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Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

The 5th-Dimension Coaches Association

We,  the memembers of
The TLC-Life-Center Coaching Team
are offering you and  our other fellow coaches
our full range of coaching and education services.
To receive our services

you must freely and joyously offer your services
to the other members of
the Fifth-Dimension Coaches Association..

What We Offer:
Our team has exposed, examined and studied

Physic of Consciousness,
The Rules of Reality, 
and The Wisdoms of Creation
for over a half of a century,
25 years learning the basics of my craft
and 34 years as a "teacher," way-shower,
guide, student, and practitioner of

Fifth Dimension Universal Consciousness.


We are the authors of
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
The first living book  ever published in
Five Active Websies.

Examine our primary website at:
Contact us at:

As more and more of us
learn the truth about

What and Who We Are,
We-The-People are beginning to create
so much wealth and abundanc that
scarcity and money will soon exist
only in museums and in our history books.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   
*  Would you like to be more skillful
     at their chosen craft?
*   Would you like to learn how and why
     being of service to others
     also produces great benefits for yourself?

The best way to master any craft,

is to associate yourself with
people who can help you to master
whatever skills you are seeking, 

including the art of
being of service to others.
Being of service to others
is one of our inherent, natural,
human character traits.

Each and everyone of us
is both the teacher and the one who learns.
Daily, we learn with, by, for, and from each other
Daily, we  teach, coach,  guide, and 
show -the -way for. others regarding
how to play the game called life.
We teach by intention, by default
and often simply
as an unconscious  role model
Children take on or rebel against
their parents behavioyr patterns.

Our job is to guide you as you learn
how to become a master of
the giving and sharing aspect of
your chosen craft.

The TLC-Life-Center team
Will show you how to
dramatically improve / enhane
your mastery of your craft.

Examine our primary website at:

Contact us at: 

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
If cleaning up your life is not
a high value to you at this time,

we suggest you go
The First Universal law of Llove
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove
and come back here at a later time.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Your Self Inventory:..

Are you ready?,
Our jobis to guide you and
to answer your questions.
Your job is to play the game
to the best of your ability.

Begin by writing down / recording
our answerse 
to these questions:
*   Are you  willing to become a member of
     the new, 
Service-to-All Social Structure?
     We are creating it with
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness

*   Who would you like to become?

      Give yourself a new power-name

*   What would you like to do"?
     What activities excite you?
     What brings you great joy?
     How would you spend your time
        if anll of your life's needs
            were fulfilled to the level of satisfaction?

*   What would you like to have?
*   What would you like to express?
*   What would you like to experience?
*   Where would you like your home to be?
*   What would inspire you to feel
     safe, secure, fufilled, satified, contented?
*   Describe your ideal personal relationshps.
*   Describe your values,  i.e  integrity, harmlessness, etc.
*   Describe your religious / spiritual values.
Now, in regard to 
your answers
the above questions,
rate your present life

on a scale  form 1 to 10, 
10 being ideal and 1 being "life sucks."
Do you realize that everyhing in your lfe
is a product of your own beliefs,
thoughs, desires, and attitudes 
held firmly in your own subconscious mind?
.Here's the  real kicker: 
40 to 50percet of the content of your
Subconscious mind is not yours.
came fron other people,
many of whom wanted you to stay stupid
and remain a secret slave.

Are you aware that the God-given
game called Earth-Life
as been temporarily interrupted

The disease called  AI/Cancer
and their mind-controlled slaves,  called the Cabal
have programmed our subconscious minds
so that we serve them. at the cost of
ignoring and violating our own well-being.

Are you interested enough in
being of service,   (i.e. helping others)
to put your interest into action?
You are already helping others.
We know that because
of service to others, is our
inherrent, God/Goddess- given human nature.

If you'd like to be a master of this craft,
an extremely-successful way to do that is by
associating yourself with others of like mind.
One of the easy ways to
find others of like mind
is to participate in the
Fifth-Dimension Coaching Association.
Members receive  free access to 
TLC-Life-Center's Coaching services.
We do not charge each other
for our services.
To the general public,
we charge our normal fees
for our services.

.*   Are you a life coach
     focusing on an aspect of life,
     personal, technical, financial, et cetera?
*   Are interested in dramatically
     enhancing your rate ofsuccess
     by learning about
     the Fifth-Dimension consciousness?
*   Are you striving to become Self Aware?

If so, you need to hangout with
people of like mind.

One ot the beneits you will find
is someone who can offer you a
dis-attached, objective, 
outside perspective on
each of the several aspects of your life?

We do NOT charge each other for our services.
Why not?   
*   Because we are all working towad the same goal,
*   Because we realize that  we are indivuated
     pieces of part of, aspects of, expressions of
     the same infinite unified oneness
    that we call God/Goddess..
With humanity's expanding awareness
regarding our
Divine Human Nature
we are beginning to create so much wealth that
money will soon become unnecessary and useless.

.Here's one of our group's missions:

The TLC-Life-Center's Coaching Team
is inviting you to

work/play  with us on

one or most profound advancements
in collective human consciousness
in all of human history

Help us build the program.
Others will run it.

Our job is to build it.
It's a 5th-D education program for
pre-age-of-reason children (age 0 to 7).

Because all of our work is done in 
Fifth-Dimension consciousness.
the pay, the rewards, and the perks
are beyond anything you can yet imagine.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

If you think you are
in competition with
others doing similar work,
you are missing  major piece of
 success formula.
Cooperation is vastly superior to Competition.

*   Are you a life coach
     focusing on an aspect of life,
     personal, technical, financial, et cetera?
*   Are interested in learning about
    the power and rewards of
     the Fifth-Dimension Consciousness?
*   Are you striving to become Self Aware?

If so, you need to hangout with
people of like mind?

Our Saturday Truth Forum
is one of the place for you to do exactly that

Is your work, your career, your finances,
and your intimate personal relationships,
exactly as you'd like them to be?
In every area of your life,
if the answers to the above questions are
anything less than a clear yes,

you'd be wise to join 
The Fifth-Dimension Coaches Association.
Even if you don't yet understand

The Fifth Dimension,
you need what we have to offer.

We function like an expanded family.
We DO NOT charge each other
for our services

Do you think you already know
all you need to know?

If the answer to this question is yes,
you desperately need a coach.
Even if you a
re not yet 
an active student of  
we strongly encourage you 
be with others of like mind.

We suggest you begin by going to
The First Universal law of Llove
     The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove.
and come back here at a later time.

When you share your work
with others of like mind,
you'll soon find  a bigger truth.

You'll find your own rea-lself in
The Fifth-Dimension Coaches Association.
Also, we'll teach you
aspects of life
that, at this time,
are completely unknow to you.
For example, When you make an affirmation,
a statement about yourself,
You must also witness it
befor it can become your reality.
The best way to witness is
by feeling the associated feelings
of your statement as if your statement of intention
was already completely manifested.
~~~   ~~~  ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

In the world of Self-Awareness,
our first job is to
learn the truth about ourselves.
We work /play with others of like mind
because it is the fastest way to
master our craft.
We teach and pactice a variation of

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
.One of our most important missions
in the physical world
is to develop  and implement

The fifth Dimension Education Program
for pre Age Of Reason Children,
Age 0 to 7.

This education system 
is the most powerful and

most profound method of
awakening human consciousness

in all of human history.
We'd like you to be
an advisor to   or a participant in


Thank you,
Blessing  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (818) 727-0727

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