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      Bless The Wind    
Consciousness  Is  King 

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Page Summary:

This concept is a
Fifth-Dimension variation of

Bless the Water.   
irst discovered in Japan by
Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Bless the Wind:
Bless te Wind is a technique for
the receiver of your blessing
to consciously participate in its use
and, thus, significantly enhance it's power.
When many people together,

send their combined Llove energy to a single
receiver or to some other target,
they are applying
the greatest power in the entire Universe,
The combined power of human consciousness.
The potential here is awesome..
You don't  need to immediately
know how this works
in order to make it work.
As you become more familiar with
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
you'll gain more and more information
on how tools like this work.
Be patient.
If patience is not one your virtues,

Go Here.
Here is a brief overview of how it works:
As you inhale,  bless the air
coming into your lungs with your intention,
such as Llove or healing.
This gives your blessing
a form of consciousness and
a form in consciousness.
that your blessing is now
an independent unit of consciousness.
As you exhale, imagine/
 see/ watch/ hear/ feel
your newly created unit of consciousness
as you blow your blessing  (physical action)

to the person,   (or object, or situation)
that you choose to bless.
Imagine your blessing being received at
your chosen destination.
The receiver of your blessing

also plays an active part.
In her/his mind she/he
consciously accepts the blessing.
She/he feels, and expresses his/her gratitude.
Your blessing has, then, been created, sent,
received, and witnessed
by two (or more) conscious beings.
When several people
participate in sending the blessing,
its power is amplified exponentially.
Your blessing becomes
more than just words.

It holds the sender and the receiver's
power of creation  within it.

You now have an active placebo
It is now a thought put into an action
inside of our collective

Holograph of Earth-life.
Your blessing has ben
"entangled" with that of its receiver.
Remember the Master's  words,

"Your (non-physical) faith has made you whole."

In the Bless the Wind  Technique,
the healing power  is in the
conscious and  intentional thought(s)
of its sender(s) and
conscious and  intentional thought(s)
its receiver(s).

The blessings have the exponential power
of the number of participants:

2 people work/playing together have
the power of four work/playing alone,
3 together have the power of 9 alone
4 the power of 16,   5 the power of 25
...   10 the powerof 100,    etc.,   etc

Every creation is sparked into physical form
by it being witnessed.
Witnessing, is done by imagining, 
seeing, hearing,
tasting, tasting, and/or feeling
the the blessing as complete and real.
It's a conscious act
that changes waves to particles.
Imagine your blessing as a unit of vibrations.

Your creation is now witnessed.
Are you aware that
it is the witnessing that
sparks every creation
into it's  physical form?
Every thought that has ever
come into physical form
has been witnessed, intentionally or
by some way regarding which
the creator remains unconscious.
The witnessing is one of little known laws
The Physics of Consciousness..


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The Bless the Wind, project
is brand new.
I'm still writing it.
When we add the power of
collective human consciousness,
I can see that it has huge potential.

I'll share it with you
in about a week.

ngs Be Llove
.   (love)

Robert Cote'  

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