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      Earth Recovery Teams    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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                        Welcome to
                    Adventures Into
          Fifth Dimension  Consciousness

The mission of the
Earth Recovery Teams
is to return control of planet Earth
If you want to help and
don't know what to do,
start by learning, practicing,
teaching, and living by
The First Lost Secret of Llove,
The first Universal Law of Llove.

The way to receive Llove
          is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove

Why do you say that?
Because giving Llove puts
The Universal Law of Returns into action.   
Here's a one sentence summary of this law:

What you give out is what you get back.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Page Content:

**    Setting the Context
**    The First Lost Secret of Llove
*1    5DC    Fifth-Dimension Coaches Association
*2a  DOM  The Death of Money in All of Its Forms

*2b  EMD   Excess Money Defined
*3    UWC   The Ultimate Worthy Cause     
  OCG    Organic, Community-Owned Garden System
*5    PAR     Pre-Age-of-Reason Children's Education System
*6a  CSM   
Cabal, Secret, Mind-Control System
  CSC    Cabal, Secret, Corporate Dual- Control System
   FMB   Evil's Seven-Part. Fraudulent
                   Money & Banking System

7   WPP     Wealth-People's. Financial-Power Team
*8    REC     RecNac  -- The Opposite of Cancer
*9    EPR      
Education for Pre-Age-of-Reason Children

*10   EIE     Education  IN  Entertainment
*11   AIW   Antarctic Ice-Wall Mystery  --  SOLVED.!
*12   ULL    The First Universal Law of Llove
*13   CjC      Conscious Christianity,
                    Learn the previously Ignored
                   Teaching of Jesus
*14   WEH   What and Who Earth-Humans Actually Are

*15   LHU    We Live In a Holographic Universe

*16   TPE    The Placebo Effect
*17   PDH    The Patient's Consciousness Does the Healing
*18    EHJ   What Is Earth-Humanity's Job?
*19    PAC    We-The-People's  Advisory Council
20   SDN   Sensual Delighs Network,  SDNet

*21    SIT   Science-Investigation Team
*22   IWM   Ice Wall  Mystery in Antarctica  Is Now  Solved
*23   IIQ    The Ignorance-Idiot-Quotient
                    What you don't know will hurt you.

*24    PPC     People-to-People Connection Services,
25    FMC   Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.

*26   MSC   Marijuana Sanity
                   Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer

*27  LP9      Llove Potion 99
*28   MJM   Marijuana Meditation
*29   EFW   How to End Arguing, Fighting, and Wars 
*30   FCP     Founda
tion / Corporate Partnership
                    How to Completely End the Need for Taxes
*31   NPL   The Newtonian Physics Lie EXPOSED
                  The Universe IS NOT made of physical matter.
*32   ICE   What Shape Is the Earth?    Torus 
*33   FSC   How to Find the Secret Criminals
*34   HHG  Hemp, the Hidden Gold Mine
*35   SSD   Sex Sells &  Have I Got a Deal for You

*36   LEU   We Live In an Electric Universe

*37   TPU   We Live In a Thinking & Feeling Person's Universe
*39   CMS   Cooperation and  Mutual support:
                   Collecive, human consciousness is the
                   most powerful force in the entire Universe
*40   BYP   We Can Build Our Own Version of Paradise

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Because there is nobody in a position of authority
who can get done what needs to be done,

We-The-People must do the doing ourselves.

What is the reason for this?
Every major source of information
on this topic
gives us the same answer:
Earth-Humans are on the leading edge of
Cosmic Evolution and we are here on Earth
to build the next, new social-structure
as a role model for the rest of the Universe.
Here's the answer God/Goddess gave me
when I Asked the question:
I want to help,
but I'm only one person.
What can I do?  

    Cooperate with each other.
      Work and play as teams.
    Build your own version of Paradise
    and then,  Go and play in it.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
*   There are hundreds of m
illions of us
ready willing and able to do
what needs to be done..
*   We begin by focusing our attention on
those who already  understand that 
being of service to others is one of our
innate, God/Goddess-given , natural attributes
WE Are, by our nature,  Givers of Llove.
The holdup, the lack of action
on the part of most of humanity,
has come from
people's lack of knowledge
regarding what to do.
That issue has now
been solved / resolved.
See the list below
for the ways you can be of service.

The TLC-Life-Center Team
has designed more than
 30, major,

Discoveries and/or Action-Projects
and dozens more of lesser priority.
These include hundreds of ways for
each of us to enhance
and improve our own lives
and the lives of
our fellow Earth-Humans.

Remember to start withh.

The First Lost Secret of Llove.
As part of building our new,

Service to All Social Structure,
Here's the List:

***1   5DC
        5th Dimension Coaches Association 
Cooperation and sharing are our
     two main tools for success.

     We learn from each other and 
      We learn by experience.

*    T
he best way to master your craft is:
      *  to hang out with
             people of like-mind,

      *  to hang out with people who know
              what you want to learn.
The knowledge and understanding
What and Who You Are
gives you The Power to Create
anything you choose to create.
We say that because 

Consciousness Is King
and Earth-Humans are part of

Examine the list below. 
Find a team (a way to help)
which is something that
would bring you joy, fun, comfort,
and peace of mind to be
a member of that team.
Then, using 
The First Lost Secret 

The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
begin acting as if you were already
on that team.  
begin by being of service to
others of like-mind.

You will be amazed at what will happen

*   Our job is to show the way, 
to build a  path to
Llove, Joy, Freedom, and Abundance for All.
*   When we become the lead-sheep,
most people will soon, simply
follow our exemplary ways.
We Lead by Example,   
NOT by Command.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
***2a   DOM
      The Death of Money
Money, in all its forms,
will soon  be
dead,   Dead.   DEAD . . .   
and Gone Forever.

During its dying process, 
We-The-People have a 
life-changing, world-changing  opportunity,

an opportuity to access a huge portion of
very-wealthy people's

soon to be useless, Excess-Money
while it's still valuable.
and use that money for
the well-being of We-The-People.
The timing of when this money 
will become available to all of us
is completely up to you and me
and the rest of We-The-People.

The change can begin today.
Cooperation and sharing are  
the keys to our success.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~ .

***2b   EMD
         Excess-Money  Defined
Excess / unused-money is
money that wealthy people own and control.
It's more than they could possibly ever use
for themselves or for their family.
***   The opportunity to use this money
         before it becomes useless
         is presently being ignored.
***   If not used before
       The complete Death of Money
        in all of its forms,
        it will be wasted. 
        It will become useless,
        worthless, and  dead,   Dead,    DEAD
        and gone forever.

REMEMBER:  The use of this moneyy
can begin today.
There are TRILLIONS of Dollars
owned and controlled by
mllions of very wealthy people.
That money

c)   Help us connect to 
      one or more wealthy people

      who will participate in our program. 
      When you do, you will receive
      a $150,000 finders fee.

  d)  IF we take action while that money
       is still valuable.
       it will be used to build our
5th-D., Service to All Social Structure.

..    This process will also fill most of
       your own and everybody else's
       needs and desires.

***3   UWC
           The Ultimate Worth Cause


An easily preventable, otherwise  inevitable,

California Water Disaster

is about to devastate

California, the nation, and

the profits of every corporation

and every business in the entire country.

We can easily avoid this trillion-dollar disaster
by applying a few million dollars to prevention.

***4   OCG
4         Organic, Community-Owned Garden-System  
       by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People.
Here's whywe desperately need to replace
       the present food production
       and distribution system.
       This section explains how to do this
       one step at a time.

***5   PAR
           Pre Age Of Reason 
       Now is the time to stop allowing
       the Cabal criminals to install
       programing of our young children's
       sub-consciousness minds.
       Most humans spend
 a lifetime
       trying to get the negative programing back out.

       This section explains a positive alternative,
       an intentional, pre-age-seven
       child-training system.

***6a   SMC
    The Cabal, Secret, Mind Control System 
       Control of planet Earth has been hijacked.
       Planet Earth iis presently
       infested by a parasitic disease.
       When you examine the evidence,
       you will know why life on Earth
       is so thoroughly screwed up.
       We tell you this only as an FYI. 
       Be awae of this, AND
       focus your attention elsewhere.

***6b   CSC
    The Cabal Secret Corporate dual- control system
      Almost nobody realizes that
      every major organization on the entire Earth
      has been secretly infiltrated by
      an evil-controlled, secret, control system
      whose mission is to screw things up
      as much as possible
      without getting caught doing so.

***6c   FMB
    Evil's Seven-Part. Fraudulent
              Money & Banking System

..     Here's one example of
      our fraudulent money system: 
If you have borrowed money from
      any lending institution (i.e.  mostly banks),
      you are paying your hard-earned money
      for the use of non-existent, make-believe,
      fairytale money.


***7   WPP
   Wealthy People's Financial Power Team.
..   Together, a cooperating group of
     our wealthy friends 
     can cause things to happen
     or get things done that
     none of them can do alone.
     This is another example of
     the power of cooperation.
***8   REC
RecNac,  RecNac is the opposite of  
     chaos, confusion, fear, anger and
    We are about to defeat cancer
(i.e. chaos, confusion, fear, anger.
     a whole raft of negative emoions.,
     and the lack of a healthy body)

     using this simple Universal law.
The Universe ignores
              the opposite of an idea.
~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~

The Next Twelve Teams
Are  Major and Profound
Public Education Programs

9   EPR   5th D. Education Designed for
                   Pre-Age-of-Reason Children

     Are you ready for
     a 5th-Dimenson level and
     a 5th-Dimensioon style
     education system,
     specifically designed
     to educate pre-age-of-reason children.
     Its summarized above and,
     again, linked to here:
Education for Pre-Age-of-Reason children.

***10   EIE   Education  IN  Entertainment
     Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
     Each month, at the time of the full moon,
     we gather together
     in our personal group    and/or
     in our local community groups    and/or online
     to honor, appreciate, and celebrate 
     God/Goddess's gifts of Life and Llove.

***11   AIW
Antarctic Ice-Wall Mystery --  SOLVED.!
      We are inside of and not outside of
      the Antarctic ice wall. 
      The overwhelming, irrefutable, scientific evidence
      tells us that all the oceans on the entire Earth
      are on one, single flat plane.
What does that evidence tell you?

***12   ULL   
The First Universal Law of Llove  
      Llove comes in millions of ways.
      Llove comes in millions of forms.
 "The way to receive Llove
             is to focus your attention
                  on giving Llove"

      Being of Service to Others
      is an innate, God/Goddess-Created
      apect of what and who humans are.

     Also notice that 
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.,.
       The Physics of Consciousness,...
       The teachings of Jesus, .. and
The Laws of Universal Spirituality,
        all give us the same, basic message.

 ***13   CJC
Conscious Christianity,
       Did you ever wonder why
       the Roman Catholic Church
       teaches lies to their followers?
       They teach lies that are
       *    in direct contradiction:
             to the scientific evidence,

       *    in direct contradiction:
             to the Physics of Consciousness,
       *    in direct contradiction:
            to the Bible recorded Teachings of Jesus,
       *    in direct contradiction:
            to the Laws of Universal spirituality
       Here are six of their primary lies:
       Earth-Humans are
       1 )  Worthless,
       2)   Powerless, 
       3)   Inherently evil sinners,
       4)   Separate from God/Goddess.
       5)   That suffering is the way
             to get closer to God?
       6)    that heaven is in the sky
             (the firmament)  above the Earth and 
              hell is a physical place
              beneath the surface of the Earth.
       6)    If you question church authority,
              you could lose your faith and
              burn in hell forever.
***14   WEH
What and Who Earth-Humans Actually Are.
.           Earth-Humans are actually
            Eternal, Non-Physical, God-Beings
Great Creators
           We are presently experiencing
            life on Earth
            in human physical bodies.

***15   LHU
    We Live in a Holographic Universe.
     We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     cosmic, multi-dimensional holograph.  
     A holograph gives the impression of

     being physically real, but it's actually
     a mental construct made of consciousness.
     It's made of energy - vibrating energy.
     The energy is controlled by consciousness.  
     You and every other human being
     are part of that controlling consciousness.

***16   TPE
    The Placebo Effect.
     The placebo effect produces results
that have no third-dimension
scientific reason for occurring.
Why do placebos work?
Because the placebo effect   
      is a function of Consciousness
      and consciousness controls everything
      in physical reality
          At least One third of all medical healings,
     including surgery, are the result of
     the placebo effect..
     The work of
     Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Joe Dispenza      
     Dr. John Martini and numerous others
     have independently pro
ven the affect of
     Consciousness in physical healing 
     beyond a shadow of a doubt.
     Hundreds of millions of medical patients
     have personally experienced self-healing
     as a resut of the placebo effect.
     Did you ever wonder why
     thosewho appear to be in control of our society.
     simply ignore the above overwhelming evidence?
     The reasons are
money, power, control
      the simple fact that the truth here
      would crash down the walls of  
      Cabal Criminals long history of
      secret, human slavery.

     *   Examine the Evidence
     *   Situation Update

***17   PDH
   The patient Does the Healing
     In every medical situation

     the patient is a major player.
    She or he should be treated as
     part of the healing team.
     We say that because
     the patient's consciousness
     creates and controls everything
     in in his/her physical reality,
     including his/her human, physical body
     AND, yet,  the medical establshment
     treat the patient as if he or she
     was nothing more than a mindless robot
     to be manipulatd with drugs
     or with physical intervention..
***18  EHJ
  Earth-Humanity's Job:
         Our job is to remove all defective programming
         from our subconscious minds.
         The first step in that job is to:
Lean the Truth about what's going on..

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

 ***19  PAC
We-The-People's  Advisory Council
     Is a  team of about 777 of the
     best, the brighest and
     the most
Self-Aware humans..
     The Council will be guided by
      Human Christos Females.
     These are women
      who are or are studying to
      become and hold
Christ Consciousness

***20   SDN
Sensual Delighs Network,  SDNet
     Everything about Gender,
     everything about the 
     masculine and feminine principles,
     including  sensuality, sexuality,
     the physical body, and sex, itself,
     have been severely distorted and
     miss-used as one of evil's
human-mind-control tools.

***21   SIT
             Science-Investigation Team:
     This teams job is to expose the public to
      dozens of lies about how the Universe functions.
      The paragraph below describes their first, major
       investigation and disclosure

***22   ICM
ICE-WALL  Mystery in Antarctica    Is Now  Solved
     Are you ready for The Big Surprise?
     This is a false-belief-busting disclosure of
     an evidence-based truth that
     will completely shatter
     several of your major, false, basic beliefs
     about your life on Earth..

***23   IIQ
The Ignorance-Idiot-Quotient..

     When we were born into
     human life, here on Earth,
     we were all required to forget
     our full-Cosmic-Consciousness.

     Your Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient
     is that portion of your 
     full human/cosmic- consciousness
     that you have not yet remembered.
     Right now, at this moment,
     there are huge pieces of your full consciousness
     that you would  be wise to know,
     but you don't know       and
     you don't know that you don't know.

     Every one of us, without exception,
     has huge amounts of vital information hidden in
     his or her Ignorance/Idiot-Quotient..

***24   PPC
    People-to-People Connection Services,
25  FMC
    Full-Moon Celebrations of Life nd Llove.

***26   MSC
Marijuana Sanity / Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer

***27   LP9
Llove Potion 99.
     Llove Potion 99 is a blend of
     *   Marijuana,  
     *   LSD,    
     *   Psilocybin,    aka  magic mushrooms   
     *   Pure Maple Syrup,
     We do not yet have access to
     LSD and Psilocybin because both are still illegal,
     thus, the blend has not yet
     been tested and perfected.

***28   MJM   
            Marijuana Meditation

***29   EFW
How to End Arguing, Fighting and Wars
     Do you really want world peace.?
     Here's how that is accomplished.

***30  FCP   
           New Corporate World Business Structure
Create a Foundation / Corporation P
      Read a Summary / Overview Here.

***31   NPL
The Newtonian Physics Lie --EXPOSED
     The is an FYI   Not something to do
***32   ICE
Overwhelming, Irrefutable Scientific Evidence
     has resolved the controversy
     regarding the question:
     What is the shape of planet Earth?

***33  FSC
How to Find the Secret Criminals
     Cabal Criminal Agents are  presently hidden
     in every major organization
     on tne entire Earth.
     Any competent Aura Reader
     will easily be able to spot them because
     they will have black or brown in their Aura.

***34   HHG   
            Hemp, The Hidden Gold Mine
     This project will be a follow up to (an expansion of)
      the organic community garden system.

***35   SSD
Sex Sells and Have I Got a Deal for You
     Fifth-Dimension SEX
     Its profundity is equal to  
     Adding a New Color to the Rainbow, 


***36   LEU   We Live in an Electric Universe

***37   TPU   We Live In a Thinking & Feeling Person's Universe


***39   CMS   
Cooperation and  Mutual support
..        When we master the arts of
         cooperation and mutual support
          and everything else will flow to us
          with the grace and ease with wich
          water flows down hill





***40    Here's the answer
     God/Goddess gave me

     when I Asked the question:
     I want to help, but I'm only one person.
     What can I do?
    Cooperate with each other.
            Work and play as your part of
                a network of teams.

             Build your own version of Paradise
                and then,  Go and play in it.
At This Time,
We Are Creating / Acquiring / Expanding

*** Physical Home and Office Combined.
***  Dependable Transportation.
*** Home/Office Work/Play Teams
***  Computer Technology Team.
***  Internet Publicity Team

Join one of God/Goddess's Teams.
Join today.!.



Thank you,
Blessings  Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

1 (747) 236-8717
The Birth of Freedom

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