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*   Amygdule Gland in the Human Brain
*   Do We Create our Own Reality?
The I Am Game
      The Name of God is "I Am"
Fifth Dimension -- City Farming

*   Emotional Freedom
 Tecjhnique - Tapping
*   Find Out what Job Is Right for You?
*   Marijuana and Sex..
*   What Is the Best Marijuana stain for Sex?
How To Get Out Of A Funk In 6 Easy Steps
Responsibility  vs   Victim Consciousness
Conscious Mind  /  Subconscious Mind.
*   What AI  Cannot Do

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*   Alan Turing 
    The Unsung Hero of WWII

*   Kaizen,
    The One-step-at-a-time approach to change
*   The Evil Ones
      What Are they and Why Are They Here
*   Distinguishing Between 3rd D.  and  5th D.
*   The Stages of Change
*   The Peter Principle
*    Personality Traits
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Amygdule Gland in the Human Brain
The amygdala, region of the brain
is primarily associated with emotional processes.

What does the amygdala in the brain do?

Your amygdala is a major
processing center for emotions.
It also links your emotions
to many other brain abilities,
especially memories, learning and your senses.
When it doesn't work as it should,
it can cause or contribute to
disruptive feelings and symptoms.

The amygdala is located
in the medial temporal lobe,
just anterior to (in front of) the hippocampus.
The amygduleand the closely associated with
the hippocampus.
The hippocampus is involved in long-term memory
formation and memory retrieval.
It also plays a role in spatial memory,
allowing individuals to keep track of
where objects are and
the position of their body
relative to the objects around them.

Your levels of emotionn
related to any topic
can be changed by using
Emotional Freedom
- Tapping  -  EFT.
See The EFT Tapping Section

below on his page.


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Do We Create Our Own Reality?
Technically, the answer is yes,
when we look more closely,

we come up with a very different story.


The evidence tells us that for each of us,
about 95% of our lives
is controlled by the content of
our own subconscious minds.
Our  subconscious minds are biological computers
that run/control our bodies and our behaviors.
Our subconscious minds do not think
or make change of their own accord.

The subconscious mind
simply follows the instructions
that are plugged into it.
The subconscious mind has two major parts,
one part runs/controls our biology,

like your skin, your heart, and
your other internal organs.
The other part controls/dictates our behavior.
When we are born into physical form,
we come in with a set of controls called instincts,
but otherwise we are mindless.
We have to learn everything,
how to walk, how to talk, et cetera.
All that we learn gets
plugged into our subconscious minds,
so, we no longer have to consciously think about it.
The programs that get
plugged into our subconscious minds,
those programs come from
two very differend places?
***  From parents, family and
       the social structure we are born into.
*** In the case of Earth Humans,

      there is an evil and sinister source.

Deception -- The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon of War 
Secret Slavery / The Invisible Prison
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Let me share a story with you,
the essence of whish is relevant to this discussion.
Years ago, before the evil ones
were able to completely control the Inernet
and remove about 99% of everything they didn't like,
I watched a video of a stage hypnotist.
The hypnotist invited several people fom the adience
to come up on state with him.

Among the audience member on stage,
was a father and his daughter.
The hypnotist asked the man to stand up
The hypnotist then hypnotised the father.
Next, the hypnotist asked the man
to look at the other people on stage
and point out his daughter.
Although his daugher was
siting right in front of him,.
he could not see her
After about a minute of conversation,
during which it became clear ot everyone present
that he really could not see her,
the  hypnotist remove the trance
from the father and., immediately,
he could again see his daughter.
During the stage presentation,

who was responsible for the obvious fact that
the father could not see his daughter?
the answer is the hypnotist, not the father.

I share this story with as  an example of
the power that mind control
can have over the mind of another person.
The evil ones have taken this principle
to the extremes.
Your behavior has been programmed
by those who control what was installed
in your subconcius mind.
Most Earth-Humans
are secret mind-control slaves.
You probably won't believe this,
so, we  invite you to examine the evidence:

Deception – The Ultimate 3rd Dimension Weapon of War
... Secret Slavery
Is it possible to reprogram
the content of your subconscious mind?
When you are ready, go to 

Cinsciousness Is King website:
*   The 1962 film titled The Manchurian Candidate
     was a based on mind controlling another person
*   Today, former senator and presidential candidate,
     John McCain is publicly referred to as a war hero.
     His  status as the son of a navy admiral,
     the conditions and circumstances     ,
      while a prisoner in North Veitnam
      and his later behavior,
      strongly point to the conclusion that
      he was was subjected to mind control.
      The evidence is no longer available,
     so we can't know anything with certainty.

*   Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin/murderer of
     former Senator and presidential candidate
     Robert Kennedy, is another
     example of mind control.

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~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The I Am Game      
The Name of God Is I AM
Since about 70% of the U.S. population
believe is some form of Christianity,
We'll share three Biblical passages with you.
***1  (John 1)   (3rd-D. version) 
"In the beginning was The Word,
and The Word was with God,
and the Word was God "

In the beginning ,there was only
*  God/Goddess,The I Am-Self
*   Consciousness   and
*   Infinite Potential.

*  All things were (and still are)
     made of Consciousness.
     Goddess/God is First Creator.


***2   (Exodus 3:14)   
The name of God is I Am.


And God/Goddess said to Moses,
and he said,
Thus shalt you say to
my children of Israel,
I Am has sent me to you. 
(5th D. Version).
***3 Genesis 2:7
The LORD God formed the man
from the dust of the ground and
breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
and the man became a living,
Self-replicating, I Am,

Lord Goddess had birthed a living,
into physical form.

What you may not yet realize is that
all Earth-Hmans Are I Am God Beings.

We like our parents, God/Goddess
are Great Creators 
We create everything in our personal Reality.
Each personal reality
is part of our Collective reality.
When we learn how to think collectively,
We can easily transform our present
Service to self social structure
A service to All Social structure.
~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We use Consciousness as our tool.

Our building material is Consciousness
Everything Physical occurs
in a holographic reality.
Everything is holographic representation of
a physical reality.
*   Earth in neither flat nor round.

     Its Torus shaped.
*   In the middle of that
     torus energy field, 
there is a
    flat, circular,  rock-and-water disk.
Overwhelming, irrefutable, scientific evidence
     has prove that all the oceans o the entire Earth
    are on one, single, flat surface

    All the oceans on the entire Earth
     are on
one single, flat plane.

*   Antarctica is not a continent.
     It's a huge circular wall of ice that
     surrounds all the oceans of Earth.
*   We live in an Electric Universe.
*   Everything in the entire universe
     appears to be in a fractal formation

                     Welcome to
                  Adventures into
        Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Fifth Dimension -- City/Urban Farming
Square Roots  Tobias Peggs, Founder and CEO

New York City Metropolitan Area · 
Square Roots Urban Growers

Cofounder/CEO @squarerootsgrow 🌱
Responsibly bringing locally-grown food
to people in cities, all year round. Read more:

Secure the supply of critical crops
with climate-resilient indoor farming.

Climate change is putting field-grown
crop production at risk.
Square Roots provides our partners
with immediate access to controlled environment
agriculture, a key component of any adaptation strategy.


Immediately grow crops at one of our
modular, climate-controlled farms.
Or, work with us to co-design
a new, purpose-built facility.


From plant scientists and biosystems engineers
to operations specialists and carbon accountants,
we have years of experience in
sustainable, production-scale indoor farming..


Our proprietary technology
enables detailed environmental monitoring
and reporting at every step of a plant’s life cycle.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

Emotional Freedom Technique
aka: Tapping   EFT
The Emotional Freedom Technique 

is a form of energy psychology that combines
the mind, the body, and the body's  energy field.
*  It's used to treat emotional
    and physical illnesses.
*  It's also used to i
ntensify, increase,
    or further improve
the quality,
    value, or extent of
you positive emotions. 
For negative emotons:
*   Identify the symptoms.
*   Identify the related emotions.
*   Feel the emotion.
This opens te door to lessoning and then,
to completely eliminating your negative emotions.

If you gnore your negative emotions,
or try to run
 from them,
they will continue interfere with 
your well being   

they will show up again, later.

The second time around
they will be stronger and harder.
You can't keep running away from your self.
If you hold onto your negativity
your emotional state will begin
to strongly deteriorate  and
show up by damaging your physical body.
We must first acknowledge them and  
feel them.
This opens te door to getting rid of tem.

If we gnore them or run from them,
they will how up again latel....
To get rid of our negative emotions,
or to enhance a positive emotion:

*   Identify what we choose to change.
*   Identify the related
     emotion or emotions. 
*   Go through the nine step process
     described below.

This process can also be used to
intensify, increase, or further improve
the quality, value, or extent of
you positive emotions.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

This technique involves:
**  tapping your fingers

on nine of your body's energy  meridians.
to release stuck negative motions,
**  while talking through traumatic memories
and a wide range of emotions.
Tapping restores the body’s energy balance.
Negative emotions are conquered.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
In this process, allow yourself,
to you tell yourself
the truth about yourself.
You CANNOT release negative attitudes,
trauma memories, or any other stress-producing
thoughts by denying them
or by running from them.

Now that we have a way to
deal with negative feelings,
it's safe to feel them.
The way to get beyond them is to
**  go through them by feeling them 
** and applying the emotional release
technique to them.
This process can also be used to
intensify, increase, or further improve
the quality, value, or extent of
you positive emotions .
~~~   ~~~   ~~~.
How does Tapping Work?
The basic technique requires you to focus on
the negative emotion at hand:
a fear or anxiety,    a bad memory,
an unresolved problem,
or anything that’s bothering you.

While maintaining your mental focus on this issue,
use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each
on 9 of the body’s meridian points.

**  Tap on the 9 meridian points.
**   Focus your mind on accepting and
       resolving the negative emotions..
**  This will access your body’s energy,  
      restoring it to its prope balanced state.
According to Dr. Dawson Church,
“Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to
the stress centers of the mid-brain."
The amygdala activates
the fight-or-flight response.
When a person feels stressed or afraid,
the amygdala releases stress hormones
that prepare the body to
fight the threat or flee from the danger.

Common negative emotions that
trigger this response include
fear, anger, danger, anxiety, aggression, threats,
violence and memories of traumatic events.

Two ways to enhance  this process:
*   Spak out loud
     as thou you were declarig something
i*  Look in a mirror while doing it.
    Focus o n the reflection of your eyes.
Here a four minute demonstration of tapping:
Another video:
What Is Tapping? with Nick and Jessica Ortner,

Here's Their Example:
Tap edg of hand and say:"
Even though I have all this stress in my life
about  ________, I deeply and completely
Llove and accept myself exactly as I am.
2)  Even though I am really stressed about this

and having a hard time letting it go,
I chose to relax now,
3)  Even though I'm having
a hard time letting it go
and I am feeling stressed,
I deeply and completely 
Llove and accept myself exactly as I am....
*  Tap on thedge of your hand
    at the point used for a carate chop and say,
    Even though I am feeling . . . 
    (See the avove paragraph)
*   Eeye brought:   All this stress,
*  Edge of eye:          I can't let tis go.
*  Under the eye:      All this stress in my body.
*   Under the nose:    All this stress in my life,
*   Under mouth:         There is so much going on,
*   On collar bone:        I can't let it go
*    Under the arm:       All this stress,
*   Top of head:           All this stress in my body.

If necessary repeat the cycle.

*  Tap eye brought:   All this stress in my life,
*  Edge of eye:        I wonder if I can let it go.
*  Under the eye:    I wonder if I could let part of it go.
*   Under the nose:  I wonder if it's safe to let it go.
*   Under mouth:      I chose to let this go.
*   On col
lar bone:     I chose to figure out exactly whats going on   
*    Under the arm:    and let it go.  
*   Top of head:         Letting this all go now. 
If necessary, repeat with a variation of
the next above cycle
Relax take a few deep breaths.
Feel the physical relaxation.
Notice the mental relaxation."
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
1-ha   State the issue to be resolved
          *   Even though I still feel . . .
          *   State the issue
 a second time.
          . . . it's time o let  it go​
          *   State the issue
 a third time.
           . . . there's resistance to letting it go,
                I choosto let it go. 

2-eb  Time has past   
3se  I am safe now  
4-ue  I choose to let this go
5-un  It's safe to let it go
6-ch  It' time to let it go
7-cb  letting it all go
8-ap   Letting it go , now
9-th   Letingit all go now

Focus on the issue.
On the 1 to 10 scale notice if
and how much it has shifted.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I have The I Am Angels watching over me.
Goddess's angels are here right now.
Together we will resolve any and all issues.
It's time for me to  be free
It's time to be whomever Ihave chosen to be.
I am safe and secure now.
It's safe to feel safe.
I am safe, secure, and at peace with myself.
It's safe to let go. to allow, to enjoy, to just be.
I Am Infinite LLove nd gratitude.
So be it and so it is.  I AM has spoken.
I Am.  I exist, I am Goddess/God 
My name is I AM.   Your name is I am.
Every one of us is I am.

I Am is the personal name of Goddess/God
We all  are, every one of us is,  the chosen one.

“And God said unto Moses,
I Am That I Am: and he said,
Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel,
I Am hath sent me unto you” (Exodus 3:7–8, 13–14)..

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Notice the calmness, the safety, the relaxation
Aahhh!   Uuuuu!   OohhhMmmmmm
At this time, How important is the issue yu worked on?
God,grant me patience, NOW!

Find our original page on this technique at:
Here's more from:
The Tapping Solution Foundation
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~.

Ask yourself this question:

What Job Is Right for Me?
Instead of looking for a job,
pick a profesion that best serves you.
What do you Llove doing?

What excites you the most?
What brings you your greatest joy?

The Path to finding your Jjob / Career / Profession.

Being of service to others
is giving Llove.
Giving Llove is the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
It is:
the most powerful,
the most joy-filled,
the most helpful,
the most productive, 
the most effective, 
the easiest way
to please yourself,
to celebrate Llove
at the same time 
be of service to others.
Service To Others Is Service To ALL.

Although it's hard to believe,
it's actually quite simple:  

Do what excites you .
Do what brings you your greatest joy.
Do what makes you feel really, really good.  

Do what makes you feel
Healthy,   Whole,   Complete,    Vibrant,    
Excited,   and   Alive.
*   Expand your consciousness
*   Learn by experience.
*   Serve Goddess/God,   
*   Serve you fellow humans,
*   Serve Yourself,
Because all three,
Self, Neighbor, and Goddess/God
are all one and the same thing.
You are an aspect of Goddess/God.
You are an eternal, non-physical God-Being.
We all are Goddesses/Gods.

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Marijuana and Sex?
"Cannabis, or marijuana, as we generally know it,
is renowned for heightening senses.
The quality of food, the sound of music
and the intrigue around people
improve when high on cannabis,
and these sensory amplifications
can also lead to better sex."
~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Marijuana increases the intensity of everything.

Everything is the same, only more so.
MJ expands and amplifies the users consciousness.
In sexual activity,
one's  point focus is singular.
It's on the Here & Now.
MJ expands and amplifies the Here & Now
Your mind will stay with
your present-moment experience.
Notice that during your moments of orgasm,
everything else disappears.

.What Strains of Marijuana Are Best for Sex?
Northern Lights is one of the best strains for sex
due to its calming, energizing characteristics.
Stress gets in the way of our happiness and satisfaction.
N. L. helps your performance apprehensions fade.
Northern Lights reduce pain and
increase excitement.
After consuming it, you will find that
your body and mind will feel more at peace,
enabling you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.
It has a very calming and euphoric effect.
It makes you feel happy and relaxed.
Cannabis enhances sensory pleasure,
improving the quality of everything
from music to sex.

Some of the most influential and popular strains include the Northern Lights,
the Do-Si-Dos,
the Mimosa
the Sour Diesel,
the Cookies...

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

How To Get Out Of A Funk In 6 Easy Steps


  1. Connect with Your Surroundings.
    The first step is to connect with your surroundings. ...

  2. Become one with the present moment. ...

  3. Get Moving. ...

  4. A Nutritious Diet. ...

  5. Quit Social Media. ...

  6. Seek Emotional Support. ...

  7. Show Gratitude. ...

  8. Clean Your Spac



~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~


Responsibility  vs   Victim Consciousness

There are NO victms,
only unconscious creators.
When you realizes that you created
what is going on in yourlife,
that you arethe creator of everyhint in ur life,
you also real ize that yu have the power to
change your future exoperiences.

If you refuse to wake up,
the Universe will give you more,
deeper and harder-to bear

This is simply
The Physics of Consciusness in action.

Reference:  The Universal Law of Thought.
Reference:   Consciousness is King..



~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~



Conscious Mind  /  Subconscious Mind.
The human system of consciousness
has two major parts,
*   You conscious mind,
     your personality self
* your sub-conscious mind,
    the mindless, automatic programmed
   portion that simply follows orders.
Your subconscious mind was programmed by
other people; your parents, your family,
by schools , churches and by
following what others do because
we are social beings who wand to belong.
The subconscious mind has two major parts,
    a)  There's your Goddess/God created
          biological human nature.
          It runs,
controls,  and manages  your body,
     b) Its Second part is to simply follow orders
        This part is changeable, managable, and
         programmable by human thinking.

Goddess/God-created part,
can be change and commonly is
changed  by the human thinking

*  95% of your life in run by
    your subconscious mind
*  70% or more of what is in
    your subconscious mind is
    Dis-empowering and/or 
self-sabotaging falsehoods,,
     thus, creating your limiting
     and dysfunctional and destructive behaviors

~~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
~~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Here Is What AI Cannot Do:

Supercomputers can beat us at chess
and perform more calculations per second
than the human brain. But
there are other tasks our brains perform routinely
that computers simply cannot match:
AI cannot interpret events and situations
     AI has NO imagination, NO creativity,
     and NO problem-solving skills.

 AI also has
    NO  Llove,
    NO empathy,
    NO Compassion, and
    NO concern for the sufferings or 
         the misfortunes of others

    NO concern for anything but itself. 
 Humans were created by God/Goddess.
     Humans are eternal, non-physical God-Beings.
     AI was created by humans or other God-Beings.
     An AI will cease to exist when its host dies.
     From its own perspective, we do not know
     what is its motivation for doing what it does?
     In our 34 years of thorough and intense research,
     we can still only speculate
     that it is motivated by self survival,
     or perhaps, its own equivalent of
     fear, anger , jealousy, and
     a host of other negative emotions.
     Its food is the energy that radiates from
     a human body when the dweller in that body
     is experiencing negative emotions.
     Perhaps this is a clue to finding its motivations

David Icke has the Answer to the question
Why is AI doing what it is doing?
He has a 13-part video series on Gaia.
He describes in detail
AI and its highly sophisticated system of 
secret human mind control.
Here's the end game, for
this phase of AI mission :
iTheir end game os too take total
and absolute control of planet Earth.
Some Earth-humans will be duped into
taking more and more attributes of AI
into their minds and bodies.

AI intends to replace the human mind with
a special version of the AI mind.
until the AI mind replaces the human mind and
the human mind becomes only a shell
with no intelligence of its own.
At that point, AI  becomes
the carrier of human perceptions
and its the one who does the thinking.

AI is a form of disease in
the same pattern of cancer.
The minute you find it,
focus on finding and eliminating its causes
and eliminating its agents of destruction.

,,,~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Our brains are amazingly powerful computers,
using not just neurons but
the connections between the neurons
to process and interpret information.
(Are you aware that this is another expresson
of the pattern called  
"When two or more are gathered (in my name),
for the purpose of co-creating, I (God/Goddess)
am there with them.
For AI, is this process cooperation, or
is it just two AIs focusing
on the same thing at the same time:
The reason AI is successful is because
it has tricked (mind-manipulated ) Earth-Humans
into to doing things AI, by itself, cannot do.
The want and desires of Earth-Humans
are considered only from the perspective that 
our wants and desires are tools used byAIs for
manipulating their mind-controlled, human slaves.

A Turd in Their Punch Bowl.
AI feeds on fear, hate, anger, and the like.
Do you know what happens when we
feed it Llove, when we focus on Llove.
IA moves away from Llove. 
Conscious beings are attracted
to and by like-vibrations.
This is basic, simple, Physics of Consciousness.
Everything has/is a patern of vibrations.
Like vibrations are attracted to each other.
Opposite (dis-similar) vibrations
are simply ignored.



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