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      Fifth Dimension Education

for pre Age Of Reason

Children, Age 0 to 7
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

Special, 5th-D Education for
Children from Birth to Age Seven.
This concept is the most powerful and
most profound method of

awakening human consciousness
in all of human history.
If you, your family, or one of your friends
have children or grandchildren who are
pre-age of reason  - age 0 to 7,
you / they need to be
one of the first
to learn about The new
Fifth-Dimension Education System.

We-The-People's Advisory Council
are creating a team of
talented individuals
to activate this program.
We'd like you on our team.

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Here's an overview of the program:
First we'll define the problem/challenge

and then we'll show you the
incredibly simple, Fifth-Dimension solution.

The Problem / Challenge:>:
Hundreds of millions of Earth-Humans
have spent countless hours trying to
change and/or eliminate

Cabal installed Sheyitt-Consciousness
from their own subconscious minds.
All that effort has produced
dismally poor results.

Millions more people have 
spent years in therapy

Again the result shave been dismally poor

And then there's millions of seminars
and  thousands of coaching services,
that costs big bucks and is available
only those who can afford the fees.

All the above was designed
to change and/or eliminate

installed Sheyitt-Consciousness
from your subconscious mind.

Remember all those promises
you made to yourself,
your new years resolutions,
the affirmations you used to make.
All of them have been overwhelmed by 
the Cabol-installed, sheyitt-consciousness
in your own subconscious mind.
For wo reasons:
*   Because your subconscious mind
is far more powerful than
your conscious mind.
*  Because your adult efforts
are being made and
your activities are undertaken
while you brain is in
your normal waking consciousness 
(alpha -8 to 12 cps).
That frequency is NOT recognized
by your subconscious mind.

What would your life be like if all that

Cabal installed
never got installed
into your subconscious mind
and was not running your life today?

Remember,  your subconscious mind
is only accessed while your brain
is in the theta brain wave frequency ( 4 to 8 cps)

Pre-age-of-reason children live in
the theta brain wave frequncy all day long.
*   They have no logic or re
asoning ability. 
*   They have very powerful imaginations.
*   They just take in whatever comes to them.
*   They then make up stories about what has happened.
*   They imagine what the incident means.
Their stories are usually false,
often dramatically self destructive,

such as: "I'm not good enough."     "I'm bad." 
"I'm not worthy." I have to, but I can't."
"I' not Lloved."  "I'm not Llovable

When your child experiences
an emotional incident, particularly
a highly emotional incident,
your job is to be with her or him  and

then, give the incident the most positive meaning
that you can think of in that moment.

For example, when sheyitt happens,
look for the Buddha Gift.
(i.e.  the positive aspect of a negatve experience.)

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Here's the incredibly simple,
Fifth-Dimension solution.


Instead of allowing
to be installed into the minds
of our present-day
age 0 to 7 children 
let's teach them
a special version of

Llove Consciousness.
Let's teach them
the positive aspects of human life.

The Directors of

We-The-People's Advisory Council
are developing a new
Fifth Dimension Education Program
specially designed for children
from conception to age seven

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About the Cabal Mind-Control System

The evil ones have intentionally 
designed and now use a

Sheyitt Consciousness training program
to fill the subconscious mind of
our pre-age-7-
with a vast system of negative
and highly destructive programing .

For example,
In the
Roman Catholic Church,
for at least the
last 400 years,
    have been

        saying, teaching, and
            using the following

               Human Mind-Control System
     "When we program the mind
     of a pre-age-7 child,
     we can control him or her as a adult"

Beginning at every child's  birth,
AI (artificial intelligence).
and its
Cabal slaves have been secretly
packing his or her  subconscious mind
Sheyitt Consciousness.

Still today, all your own
Sheyitt Consciousness

that got plugged into you
when you were a young child,
remains hidden inside of
your own subconscious mind.

Are you aware that about 95%
of every Earth-Human's life
is controlled by the content
of their subconscious mind?

Do you want a sheyitt-filled
subconscious mind for

your children and grandchildren?

In The Fifth Dimension,
there are NO Cabal criminals,
but there are billions of
presently living humans
who are teaching and will continue
to teach their children
Sheyitt Consciousness
simply because that's all they know.


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  Education System

Instead of allowing

to be installed into the minds
of our present-day
 age 0 to 7 children 

let's teach them
a special version of
Llove Consciousness.
Let's teach them
the positive aspec
ts of human life.

We are developing a new
Fifth Dimension Education Program
specially designed for children
from conception to age seven.


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You Are Encouraged to Participate.

If you'd like to learn 
how to use our 5thD, 
Age 0/7 Education Systems,

See our page titled
Coaching Services.

The LC-Life-Center team
is inviting  competent women
and a few men

to work with us on this project.
The pay, the rewards, and the perks
are beyond anything you can yet imagine.

If you'd like to be part of
the development team for
our 5thD, Age 0/7 Education Systems,
Contact us.


This education concept is
another family of pink elephants
that are here in front of all humans.
Now that you see this pink elephant,
what are you going to do?

Because you cannot teach

what you don't know,  and
because your pre-age-7-children need you now,
we suggest that you begin your education
as so
on as possible.
That way, you can immediately begin
educating your pre-age-7children
or grandchildren
to the truth about life on Earth.
Please go to our Life Coaching page.

Thank you
Blessings Be Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'
Consciousness Is King

Contact Us

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Potential Content:
Here is just one example:
***  Parent installs this information
into the child's subconscious mind

The Foundation of Self-Awareness
I am, you are, we all are
sovereign God-Beings,
each experiencing her or his
own , unique version of
a human
We are great creators.
We create with our minds and emotions
and by inspired actions.
The Context:
We are in a Cosmic, Holographic Reality
 Life-on-Earth is life in a holographic reality.
The holograph is made of Consciousness
The holograph is made by Consciousness.
This holograph is the collective creations  of
a vast sea of unites of Consciousness.
Human-Earth-Life has two major parts,
One part is physical,
the other part is non-physical.
The non-physical part
controls the physical part.
Earth-Life is in an
Electric /Magnetic Universe.
It's shape is Torus
Its collective structure  is Fractal.
There is no physical form.
There is multi-dimensional 
representation of a physical form.

In this holograph,
We each experience Life on Earth
inside of our own version of,
our own perception of
what we believe to be real.
No mater where you are,
you are always inside of it,
you are always located in the middle of it.
It's a duality.   There are always
at lest two sides to everything.

No matter what the clock or calendar say,
It's Always NOW!
Yesterday is a memory of te past.
It's a past experience remembered in the now.
Tomorrow  is a dream.
It's a future potential dreamed in the now.
It's Always NOW!
FYI:   It's all made of Consciousness.
We are each a formless,
unite of Consciousness
inside of The Infinite Everything
I am here to love and care for you.
My job is to guide you
as you become a young adult.
You are in a physical, human body.
Your job is to learn the rules of the
context you are now in.
You are,  and will be .
exposed to vast amounts of information.
Some of it is true.
Some of it is lies and illusions.
Your job is to
  * Examine the  information.
     (become informed)
     with an open mind.
  * Examine the  evidence
.     with an open mind.
  *  See the information as 
      a possibility inside of field of
      infinite possibilities.
  *  See it from your heart
  *  Come to your own conclusions
      regarding its validity

Regarding what you choose to believe,
Your future beliefs will be
whatever you choose them to be.

I will honor your choices,
what ever they may be.

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Our Family of Websites have several web pages
filled with pieces of consciousness
that are appropriate for installing into
the subconscious minds of our 0 to 7 children.
Here are some examples:

***   Who and What Humans Really Are


***   Cooperation 


***   Context  ​

***   The intentionally ignored teachings of Jesus.
       Conscious Christianity

*** Education 5th-D Style

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