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5th-D. Business Proposal




FROM:    Robert Cote'
RE:          Fifth-Dimension Business Proposal
------ ,
I am including the proposal below
and requesting:

~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

In my 58 years of studying and researching

Human Behavior and Human Potential,
I've learned enough about selling
to realize that Asea Redox  is
a Class A, #1,  Ideal,  mostly untapped  

                cash cow*.
I am suggesting that,
if we work as a team, 
I can (symbolically speaking)
add a new stripe to your candy cane.

We use the emotional power
of Asea
in the
War of Consciousness
that's  presently going on here on Earth.

You and Ellen continue to do what you do.
I, Robert,  will produce
Consciousness-related programs
that will include Asea Redox conversations.
I/we will direct to you
those interested in Asea.
They are your potential buyers.

My focus is consciousness.
I will soon connect with
someone wise enough
to understands that

    wealthy people

         own trillions of dollars
            that are valuable today, but
will soon become worthless.     
My first job is to find
just one wealthy person
who is wise enough and
open-minded enough to see that
we are heading into
a world that creates
so much wealth, health, and abundance
that scarcity and money
both fade into history.
That person will donate
a portion of his/her

soon to be worthless money
to help us
avoid a trillon-dollar disaster.

The Ultimate Worth Cause.

Fulfilling the Ultimate worthy Cause,
(preventing a trillion-dollar-disaster)
s our door opener!

The money I require to begin my work
will come to me as the designer of
and the executive director of
fulfilling and completing

The Ultimate Worth Cause
My mission, our mission is
to to be major players in
creating the new, Fifth-Dimension world of 

health, wealth and happiness for everyone.
My team's  point of focus
is on 
waking up the people
into understanding
what and who
Earth-Humans really are.
We are eternal, non-physical,
multi-dimensional, divine beings
having a human experience.
We are also great Creators who
have been tricked into
believing the BIG LIE,
the lie that says
humans are powerless   and
inherently evil sinners.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.
Millions of people want to help,
but don't know what to do.
Here's what anyone can do and
what we recommend that everyone do.

Learn to  practice and teach
The First Universal Law of Llove.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
The text below is from my perspective.
Please suggest ways to adapt, adjust, change
it to make something fully functional.

    Who is willing to
    be on the same team
    with about 777
    other Earth-Humans who are also 
    masters in their field?

    The 777-member-team
    will be the guides
    and wayshowers
    for all of God/Goddess's
Earth-Recovery Teams
    and for people actively building
    our new
Sevicce to All Social Structure.

I intend to invite
    Cindy Perloff will be
    TLC-Life-Center Program's Hostess
   for the programs I produce.

    Cindy  radiates joy from her heart.
    I feel her energy of friendship.
    I am attracted by her magnetism and
    I see her innocent beauty.

    If I can so easily see and feel
    her Beingness,  her Godhood
         others will see/feel it also.
Robert Cote', is the Program Designer.
Robert is a visionary and a
    Fifth-Dimension Systems Designer

    Robert has detailed, written plans
    for several vitally needed upgrades
our present social structure.
    Here are just three examples:

    *  A cooperating network of
Organic Gardens
        by, of, and  for We-The-People

     *  Education  in an  Entertainment format.
Monthly Full-Moon Celebrations
         of Life & Llove
     * A Fifth-Dimension
Education program
         for children from conception to Age 7

     In spite of their value,
     these three projects and several others
     have been and still are being
     completely ignored.
     Because I don't know
     how to get through to
     those who can show me the way
 Can you help?   Will you help?

    No mater how masterful anybody is,

         Without the rest of us,
            teir work has the same value as
               a  piss hole in the snow.       

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Fiat, fake money presently rules the world.
In this context,
We, the consciousness leaders,
must learn to work and play together.
When that happens,
We-The-People's  Advisory Council
will, then, have the capacity to create
anything, including
financial power team that has
an unstoppable power of command.

This option is being completely ignored.
Collectively, wealthy people
have trillions of dollars
that are valuable today,

If not spent or given away, now, 
that money will soon become
worthless,​useless, and wasted.
This too, is being completely ignored.
When the first major donation show up
and we put it to work on
the programs that I/we have designed.
Others will follow and, collectively,
thousands of other
 will use
soon-to-be-worthless money

to build their piece of Earth-Humanity's  new,
Fifth-Dimension,Service to All Social Structure.
I will organize my end of this project 
using TLC-Life Center's
Fifth-Dimension version of a
foundation-corporation partnership. 
It's simple, profound, and win-win.

New Corporate World Business Structure.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~.

To date, 
Everything on
The TLC Life Center's 
Family of  seven websites
was produced,
create, written,  and
paid for by Robert Cote'.

In order to become a skilled,
knowledgeable and exper

"teacher," guide, wayshower
in the
service to self world,
I chose a life of purpose,
a life of service instead of profit.
Do you know 
The Truth About Money?
Do you know The Real Purpose of Money?
Thus, at this time,
rather than money,
I have wisdom. 
I am a master teacher of
Fifth-Dimension consciousness, and
I have the ability to clearly see
how to put all the pieces together
to create the new, Fifth-Dimension world of 

health, wealth and happiness for everyone.  
However, my life is still far from ideal.
I have ZERO people helping me.
I have no physical people
assisting me in my writing, NO editor,
NO technical assistance, NO advisors.
nobody to correct typing errors.

My home is a small rented room in a
clean, but very  dysfunctional  home.
I am 83 years old,
severely visually handicapped.
I have been diagnosed with skin cancer
My wife is bi-polar and 
does not have the the intellectual flexibility
to thinks in abstract terms.

If the cancer kills me,
I have no one to
continue my work.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We start  by focusing on the well being
our fellow lightworkers.

Most consciousness teachers
have no differentiated target market.
they focus on anybody
who has the money to buy their services.
Money is the major factor
in all of their decisions.

Are you aware that
making large amounts of money
and snorting Cocaine,
both have the same affect
on  the human brain
Both stimulate the production of dopamie.

A significant portion of wealthy people
money-profit-dopamine-drug addicts.
Their drug of choice
is making large amounts of money.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.


*   Coopera
tion among those
     Leading the self-Awareness movement
     is essential. 


 *  In order to succeed,
we must support each other.

*   We must focus on enhancing
    the talent and
the power of
     our fellow members of one of

     God/Goddesses Earth Recovery Teams.
*   Most people don't even know that
     there any Earth Recovery Teams.

*   We must be and do and
     cooperate with and for each other.
     Our cooperation is putting into action
 The First Universal Law of Llove.

*   For example, if you are rich,
     you have millions or billions of dollars
     that will soon become useless.
*   Ask yourself:
     "Can I afford to offer my services
     to my fellow light-workers
     at an 80% discount?"
 Do not offer this to everybody,
     only for those actively working for
     the well-being of humanity.   
  *   I  hear people tell us that
Earth-Humans are all one, single being,
       and  then, those same people
      ignore what that means.

      You don't charge your mother
       or you brother for your services,

       so why are you charging full price
       to your fellow team-mates.
*   Remember: 
    We are entering a world
     that is creating
     so much wealth, health,
     and abundance for all that
 the need for and use of money
     will soon fade into history


     ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

We will create a Library of Consciousness,
including a
collection of educating
and entertaining short or long videos
that, by and of themselves, 
attract viewers to watch our programs.

*  We bring in short clips from people like
    *  Greg Braden explaining how to
        receive messages from your heart.
    *  Marissa Peer describing
        how how to teach yourself that
        You are enough.
    *  Robert Cote'  explaining why
        Collective Human-Consciousness
        is the greatest power in the Universe.

    *  Bruce Lipton  highlighting
       The Biology of Belief.   
    *  Ester Hicks / Abraham explains
        how to get into the vortex 
       (the warehouse)
        of your personal desires
     * And many more.

My Recommendation:
We iwill nvite relatively unknown 
professional-quality talent
to for entertainment.
An example of this is Harry Jarvas
expressing his unique talents on the piano.

Links Checked to here
. .

We become the zero point for
Information relating to

We-The-People taking back
ownership of our own lives.

We challenge you and/or anybody else
to try to prove us wrong
in any of the major teachings on any of
TLC-Life-Center's  seven websites.
Why the Challenge?
Because in trying to prove us wrong,
You'll prove us right.

We end each program with Greg Braden
Explaining how to
converse with your heart
Then, we ask each listener to
connect to his or her heart.
Lastly Cindy  says: 
Ask your heart this question:
"Is Asea right for me?

For this section, Cindy is standing.
After asking the question,
she becomes silent.
The picture slowly fades from her smiling face
to a scene of waves washing gently
on a beautiful ocean shore.
Audio is soft beautiful music.
A written line at the bottom of the scene:
Link here or
     call this number  1-ooo/ooo/ooo
     for information relating to obtaining
     The Asea  for yourself
     and for your family.

Buy a month's supply.
Drink it twice daily for 30 days.
At the end of 30 days,
     Choose  *A   or   Choose *B

*A   We refund you purchase price, 

*B   We give you a
     on your second order.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
Most of what is required is already in place
All I/we have to do is putthe pieces together.

What is Asea Redox ?
     The Asea  is a cell-signaling supplement.
*   Although its taste is strange, 
      the taste is quite mild.
*   What it does for users/customers
     is provide a previously
     little known way for people to inspire
     their own body to heal itself.
We don't need to know
the details about how it works,
but what can be said with certainty
is that people report
profound changes in their lives
as a result of drinking The Asea.
We create  page of testimonials
and add itto our new library of consciousness..
~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The Return
The Universal Law of Returns
tells us that

For every giver, there must be a receiver.
The profits we share in this project
are expressions of Llove coming back to us.

Llove can be expressed
in millions of forms.
You choose your Llove in
whatever form or forms
excite you the most. 
If you want a Llover, 
Watch our chapters on relationships.
You can also help us create

Fifth-Dimension Connecting and Dating Services.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Or maybe you'd prefer to help us build
We-The-People's already-basically-designed,
profound combination of
Education and Entertainment.
It's our monthly, full-moon 
of Joy, Love, and Gratitude.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.
We-The-People's Education Branch
is sponsoring 

monthly, full-moon
Celebration of Joy, Llove & Gratitude,
for God/Goddess's
Gifts  of Life, 
Gifts of Llove,
for the Gifts of Joy Beyond Measure. 
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   


We say to these people:
Find somebody who needs something
and give it to them,
of find someone who needs
the service you sell
and give them at a discounted price
Remember: feed a man a fish
and feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish
and feed him for a lifetime.

As soon as our system is fully functional,
we will have a live person answering
incoming phone calls 24/7.
"how may I direct your call?"
AI then becomes
our servant on the telephone,
not our master.
that's a dramatic increase of
feel-good feelings.
Remember, when you feel good,
you are also being of service
to all of humanity.
Suffering to be close to God
is Cabal-criminal bull-Sheyitt.
Human Pain creates an energy
that is food for AI and their minions.

The TLC-Life-Center Team
does not sell products.

We sell vitally needed services.

Also, our service opens the doors to
The First Universal Law of Llove:
The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention 
               on giving Llove
~~~  ~~~   ~~~

Very often, we talk about
and we alk about gratitude,
but, do we feel the emotions?
What are the emotional powers
in each of these two words?
What do these two words mean?
Would you like to learn?
If you have an open mind,
join us 
and you'll find out.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Additional Notes:
Shownge people a pathways to self healing
is a vitally needed service.
What we  put out: 
From a
3rd D. perspective
is Funny tasting water in a big, blue bottle.
From the  5th D. perspective,
what we put out is

Love in a bottle
Llove in a big blue bottle. 
with strange tasting water in it.
The water is filled with energy.
The energy in this water
vibrates at one of 
the Llove-vibration frequencies.

As a consequence of your giving Llove,
the universe responds
by giving you the choice of
how your share of Llove 
will return to you. 
The Universal Law of Returns tells us:
    What you put out is what you get back.
Take a moment and  ask yourself: 
How would I like
my Llove to come back to me?
In what form would I like
my  Llove to return?

Imagine your answer.
It matters not what form you choose.
Always  witness.   ( imagine with passion )
Always say thank you.
What is a cash cow*.
A cash cow is something that
once in-place and fully functioning,
produce a return,  usually financial,
with little or no additional input.
~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (747) 236-8717
The Birth of Freedom . free

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