry, sad, happy, joyful?

~~~   ~~~

Fix the Mistake, NOT the Blame:
When you discover a mistake an oversite, etc.,
focus on correcting the situation,
ignore blaming or
 finger pointing
*  Mistake:
    We discover that the  package of lettuce
    got left on the table.
*  Blaming response:
    You didn't put the lettuce in the refrigerator
*   Solution response:
     The lettuce is still on the table
     it needs to be put back in the refrigerator.

Scapegoating:  When something goes wrong,
does he lok for soeone to blame?

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The Amazing Secrets of
Fifth Dimension Relationships

A little known fact about
      a unique way you experience
             your significant other  ~

Every human is potentially everything 
from the worst to the best.  
You get to choose what part of
your significant other's "everything"
that you choose to experience in your reality.  

In a relationship,
it's NOT about changing your significant other.  
Trying to change him or her is irrelevant. 
It's completely unnecessary.

Actually, it's highly counter-productive.   

So, instead of trying to change someone else,
make the changes inside of yourself.  


Simply withdraw your focus from

the part of him or her
that you don't like.
Focus on the part that you do like.  


When you hold this properly
in your own personal vortex,
you'll begin to experience your partner
as you would like him or her to be.


Abraham (through Esther Hicks)
expressed this principle eloquently.  

The video below has been taken off line.
Find it on YouTube: 
Go to minute nine in the twelve minute recording:  

You can find the same principle explained
in great detail y Bentinho Massaro at:
Bentinho Massaro     Create-As-God-Creates.     

Reference;  * Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient:
Do you know what's missing from
your own consciousness?

Concept summary
in one sentence:

    When I imagine seeing everything
     as I prefer it to be,
    the external world will begin to
     mirror back to me
    the things, people, and situations
    as I choose them to be.

This principle applies to everything in your life,
your home, your significant other,
your job, your finances, etc.   
You can use this technique
and eventually experience anything and everything
as you choose it to be, do, have,
express and/or experience.  

Personal Note:
Now imagine you and your significant other 
both practicing the above-described process.  
Each of you changes your perception of the other.  

What will be the result?  
I can tell you from personal experience
my wife and I both practice this principle and
we have a delightful relationship.       

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@@     @@      @@    @@   @@

This is another very effective tool for
resolving conflicts in relationships   ~

Ho'oponopono has a long history of 
successful use  in Hawaii.
Thus, the technique 
has a strong vortex (matrix of energy) associated with it.
It's past use has given it an existence and a power of its own.
When using the technique, one gains
the technique's pre-existing momentum toward success.

One gains the data stream  (the life force energy)
of all who have previously used this technique..
For example, you've probably heard the statement,
"Nothing succeeds like success."  
This means that success carries an
energy field, a vortex
(a Fifth-Dimension container) of success.

More examples are  words like
Mom/Mother, Jesus, Money, and Freedom.
Each of these words carry huge vortexes of energy.  
Based on their long, historic use,
these words have power of their own
So it is with Ho'oponopono.

It's described in exquisite detail
online by Aaron Doughty.  
Before reading about it's use
and before using it, yourself,
we highly recommend listening to
the first 16 minutes of his video,
linked to below.

@@@ @@
Ho'oponopono Meditation
The Most Powerful Healing Meditation EVER -
Aaron Doughty     32:41

Ho'oponopono Meditation: The Most Powerful Healing Meditation EVER - Aaron Doughty
In the first 16 minutes, Aaron offers
an excellent description of Ho'oponopono.
Here are the highlights of the technique:

It includes four very powerful tools
for moving from old to the new,
from the unwanted to the wanted.

*1   I'm Sorry.    Responsibility:
Saying "I'm sorry.", implies one's intention
to act differently in future situations.

This implies an understanding that
there is  nothing out there
in the external, physical world.
Everything is a self-created, self-managed
perception of an external reality.
See the introduction above regarding:


Given this understanding,
we have the capacity  to change our external world
by changing our internal perceptions of
the external reality.
The spoken word is 'I'm sorry."
To say, "I'm sorry.", is to take responsibility for
what happened, and
for what I am presently experiencing.

With responsibility,
comes the power to change that for which
I have accepted responsibility. 
I know I created something now unwanted.
I now know I can create something else.
The spoken words are

"I'm sorry."

*2   Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is one of the five most powerful
personal transformation tools
in the entire Universe.
Forgiveness is a statement of intention 

to let go of past khold-priki (feel-bad feelings)
and a request that all of us forgive and

let go of the past.
The spoken word is

"Please forgive me."

*3  Thank You.      Gratitude.
Gratitude stands tall
as also being one of the five most powerful
personal transformation tools 
in all of Universal Reality.

Thank you  for recognizing the God-Goodness
in self and  in each other.
Being grateful, tells the Universe to bring you
more of that for which you are grateful.
The spoken word is

"Thank you."

Thank you also carries with it, 
the power of
"It is done, and so it is".
This is a declaration of completion.

*4   Llove

Llove is Consciousness in Action.
Llove is the core,
the foundation,
the natural base point,
the zero point in all of reality.
The spoken word is

"I Llove you."

Llove is the magnetic energy of connections.
How to measure how much do I Llove you?
How strong is my desire
to be connected to you
and/or to be interconnected with you.

Like (feel good)
Llove (feel really, really good)

Everything is constantly in the state of becoming
something more/ new/different/grander/
bigger/ more expansive.

I/we  can use this technique to change our relationship
to anybody and to anything.

I can use this technique
to change my relationship:
*   To my inner child,
*   To change past relationships,
*   To alter, forgive and/or release past actions.
*   To change my relationships  with
     the people presently in my life.
*   To change perceptions,  interpretations,
     judgments, beliefs, attitudes, and experiences 
     regarding anything in my life.

Together, we are using this technique
to change our collective world.
We include Ho'oponopono in our
collective, monthly
Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.

we are not changing anything
in the external world. 
We are changing our perceptions of
the external world.

As a result, we will experience
a changed external world.
Physical Life of Earth is a holographic illusion.
In our personal and/or in our collective minds,
we have the capacity to intentionally 
change our perceptions of the external world.

The Bottom Line:
When you u
se this technique,
your perceptions of  
your experiences  in 
the external world
will change.


When you change the programing in the computer,
what shows up on the monitor screen will change.

For all this I am grateful. 
Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 
So Be It and So It Is.   
It Is Done.   It Is Done.   It Is Done.

Contact - Aaron Doughty

Home - Aaron Doughty
Home - Aaron Doughty

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Factors That Make or Break Relationships
The Amazing Secret
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